Embodied Creativity through Cyclical Living ~ w/ Sarah Blake
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For today’s episode, I am chatting to Sarah Blake, a cyclical living guide + biz mentor. She talks us through what it means to live cyclically, how to feel empowered by your menstrual cycle and what this can mean for your creativity. Sarah opens ups about her own struggle with her body and health and how learning more about her cycle has helped her heal.

We talk about how from a young age, we (especially women) are conditioned to mistrust our body. We discuss seeing our bodies as machines and how pushing ourselves to the limit is a myth rooted in toxic productivity. Now-a-days, we have more machines around us than ever but we’re still aiming to be like them! One way to move away from this belief system is to reconnect to your menstrual cycle - if you have one of course! By doing so, we move away from wanting to be in control to a state of surrender and letting go. And magic unfolds when we do!

Sarah explains to us the different phases of our cycle and how this (can) affect(s) our energy: * Menstrual phase: most inward, inner winter, creatively: dreaming * Follicular phase: estrogen is rising, spring time energy, let’s make this happen! * Ovulation phase: most outward (wanting to be visible / most magnetic). both high estrogen and high testosterone. feminine flow, summer energy. * Luteal phase: fall energy, from ‘back to school’ to winter, slowing down. detail-oriented & focussed

Get to know YOUR cycle and see how this knowledge can help you flow in an empowered way! Ultimately, what inspires me most about Sarah’s work and view on life is that we are worthy of returning to a sense of lightness and fun. In our lives, in the relationship with our body, in how we view ourselves and the world. I hope this conversation inspires you to feel into the same!

What’s coming to light again and again as I have conversations about the more intimate topics is that we all at one point think we must be ‘crazy’ for thinking a certain thing, feeling a certain way or experiencing something physical that doesn’t get talked about. I hope with these conversations we lift the shame we can all feel, we start to reclaim our own stories and feel less alone in the process!

~ Check out Sarah’s programme Flow Create ~ Find her on Instagram: @sarah0blake

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