Pregnancy Podcast
Pregnancy Podcast
Nov 22, 2020
Racial Disparities, Building Community, and Advocating for Yourself
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The statistics on the disparities women of color face in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum highlight some of our current healthcare system problems. I encourage you to listen to this episode, even if that may not apply to you. This episode features registered nurse Layo George of Wolomi. We discuss the challenges women of color face, owning your pregnancy, advocating for yourself, and the importance of building community.


Thank you to Layo George of Wolomi for sharing their expertise for this episode. Layo George is a registered nurse and an entrepreneur who focuses on population health in response to the nationwide maternal health crisis facing black women. Layo founded Wolomi, which provides resources and guidance to improve Black women's experiences and outcomes during their perinatal periods.


You can read the full article and resources that accompany this episode by clicking here.


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40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast
40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast
Vanessa Merten of the Pregnancy Podcast
Week 0 Introduction
Week 0 Introduction. An introduction to 40 Weeks and everything you can expect from the 40 Weeks podcast. Want to know exactly what is going on with your baby and your body each week? Whether you are in week 6 or week 36 of pregnancy, this podcast will give you just that in about five minutes. Learn how big your baby is, what new developments are going on, how your body is changing, how you can find relief from some of the changes going on with you like morning sickness and back pain, what to expect at doctor or midwife appointments, how to plan ahead for breastfeeding, how to plan for the birth you want, plus get a tip each week for Dads! You can check out a picture of what your baby looks this week and see resources mentioned in this episode at To get each week delivered to your inbox according to your due date sign up at The Pregnancy Podcast has so much more information on specific topics related to pregnancy and is an awesome resource in conjunction with the 40 Weeks podcast. Thank you so much for listening and please let me know how I can help you navigate all of the crazy awesomeness that is pregnancy, birth, and being a new parent! As always you can get in touch with me via email You can join us in the Pregnancy Podcast Community on Facebook to connect, support, share, and ask questions. You will be an amazing parent! I wish you the very best on your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey! Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+
4 min
Evidence Based Birth®
Evidence Based Birth®
Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN
EBB 161 - Addressing Maternity Bias and Infant Care with Irth app Founder, Kimberly Seals Allers
On today’s podcast, I'm excited to talk with Kimberly Seals Allers. Kimberly is an award-winning journalist, five-time author, international speaker, strategist, and advocate for maternal and infant health. A former senior editor at Essence, and a writer at Fortune Magazine, Kimberly is a leading voice on the socio-cultural complexities of motherhood. Kimberly is also the founder of Irth, a new app to address bias in maternity and infant care. We talk about how Kimberly’s new app, Irth, which addresses biased maternal care and cultural competency when serving marginalized communities. We also talk about the challenges Kimberly overcame after launching Irth. **Content Warning: We discuss racism/racial violence, Black maternal mortality, and infant mortality.** Learn more about Kimberly Seals Allers and the Irth app here ( Follow Kimberly Seals Allers on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Learn about Narrative Nation, Inc here ( Learn more about Kimberly’s books, “Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy” here ( and “The Big Letdown: How Medicine, Big Business, and Feminism Undermine Breastfeeding” here ( Learn more about Dr. Fleda Mask Jackson here ( Learn more about Cristen Pascucci and Birth Monopoly here ( Follow Birth Monopoly on Facebook ( and on Instagram ( Learn more about the California Healthcare Foundation here ( Follow the California Healthcare Foundation on Facebook ( and Twitter ( Learn more about the Tower Health Foundation here ( Learn more about the Grove Foundation here ( Learn more about the Kellogg Foundation here ( Follow the Kellogg Foundation on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram ( For more information and news about Evidence Based Birth®, visit Find us on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Pinterest ( Ready to get involved? Check out our Professional membership (including scholarship options) ( Find an EBB Instructor here (, and click here ( to learn more about the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class.
