Episode 4 | Sara Schmude | Regenerative agricultures golden girl
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Charlie chats with Sara Schmude, who's 15 year relationship with the Landcare movement played a pivital role in inspiring her interest in regenerative farming & the educating of children and adults alike. She launched the 'Regenerative Agriculture Group' facebook page in late 2018 and now boasts a global membership. Sara talks natural capital, and the definition of regenerative agriculture before delving deeper into the catalysts and kick starts that made up her regenerative journey.

Episode Takeaways

Growing up on the land in the 70’s & 80’s being a female. Not recognised as someone who would be a land manager. Took it for granted that she wasn't going to be on the land. Continued to ask questions - mustering became my second name | The calibre of people who are in this space is exceptional. Have got to a point in their life that they want to change. Their approach is really refreshing | A tribute to the boom in my garden is the Biodynamic compost. I feel connected with my garden. It feeds me every day, nurtures my soul. It’s integral | Good general advice-Manage for what you want. Not for what you don't want | I just think it's a boom time for agriculture | Working with nature. You start to find these rhythms , things start to function, mineral and water cycles. Really important. When we talk about adapting to our climate, we have to adapt these systems, we have to adapt our minds | If you raise your  soil carbon content by 1% you are drawing down 122 tonne per Ha of CO2 into your soils. So that has the potential to generate 122 ACCU per hectare | The government would be very wise to get as many people on board the carbon sequestration train, through education and empowering them to leverage their natural capital by drawing down the carbon in the soil | Regen ag is just open. It’s inclusive and easy to access. 


Regenerative Agriculture  - facebook page 


Impact Ag - Sara’s natural capital interest


Introduction to Biodynamics Workshop - Biodynamics2024 & Charlie 


Thalgarrah education centre, Armidale NSW


Frog Dreaming  


Inside Out Management - Brian Whelberg


Hand For the Land - Graeme Hand


Soil C Quest - Guy Webb


KLR Marketing - Graham Rees


Regenerative Agriculture book - Richard Perkins


A Sand County Almanac - Aldo Leopold


The Rodale Book of Composting - Rodale Institute


Amazing Carbon - Dr. Christine Jones


Maia Grazing Day and Grazing Systems


Biocast - Vermicast bio stimulant product


Regen Ag definition 


Call of the Reed Warbler - Charles Massy


Rachel Ward documentary ( being filmed) 


Grazing for Profit - RCS 


Regenerative Agriculture Podcast - John Kempf

99% invisible podcast - Roman Mars


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