Food Essentials: How to Heal Your Body With Food w/ Dr. Lauren Powell
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Learning how to heal your body with food isn’t something we are taught growing up. Nor is it something we typically learn until it’s too late.

This episode was so important to me personally because I have experienced food negatively affecting my body. It impacted how I was able to show up and do the work of my purpose. 

I invited Dr. Lauren onto the show to expand our view of food so that we can continue to thrive and live whole, healthy lives.

Dr. Lauren W. Powell, MD, is a board-certified family medicine physician and culinary medicine specialist on a mission to end generational health issues in the African-American community. She makes healthy eating accessible and enjoyable for all through her social media quick tips, online cooking school, and debut book, “Food Essentials for the Busy Professional.”

Dr. Lauren travels the U.S. speaking to diverse audiences about disease prevention and the healing properties in food. She earned the title, “The Culinary Doctor” by means of her insightful, high-energy presentations that offer just as much entertainment as practical health knowledge. 

Dr. Lauren is a mainstream and social media personality that has been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. When I decided to record an episode about how to heal your body with food, it made sense that I invite her on to break down how this works.

In this episode, she breaks down:

  • Her journey of becoming a board certified family medicine physician
  • When she became interested in the healing properties of food
  • How to heal your body with food
  • Her first real example of seeing food heal someone
  • Tips for eating more healing foods
  • The one thing she wants readers to take away from her book Food Essentials for the Busy Professional
  • Her balance practicing medicine and running a culinary education business
  • The role her faith plays in her practice and business
  • Where does her purpose fit in all of this

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