47 min
Get Pregnant Naturally
Get Pregnant Naturally
Sarah Clark
How To Stop Self-Sabotage When You Are TTC
Devon Baeza joins us today as we're digging self-sabotage and why this matters for fertility. By January 19th most of us have already given up our New Years' resolution. I know…my chip habit is back (gluten-free and organic but still…lol). And even if you are still pushing through you may be dealing with self-sabotage. We set the goal to eat better, get more sleep, exercise more, and work on our stress, and then life gets in the way…. and next thing we know we’re yelling at our partner, eating the processed foods, and up at 3 am scouring the internet looking for answers. And it all just feels exhausting. This quote by Jim Rohn sums it up “your life does not get better by chance, but by change”. That’s why our Fab Fertile Method includes a Functional Nutrition Practitioner (who develops a customized protocol) and a Fertility Coach (that helps you to implement the changes) so that you can fast track your chances of a successful pregnancy. What can you do to recognize and eliminate self-sabotage so that you can prepare for pregnancy success without wasting time? I'm excited to welcome Devon Baeza back to the podcast. Devon is the Fertility Finance Coach. She combines her degree in finance, years of fertility treatments, and master life coach training to help women make, save, and manifest money to fund their future family FAST. In this episode you'll learn: 1) How to recognize self-sabotage and how to prevent it. 2) How do limiting beliefs impact us when we are trying to reach a goal and why does this matter if you are TTC. 3) What to do when our self worth has been attached to achievements. Type A's this is for you! 4) What are some steps we can take right now – to get out of our own way so that we can see a shift as we prepare for pregnancy success. --- Download your FREE report - 10 Easy And Effective Ways to Fund Fertility: --- TIMESTAMPS: 6:06- INTRO TO TODAY'S EPISODE AND DEVON BAEZA'S BIO 07:53- HOW WE CAN RECOGNIZE SELF-SABOTAGE * Why Self-Sabotage shows up especially when we are dealing with infertility * Underlying negative beliefs and where they come from * The different forms of procrastination * "No matter what the belief is, we want to prove ourselves right." * Why we displace the "problem" in the form of self-sabotage * Getting to the root cause of self-sabotage * How "over-researching" can be a form of self-sabotage * "Doing keeps us from being." 19:43- ARE WE NOT "GOOD ENOUGH" TO HAVE A BABY? * Feelings of brokenness and limiting beliefs * IDENTIFYING your beliefs so you can challenge them * The power of writing your emotions * Judging ourselves as a woman because of infertility 22:59- SELF-SABATOGUE FOR TYPE-A WOMEN * Overplanning, control, and attaching our worth to outcome * What is the COST of going going going? * The opportunity for growth when dealing with fertility * Identifying patterns and not judging yourself * Monitoring negative self-talk * Why we should make failure a part of the plan. 35:00- EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY AND LETTING GO OF CONTROL * "Trust is a function of how much you trust yourself." * How to learn to trust (small practices) 41:10- WHAT DO WE DO IF WE FEEL STUCK IN OUR SELF-SABOTAGE? * Opening ourselves to different practices (that just might work) * A couple of our favorite practices for "letting go" and seeing signs * "Every time we ask ourselves a question we open ourselves up." 47:00- DEVON'S SUCCESS STORY 50:52- INFORMATION ABOUT DEVON'S FREE DOWNLOAD "I know it's difficult but it's not hard." -- Book your Free Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery Call here: --- Sponsored by: BLUBlox (Sleep+ is the world’s most advanced blue and green light blocking glasses addressing the exact frequencies of light required after dark to optimally produce melatonin for restorative sleep and health) Visit BLUBlox website at: Use coupon code: getpregnantpodcast to recieve 15% discount. Free shipping worldwide. --- Connect with Sarah on social media and learn more about functional fertility solutions that will help you have your baby. * Instagram: * Facebook: * Twitter: * Linkedin: --- HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW! Love the show? You’ll really love Sarah’s resources page - filled with handpicked products/books/devices - get exclusive discounts and support the show by making purchases SHOP here: Other ways to support: Apple podcasts: Spotify: Stitcher: Youtube: Player FM: Listen Notes: Podbean: iHeart Radio: LEAVE APPLE PODCAST REVIEW: SHARE: Spread the word! Tell someone else about the show! Together we are strong. Related episodes: Functional Medicine 101 - How To Optimize Your Chances Of Pregnancy Success If You Are A Type A - How Not To Waste Time When You Are TTC:
56 min
The Love Food Podcast
The Love Food Podcast
Julie Duffy Dillon RDN
(233) I am forced to diet because of a medical condition with Alissa Rumsey (Anti-Diet Series)
