The Next Drop Off
The Next Drop Off
Nov 17, 2019
Ep 03: Responding to God's Call
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This week’s episode features the second part of Smerdis’ intriguing story of how God brought him into ministry. In our devotional segment we talk about what to do when you feel like God is calling you to His service. Feel free to use our episode map to jump around, but trust me, you’ll want to hear the whole thing!

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Segment 1: Catching Up

3:08 – Official beginning of episode

Segment 2: Testimony

6:45 – Kim shares her testimony

Segment 3: Smerdis’ Story pt 2

12:24 – Story continues

Highlights from the Story

“There are more people who leave the church and don’t come back than those who leave the church and do come back.”

“It doesn’t matter where you are, we’re all called to the same thing which is to share the gospel and invite others to the kingdom of God. I think the way that we are to fulfill that calling is different.”

“People don’t talk about the struggle with sin after coming to Christ”

“Truth is, before we came to Jesus…there was no struggle between good and evil, there was no temptation, we were slaves to sin!”

“The love of money is the root of all evil”

“The canvasser is a messenger for God”

Segment 4: Devotional Thought

32:10 – 3 steps to responding to God’s call:

“God speaks to us through His providential workings and through the influence of His Spirit upon the heart. In our circumstances and surroundings, in the changes daily taking place around us, we may find precious lessons if our hearts are but open to discern them.” SC 87.2

  • Get like Paul: “Lord what would you have me to do? (Acts 9:6)
  • Get like Ezra: Sought God’s will and did it (Ezra 7:10)
  • Get like Jesus: Surrender your will for God’s will (Luke 22:42)

“Too many, in planning for a brilliant future, make an utter failure. Let God plan for you.” MH (Ministry of Healing) 479.2

“Happiness that is sought from selfish motives, outside of the path of duty, is ill-balanced, fitful, and transitory; it passes away, and the soul is filled with loneliness and sorrow; but there is joy and satisfaction in the service of God.” SC 124

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