#126 Frances Houghton MBE & Dr Chris Shambrook - Learnings From Five Olympic Games
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I’m delighted to welcome Dr Chris Shambrook back on the show. This time, Chris is joined by 5 x Olympian, 4 x World Champion and 3 x silver medallist, Frances Houghton MBE.

Frances was the first British woman to be selected for five consecutive Olympic Games in rowing, and only the fifth woman in any sport to achieve this mark for Team GB.

Chris was the team psychologist for the British rowing team from 1997 to 2019 attending 5 Olympic Games and supporting Frances for much of her career. These days Chris takes the lessons learned from Olympic Champions and applies them to help enhance corporate performance.

Frances has written the fascinating new book “Learnings From Five Olympic Games” which is the accumulation of her notes and learnings from her 21 year career. Frances, Chris and I discuss the book in detail and break down the processes Frances utilised to compete at the very highest level.

Way of Champions Podcast
Way of Champions Podcast
John O'Sullivan
#208 Sarah McQuade: The Most Important Skill to Improving as a Coach
This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome Sarah McQuade, a developer of coaches. She is the Founding Director of e.t.c coaching consultants, an international Coach Development Consultancy practice, which specializes in building coaching systems, and the professional development of sports coaches and sports coach developers. She works with various national and international sports organizations and clients include the US Olympic Committee, United Soccer Coaches, Steel Sports and TB12 among others. During our time together, we discuss the current state of coaching education, how do you build a development pathway for volunteer coaches, and The danger of bringing baggage from your playing career into your coaching career. Highlights and great quotes from the this episode: * The current state of coaching education * How does a coach learn to recognize what they don't know? * Is there a way to do coaching education across other sports? * Where do you start with educating volunteer coaches? * What does a coach development pathway look like? * Why isn't empathy and emotional intelligence taught in coaching courses? * Creating "needs based learning opportunities" * Defining three levels of coach development * Integrating self awareness in to coaching * Defining your ideal practice * The danger of bringing baggage from your playing career into your coaching career * The importance of having someone who can help us navigate our development * What should a coach do next? More about Sarah McQuade She has recently joined the USTA in what she describes as a ‘career-defining opportunity.’ She is delighted to be working within Player Development as a Senior Director leading the Accreditation and Certification of coaches to drive the quality coaching agenda for Tennis. You can email her at info@etccoachingconsultants.com and follow her on twitter @etcconsultants Way of Champions Conference 2021 Registration Opens on March 1, and our first speakers will be announced a few days prior. We are going virtual this year, and have put together a lineup that is out of this world for our event August 21-22, 2021! Click here to be the first to know more about this great conference Become a Podcast Champion! Help Support the Podcast and get FREE access to ALL of our online courses. If you love the podcast, we would love for you to become a Podcast Champion, (https://www.patreon.com/wayofchampions) for as little as a cup of coffee per month (OK, its a Venti Mocha), to help us up the ante and provide even better interviews, better sound, and an overall enhanced experience. Plus, as a $10 per month Podcast Super-Champion, you will have access to never before released and bonus material, including: * Downloadable transcripts of the podcasts, so you don't have to crash your car trying to take notes! * A monthly discussion with John, James, Jerry, and other special guests talking about the previous month's episodes and answering some of the FAQs we received that month * A code to get free access to our online course called "Coaching Mastery," usually a $97 course, but yours for free for becoming a patron. * Access to an online community of coaches like you who are dedicated listeners of the podcast, and will be able to answer your questions and share their coaching experiences. Thank you for all your support these past two years, and a special big thank you to all of you who become part of our inner circle, our patrons, who will enable us to take our podcast to the next level. https://www.patreon.com/wayofchampions
1 hr 5 min
Pacey Performance Podcast
Pacey Performance Podcast
Robert Pacey
Blood flow restriction (BFR) training; more than just a rehabilitation tool with Chris Gaviglio (Senior S&C Coach at the Queensland Academy of Sport)