Many chronic health conditions are invisible and include multiple medications to manage. For many, these medications are life saving, life giving, and lead to weight gain. Do you try to eat less yet the food cravings worsen? We hope this episode gives you more options. Listen as guest expert Alissa Rumsey, author of Unapologetic Eating, explores way to care for yourself leading with self-care rather than self-control. Subscribe and leave a review here in just seconds. This episode of The Love Food Podcast is brought to you by: Grab details at New Podcast alert! Check out My Black Body Podcast hosted by Rawiyah and Jessica Wilson. Click here to support their show or learn more. Thank you for you supporting the Love Food Podcast! Dear Food, You are awesome. You're simultaneously one of my favorite hobbies, and life-giving sustenance. I love to cook, and to eat. You fill me with pleasure, comfort, and joy when I successfully cook a new recipe. I have to admit, food, you and I are quite a pair. We make awesome things together. Unfortunately, though, we have a serious problem. I have a rare and serious congenital health condition called Panhypopituitarism. I know, it's a mouthful. It took me a long time to learn how to pronounce it properly. Anyway, with this condition comes so many complications... Hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, adult growth hormone deficiency and so many other hormonal deficiencies, I would literally die if I didn't take replacements for all of them. My medications are mandatory... and they have nasty side effects. My thyroid medication, growth hormone injections, and birth control I have to take in order to have a menstrual cycle all cause me to gain weight. The steroids I take for my adrenal insufficiency cause me to crave salt and other terribly delicious junk, and it really increases my appetite to maddening levels. To put things into perspective there, this medication is often given to chemo patients so they will have an appetite. I take 40mg daily. I really started packing on the pounds worse and worse a couple years ago. I tried to go on an exercise regimen to control my weight, but an unfortunate part of my diagnosis includes exercise intolerance, meaning I can't do vigorous workouts at all, and even light exercise causes me to get weak and shaky after only a few minutes of activity. I can pretty much only walk, do yoga, and simple aerobics and pilates. Because I can't work out sufficiently enough to lose weight, I had to do something terrible, food. I had to start seriously restricting my time with you. I pretty much starved myself on a tight portion-control diet for a while, and that inevitably failed after I had a particularly nasty craving that led to a disheartening binge. I decided to ask my endocrinologist what I should do. He agreed that my weight increase was worrisome and instructed me to go on a XYZ calorie a day diet. He also helped me get into contact with a very nice nutritionist who helped educate me on healthier choices and how to count calories. It's been hard, but I've stuck with it so far. Unfortunately, I still tend to overeat and go over my calorie budget often enough that it's really starting to make me worry I could binge again. What are we going to do, food? I try my hardest. I enjoy cooking at home and making delicious meals, going for healthier options. I've fallen in love with Zucchini lasagna, rather than the noodle-based original. Substitutions like this are great, and a lot of fun to experiment with, but I still crave the nasty junk food. Do you know what I ate last week? Mac n Cheetos from Burger King. That's what. I felt so guilty afterwards, but damn if it wasn't delicious. Help me out here, food. What can I do to learn to ignore these cravings and put the health of my body first? I'm in a race against my medications, trying to at least maintain my current weight. I'm afraid this diet is going to fail like the others, but I can't afford not to diet... or can I? What should I do? Much love, Forced to diet Show Notes: * Julie Dillon RD blog * The PCOS + Food Peace Free Roadmap * The PCOS + Food Peace Course * Link to get latest Food Peace Syllabus. * 6 Keys To Food Peace * Alissa Rumsey's website * Unapologetic Eating * Alissa on Instagram - * Alissa on Facebook - * Submit your Dear Food letter here or * Julie on Instagram: * Find Eating Disorder Dietitians near you. Do you have a complicated relationship with food? I want to help! Send your Dear Food letter to Click here to leave me a review in iTunes and subscribe. This type of kindness helps the show continue!
30 min
Mom Brain
Mom Brain
Gallery Media Group Originals
Kate The Chemist is the Girl in Designer Heels Who Likes to Blow Stuff Up
Dr. Kate Biberdorf wants your kids to be passionate about science. She's an associate Chemistry professor at the University of Texas where during the day she teaches students but by night she is blowing things up as 'Kate the Chemist'. She is the author of the children's fiction series Kate the Chemist and her new book is Kate the Chemist: The Big Book of Experiments. Kate has appeared on The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Rachael Ray Show, Late Night with Stephen Colbert and much more. Kate gets Hilaria and Daphne enthusiastic about doing experiments with their kids. She explains the science behind Mentos and Diet Coke, elephant toothpaste, and breathing fire. All things she does to get kids excited about science and chemistry. She also discusses how to inspire girls specifically to pursue science and the importance to foster their pursuits in these subjects. Plus, Kate also previews her upcoming book of edible experiments. _Favorite Things:_ Daphne: Yeti Customizable Rambler Jr. 12 oz. Kids Bottle Hilaria: Disco Lights Bluetooth Speaker Kate: Calcium chloride and sodium alginate to make gummy worms at home Email us with your questions at and follow us on Instagram, just search for @MomBrain. We answer a lot of your questions on there! Check out videos of our episodes on our YouTube channel! We also invite you to become a member of Mom Brain's official Facebook Group.
43 min
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