6. Joel Hubbard on Growth for the Type 9 (Part 2)
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Welcome back for Episode 6, this is Lindsey Haeger the host of the Peacemaker’s Podcast. Today’s episode is part 2 of my interview with Joel Hubbard.  If you haven’t yet listened to part 1 in episode 5, press stop and go back to catch that one first.  Joel is the co-host of The Art of Growth podcast and over a month ago now I spoke with him about a Type Nine Panels that he hosted from Season 2 of the Art of Growth. I received so much value from that episode and wanted to go deeper into it with him. I’m excited to share the second half of our talk with you!

In Part 2 we discuss:

  1. The nine has a tendency to “edit the nine self”.  How can we work to edit ourselves less?
  2. Joel talks about slowing down and focusing on breathing.  This gives us a chance to think.
  3. Become aware of our moments more so we can get back in touch with ourselves.
  4. Tuning into our body is really important for the type nine (body type).
  5. The tension or tightness in our body can be an indication of something.
  6. Joel talks about breathing into the tensions in our bodies.
  7. There is a beauty to the gift of the type nine.
  8. The goal is for the nine to be fully the nine.  The nine doesn't become a 3.  The low side prevents us from being fully the nine.
  9. Peacemakers - you are one that creates harmony, and comfort.
  10. What if the nine could be more intentional in the ways they seek and create peace.
  11. Lead the way through the way you were made.

Free Download “Reflection for the 9” from Episodes 5 & 6 of the Peacemaker’s Podcast.

For Enneagram Coaching, reach out to Joel through email at joelhubbardcoach@gmail.com.  To learn more about The Art of Growth podcast and to listen to the Episode we discussed, click here Season 2, Episode 2 from The Art of Growth.  

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