In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Queensland Academy of Sport, Chris Gaviglio. As well as his regular job, Chris is the creator of the Sports Rehab Tornequay and also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Queensland state of origin team. Clearly, Chris is an incredibly busy man so it was a pleasure to sit down with him and talk blood flow restriction (BFR) training. With more BFR devices on the market and its application spanning wider than just an arm pump and rehabilitation, I thought it was time to get an expert on, and Chris is definitely that. If you enjoyed this episode, you may like this episode on the same topic with Stephen Patterson. In this episode we discussed... * Who is Chris Gaviglio (background, education, and current role) * Blood flow restriction training * What is BFR? * BFR pre-implementation checklist * Strength development * Pressure recommendations * Position & exercises * Isometrics & BFR * Low load BFR vs high load resistance training * Hamstring protocols * Conditioning * Adaptations * Pressure & protocols * Aerobic & sprinting * Rehabilitation * Achilles * Bone healing Chris can be found on Twitter @ChrisGaviglio and on Instagram @chrisgaviglio This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Perch. Engineered at MIT, Perch uses small and mobile cameras to monitor and manage weight room performance without detracting from it. Perch is velocity based training. No strings attached. For exclusive deals and offers, tell them Rob sent you by going to pacey.perch.fit/. This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Hawkin Dynamics, the team behind the worlds only wireless force plate system. Hawkin Dynamics can be found at hawkindynamics.com and you can follow them on Twitter @hawkindynamics This episode is also sponsored by IMeasureU. IMeasureU are a world leading inertial platform to precisely quantify body movement and workload metrics in the field. IMeasureU can be found at imeasureu.com and you can follow them on Twitter @imeasureu. This episode is sponsored by BLK BOX, leaders in performance training equipment & facility design. BLK BOX manufacture and distribute a full range of strength training equipment across Europe from their Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland. BLK BOK can be found at blkboxfitness.com and you can follow them on Twitter @blkboxfitness and Instagram @blkboxfitness. This episode is also sponsored by Kitman Labs. Kitman partners with leading sports teams to achieve consistent success, on and off the pitch. Over 500 teams across the globe use Kitman Labs' Athlete Optimization System to simplify daily operations and rely on the company's unique analytics to uncover the factors that influence success. You can find Kitman Labs at kitmanlabs.com and on Twitter @kitmanlabs. Keep up to date with everything that is going on with the podcast by following on Twitter @strengthofsci or visiting strengthofscience.com. Enjoy PP
1 hr 15 min
LetsRun.com's Track Talk
LetsRun.com's Track Talk
Guest Ben True, Superman Grant Holloway Gets His First World Record
Grant Holloway break the 60m world record just prior to the podcast and we discuss his greatness, the fast times at the 10,000 in California, Katelyn Tuohy's collegiate debut, the stacked women's field in the 10,000m at the US Olympic Trials, and are joined at 62:49 by Ben True. True discusses his 27:14 10,000m pb, trying to make the US Olympic team, being unsponsored, paying a guy $20,000 a year to workout with him and super shoes. Become a LetsRun.com Insider. Join our Supporters Club today. https://www.letsrun.com/subscribe Get exclusive discounts (20% off running shoes right now), a private forum, and private podcasts. The Friday Fifteen (weekend preview) is the latest in Supporters Club content. We want your feedback on the pod and the new design on LetsRun.com. Email podcast@letsrun.com or call 1-844-LETSRUN and hit option 7 to leave a private voicemail * Show notes: * 3:50 Grant Holloway 7.29 World Record * 10:52 Rest of Madrid: * 15:08 Super Spikes. Do times matter anymore? * 24:35 The 10: Marc Scott, Elise Cranny and Bowerman TC, King Ches DNF * 32:14 Max Siegel * 36:16 Kiernan Tuntivate Dreams Become Reality * 46:44 Does Molly Huddle not make the women's 10,000m team? * 57:05 Katelyn Tuohy collegiate debut * 60:49 Good covid news on fans in stands * 62:49 Ben True Interview Support LetsRun.com's Track Talk by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/letsrun Find out more at http://podcast.letsrun.com Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/letsrun/ce060667-9053-4ec5-94e8-a54a7fbc1403
1 hr 56 min
Bad Boy Running
Bad Boy Running
Jody Raynsford & David Hellard
Ep 254 - Laz Lake on Big's Backyard Ultra and virtual races
