Rachel Ward | The thespian making her mark in the world of regenerative agriculture
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In this episode Charlie talks to actress & director Rachel Ward. A little under thirty-three years ago Rachel and her husband Bryan Brown bought a small farm in the Nambucca Valley on the NSW coast. Until recently they had been managing the farm conventionally but the 2019 devastating bush fires launched her onto a very different trajectory… In this frank interview Rachel talks about how the bushfires were a catalyst for change and how since then she has jumped boots and all onto the regenerative agricultural train, implementing significant changes to her farming practices & lifestyle on the way. She is currently compiling a documentary focusing on the regenerative agricultural movement.

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Episode Takeaways 

 I fell in love with the Nambucca valley, NSW, 30 years ago | I grew up on a farm in the Cotswolds in UK | Our farm was managed conventionally and recently we have moved to a more Regenerative approach . It’s not important to me that our children or grandchildren take over and live on the farm, more that they have had exposure to it and can make informed decisions about it in the future. |  I am much more excited about farming now that we are managing it regeneratively. | It’s given her a whole new perspective, a holistic perspective on managing her farm, and the more she gets involved, the more rewards there are. | Farmers have a responsibility beyond their own property boundary, especially in regard to the use of chemicals, as it tends to move out of the landscape via water and air to other farms and ecosystems | NMS is a method of propagating native fungi to use to aim the breakdown of wood and lignified grass. | The Call of the Reed Warbler by Charlie Massy changed her life…….it was full of opportunity and hope, and she was completely electrified by it...just seems like a no brainer…| It doesn’t cost a cent to change a paradigm| Matching personal and business values with landscape needs can be challenging | To sell or not to sell my cows, that is the question, as ones emotional attachment to livestock can sometimes stand in the way of the best decisions for the landscape | Rachel is a big fan and appreciates the value of mentors |  Rachel’s neighbours have joined forces and put their cattle together to move them around the combined properties to improve grazing management and soil health | Rachels property is in Gumbaynggirr  country | Regenerative farmers are enthusiastic and ‘alive’ and ignited to the world and their properties | Farmers have a very serious role to play in the saving of the planet | Rachel supports 'eaters' to source and purchase regeneratively grown food, and in doing so contribute to the growth of these practices | The fires of 2019 were a major 'tension event' that was a catalyst for my regenerative journey | Rachel is a member of the Land to Market co-op which verifies  the improvement of  landscape through management by annually measuring biological activity and soil composition.

Episode Links 

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