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The Next Drop Off
Dec 28, 2019
Ep 09: Common Mistakes Canvassers Make
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Episode 09: Common Mistakes Canvassers Make

Mistakes…they’re apart of life. In this episode, we discuss common mistakes that we make as canvassers and how to correct them. It was lots of fun to have canvasser Elizabeth Rivas on the show as well. Wherever you are in your canvassing experience, this episode is sure to help you get to the next level. Feel free to use our episode map to jump around, but trust me, you’ll want to hear the whole thing!

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Episode Outline

Official beginning – 2:01

Testimony from Manny Jimenez – 12:57

Story from The Open Door – 15:32 “Fixin’ for a Change” p. 63

Group Discussion – 22:18

Common Mistakes Canvassers Make

  • Judging a book by its cover: Overcome the temptation to skip people based on appearance or skin color. Talk to everyone!
  • Trying to succeed on your own: Focus on how God is blessing, and remember to thank Him for what He is doing through you. Pride is your #1 enemy in the canvassing work.
  • Not being engaged in everything that’s going on: Learn to interact with both students and leaders and become an active part of the program.
  • Not understanding the mission: Develop a strong reason why you are in the program and let that mission drive you.
  • Undervaluing the books: Read the books to obtain a higher value and experience. As your value for the books increase, so will your ability to canvass them.
  • Skipping devotions: You cannot give what you do not have. In our devotion time, our cup is filled with blessings to then pour into the lives of others. Fill your cup with Jesus before heading to the field.
  • Not asking for help: Seek out those who are succeeding, and ask them to teach you. There is always a better way to do things, so learn from those who are doing it well.

Conclusion – 38:32

Nugget of the day

“He was never elated by applause, nor dejected by censure or disappointment. Amid the greatest opposition and the most cruel treatment, He was still of good courage. But many who profess to be His followers have an anxious, troubled heart, because they are afraid to trust themselves with God.” DA 330.3

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