Laz is back and this time he's talking Big's Backyard and virtual races... something we didn't think we'd be speaking with Laz about a year ago! It's been a while since Jody and David spoke to Laz (aka Gary Cantrell) about the Barkley Marathons (if you've not listened, we suggest going back and listening to this first) and since then we'd had the National Running Show where Laz was star of the show and a global pandemic. As a result, Laz's usual roster of races hasn't gone ahead... but that has helped explode the popularity of the Big's Backyard race format and another huge virtual race run by Laz - The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. Jody and David discuss these with Laz. Laz also gives his view on the controversy surrounding the banning of BLM and political posts in the Facebook group. Oh, and a bit of a disclaimer - there was a bad lag which made it difficult for the conversation to flow as freely as intended. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this episode please SUBSCRIBE to get every episode delivered to you before everyone else. Join the conversation! Suggest future guests, wallow in your malaise or offer your unsolicited opinion on running issues or anything else over at the Bad Boy Running Podcast Facebook group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/badboyrunning Send us your feedback and comments at letters@badboyrunning.com. Join the Bad Boy Running Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/badboyrunning Visit the Bad Boy Running store for merchandise: https://store.badboyrunning.com Join the Bad Boy Running Club here: https://club.badboyrunning.com *Follow Bad Boy Running on social media:*  Website: https://www.badboyrunning.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BadBoyRunning Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badboyrunningpodcast...  Twitter: https://twitter.com/badboyrunning Youtube:
2 hr 29 min
A Runner’s Life
A Runner’s Life
Marcus Brown
#77 - Haroon Mota on growing through adversity and being of service in the community
This conversation is with Haroon Mota, who is an adventure and thrill seeking fundraising expert heading Penny Appeal’s Challenge Events Programme. Haroon champions humanitarian projects by setting himself ambitious fundraising challenges; running multi marathons and climbing mountains, raising millions of pounds for charity and inspiring so many to follow in his footsteps. Haroon has a strong passion increasing diversity and inclusion in outdoor fitness. Through his fundraising endeavours and personal challenges he hopes to inspire more ethnic minority communities to get active outdoors. Haroon's most recent achievements include running 260km in Ramadan whilst fasting, raising over £50,000 for charity. When lockdown is over, he hopes to fulfil his goal of a 6 star world marathon major finish and also has his eyes set on a trek of K2 Basecamp in Pakistan next year. We dive into how he started running and his experiences of overcoming adversity and showing us his side of a runner’s life. You can follow him on Instagram @haroonmota ————————————————————— This episode is sponsored by Tracksmith, a brand which actively represents and supports the development of a runner’s life in the running community. Tracksmith is offering new customers $15 off your first purchase of $75 or more. To learn more, check out this link http://tracksmith.com/Marcus15 Use the code Marcus15 at checkout. ————————————————————— If you value the content I deliver, please consider becoming a supporter of my podcast by donating via my patreon page. This helps me provide quality content. https://www.patreon.com/ARunnersLife --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marcus-brown9/support
1 hr 11 min
Inside Running Podcast
Inside Running Podcast
TMYT Network
173: Michael Crawley
173: Michael Crawley This weeks episode of Inside Running Podcast is proudly brought to you by New Balance. You can join New Balance's 10K Strava Challenge via strava.com or the Strava app. Brad’s cruises through his Deek’s Quarters as his sub-15 Maccas campaign hangs in the balance. Julian reveals the fate of his Australian World Championships singlets and nearly clocks 100 miles. Brady struggles through his Deek’s Quarters as his IRP 5000m record hangs in the balance. There's debate over Oliver Hoare and other athletes based in the USA, whether their performances are enough to warrant Olympic selection without the need to compete in Nationals Championships. The Guardian Eliud Kipchoge to line up where it all began for the NN Mission Marathon in Hamburg, Sunday 11th April 2021. https://www.runnerstribe.com/latest-news/eliud-kipchoge-targets-hamburg-marathon-for-final-pre-olympic-outing/ Jake Spencer takes out 1500m in first weekend of Victorian Track & Field Championships Aths Victoria Results Hub Bowerman Track Club host speedy 10K featuring Marc Scott of the UK running 27:10. Runners World Listener Question track clubs popping up everywhere and the viability of the boys heading up for Gold Coast Marathon. Moose preaches the patience required to truly get marathon training sessions right and then the boys close with their predictions for this weekend’s