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The Next Drop Off
Apr 29, 2020
Ep 30: Lion Mode Leadership 9 - Why Some Leaders Fail
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Ep 30: Lion Mode Leadership 9 – Why Some Leaders Fail


A very wise man once said, “the curse causeless shall not come.” Proverbs 26:2 In every success, regardless of the line of work, there are a number of good reasons for it, and the same may be said of every failure. This is the final episode of the Lion Mode Leadership series. ReNeita and I discuss 7 of the many reasons why some leaders fail in their work. By avoiding these “7 deadly sins” you can be assured that you’re on your way to success.


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Episode Outline


7 Reasons Why Some Leaders Fail


  • Can’t drive
  • Distracted by relationships
  • No vision
  • No goals
  • Inconsiderate of students
  • Inconsistent within the program
  • Lack of holy drive/ambition
    • “Canvassers need to be daily converted to God, that their words and deeds may be a savor of life unto life, that they may exert a saving influence. The reason why many have failed in the canvassing work is that they were not genuine Christians; they did not know the spirit of conversion. They had a theory as to how the work should be done, but they did not feel their dependence upon God.” Colporteur Ministry 48.3


Below you will find additional supplementary material graciously provided by Bill Krick, Literature Ministries Director for the Pacific Union


What are some reasons why some canvassing leaders ultimately fail in their work?


  1. Lack of personal mentorship by an experienced leader above them, who has more experience than them.  And this personal mentorship is most valuable if it happens in the field.  Usually, if a student fails, it’s the fault of the leader.  Example:  When I work with a leader and he says, “These students are terrible!—they are getting lost all day!”—then often it’s because the leader is not giving clean segments and clear directions.  It’s the leader’s responsibility to make sure that the student is successful.  In the same way, conference literature ministries directors (or whoever is in the position above) are responsible to make sure that his/her leaders are well-trained, mentored, invested in, cared about, etc.  Conference literature directors must set up their leaders for success. 
  2. Lack of maturity.  When leaders are young and/or immature, they don’t realize how to relate to difficult situations that require wisdom/experience.  This includes emotional maturity, control of emotions, etc.  Lash out in anger once, and you’ve just progressed a long way toward failure!
  3. Lack of edge/focus/drive/fire.  We all know that sales do not come down the street and bite students on the back side.  There must be some push, some edge.  Many leaders are not successful because they just ride waves, whichever direction the waves are going.  That may work if you have students who are already trained & motivated, or if you are in amazing territory and all you must do is be a driver….  But it’s not usually that way.
  4. They are not team players/cooperators.  I once found out that a leader had taken off and done territory that he wasn’t supposed to do.  I called him and said, “What are you doing?!”  His only response was, “I have a whole lot of books out!”  He had a hard time that summer—and so did his colleagues who had to deal with him.  He couldn’t take instruction—he wasn’t a team player.
  5. They are insecure, not able to handle criticism.  We must train leaders how to respond to criticism, whether the criticism is valid/constructive, or totally invalid.
  6. They refuse to prepare/do homework.  They “wing it” often with territory, worship, etc.  This is the great temptation for talented leaders.  They have relied on their talents their entire lives, and made a success.  But they will never reach their potential—and may indeed fail—unless they are willing to do their “due diligence.” 
  7. Lack of ability to think.  They can only do what they are told.
  8. Lack of tact.  This can sink a leader’s influence in short order.  Small problems become very large problems when leaders do not utilize tact.
  9. A walk with God that is so weak that the leader is not able to lead any student to Jesus.  If some leader isn’t particularly listening to God, how can God use them to be a successfulspiritual mentor to a student?  When it’s time to lead that student to Jesus and His love, they will fail.


If you have any questions relating to canvassing, leading, or everyday life just use this link: fill out the easy form on our website. We’ll be answering all questions on our Channel Up segment!


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