Sarah Wilson | Award winning author & activist who refuses to sugar coat anything.
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Charlie’s guest for this episode is Sarah Wilson. Sarah Wilson, the New York Times best selling author, former journo and retired intrepid traveler shares her regenerative journey in a frank, open and honest chat with Charlie. 

The setting for the interview is Sarah’s Bondi apartment, her sanctuary and place she now calls home. Sarah recounts her fascinating story and explains what it is to finally put down roots. Charlie and Sarah share an open dialogue which touches on what regenerative agriculture means to Sarah, as she talks about the fragile state of mankind today in terms of diet, mental illness /disease, and the urgent need for realignment - a subject matter close to Sarah’s heart and aptly the focus of her new book: ‘This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world’,  which has just hit the shelves.

Put aside some time and delve in and listen to this life-changing episode now! 

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Episode Takeaways: 

Every community needs an esoteric spinster wandering around the street | I interpret odd as not being necessarily bad. I I rebelled against some of the thinking around my upbringing however I maintained many of the sustainable minimalist principles. | I probably did a bunch of things that scared the living daylights of my parents. | It generally takes a slap down for those of us who have done a very big pivot in life, to do that pivot. | I believe when you have a longing in your soul.. Life will join you.  Life will corporate with you to steer you in direction. | (Talking about her auto-immune disease) - Gets your ego and scrapes you through the mud. | I had made a commitment, in the absence of any framework, into how to live life on this planet… If I hear a mention  of something three times in a row, I must act. | Meditation was a big part of my shift. It was being stripped bare, and being left with nothing. | Reduced down to the two suitcases.. And then the rest of my life started| I was aware of how off kilter we were  with our food system.. How much really basic logic we have managed to disrupt. We have created hyper normal problems. | There is a lot of sensible common sense stuff that  really we only have to look at the way our great grandparents to get an indication of what a really good sustainable life on this planet looks like. | I have been able to heal from multiple stress related / autoimmune disease I believe and reverse a lot of the markers because of the way I live - in nature, in dirt, in trees. | I describe a serious anxiety order as like carrying a shallow bowl of water around for the rest of my life. | I am feeling very overwhelmed very scared about what is going on in the world. | (talking about her book) I am reframing my anxiety through a new lens.

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