Women Who Run With The Wolves #2: Finding Your Pack
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Part two of the two-part podcast on Women Who Run With The Wolves, written by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, is here! 
 This book came into my life right around the time I was starting up the Spiritual Fem as a platform and as a podcast. It opened my eyes to why I felt this deep remembering of spiritual empowerment as a woman. This episode focusses on chapter three through chapter six. I discuss how embracing your Wild Woman, and through the deep work that requires this, you can find your true belonging. It will mean seeking your pack, releasing everything and everyone that is not serving your new-found (but deeply remembered) purpose. It means honouring your duality and expecting others to do the same. It means trusting the natural life/death/life cycles of life in which everything that must be released creates a space for new beginnings. You are allowed to take up space. You don’t have to feel lonely on this journey. You are seen, you are heard, you are supported. By your inner wild woman, by the generations of women that came before us, and by the community that exists in our current world. Join me on this journey into the deep, luscious forest, will you?

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The Spiritual Fem is an online platform and a safe space for women who'd like to dive deeper into feminism, spirituality and womanhood ~ but simply don't know where to begin. As a Spiritual Feminist, I believe that connecting to spirituality can give you a deeper experience of life. This podcast is about exploring that connection within ourselves and with everything around us. I hope you will leave this episode feeling inspired and reconnected to your female fire.

~ Nothing is missing, you are already whole. Everything you need, you already carry within you. 

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