Run The Bridge in Hobart. Michael Crawley, author of Out Of Thin Air and Assistant Professor Durham University joins Brady, starting with an insight on the current state of lockdown in England and then sharing the parallels between in him in Brady in his personal bests, including a sub-2:20 at Manchester Marathon that was declared invalid before going on to set his personal best running with the elite women. Michael then chats about how he got into running with his dad and meeting his childhood coach who would inspire him on to write the blog Acceptable in the Eighties and train as they did in his coach’s day, replicating the training in his diaries for his half marathon personal best and training for London Marathon to qualify for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. After a break and some life experience Michael shares the inspiration to begin his research project and write the book, detailing his time in Ethiopia and learning the Amharic language and getting used to the specific customs and training principles around the running lifestyle. He discusses the pace of training runs, the role that technology has, the elusiveness of revered figures like Haile Gebrselassie and Keninisa Bekele as well as writing for runners and how to bridge connectivity between Ethiopian athletes and the public with better cultural understanding then closing the chat with who inspires him, the accessibility of shoes in Ethiopia and what’s ahead for him personally. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mphcrawley and purchase Out Of Thin Air via your preferred book retailer.
2 hr 56 min
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron
#454 – Fitness is Fitness
What happens if we don’t train for a week, or two, or three? Are you more worried about losing fitness . . . or confidence? February has sucked for a lot of us, and many are training for a race they chose two years ago, but it’s okay to not be “feeling it” right now. Today we talk expectations, goals, and why we should lead with intention instead of ultimatums. Sometimes treading water is enough if it keeps you in the game. Also, short Ironman builds, resentments, and adjusting your benchmarks on the fly. Topics: * Why February might be the toughest month * It’s 100% okay to be struggling right now * Gigantic shelf life for motivation * We change, our motivation changes * What if racing becomes an obligation?? * What makes you happiest right now? * Taking expectations off our races * Insomnia and vitamin D * Shorter Ironman builds * Emotional peaking way too early * Why do we always want a “countdown?” * The toughest races to train for based on time of year * The pressure of ONE DAY * The race as the release * The pressure to prove that we are somebody * Squeezing the most out of today * College basketball, athletes, and no fans * Spectator energy * Treading water . . . * Are you worried about losing fitness or confidence? * Life doesn’t care * Don’t spend time being resentful * Adjusting Benchmarks --------------- * Coach Mike is accepting full-time athletes. Please check out the benefits of Customized Weekly Coaching here or contact Mike directly at: CrushingIron@gmail.com * Registration is now open for the C26 Club Training Program. Take the worry and stress out of your 2021 season planning, recovering, taper, etc. For more information, please visit www.C26Triathlon.com/the-c26-club * Looking for a swim analysis, personalized zones for training, and an awesome experience? Check out our New C26 Hub Training Center in Chattanooga. * C26 Gear is now available (for a limited time) at www.c26triathlon.com/c26-store A great way to support the podcast! * Looking for an awesome coach? Former Professional triathlete, Jessica Jacobs is now coaching for C26 Triathlon. Check out her bio and contact information at our Coaching Page on C26Triathlon.com Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new c26triathlon.com off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at https://hughesdesign.co/ You can also slide by www.crushingiron.com which is now the official blog page for the podcast. Community and coaching information are at www.c26triathlon.com Our 2020 C26 Camps are sold out (other than swim camp) Find out more on our Camps Page. If you'd like to support the Crushing Iron Podcast, hit up our Pledge Page and help us keep this podcast on the rails. Thanks in advance! Are you thinking about raising your game or getting started in triathlon with a coach? Check out our Crushing Iron Coaching Philosophy Video Please subscribe and rate Crushing Iron on YouTube and iTunes. For information on the C26 Coach’s Eye custom swim analysis, coaching, or training camps email: C26Coach@gmail.com Facebook: CrushingIron YouTube: Crushing Iron Twitter: CrushingIron Instagram: C26_Triathlon www.c26triathlon.com Mike Tarrolly - crushingiron@gmail.com Robbie Bruce - c26coach@gmail.com
57 min
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