TMHS 444: How To Navigate Negative Emotions & Thrive Through Adversity - With Dr. Susan David
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Navigating the challenges our world is facing right now can be incredibly emotional. Emotions like fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and uncertainty have become daily occurrences for some folks. How we interpret and deal with those emotions impacts how we show up in our relationships, our careers, and our health. 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, Dr. Susan David is back to discuss the importance of practicing emotional agility amidst a pandemic. Dr. Susan David is an award-winning psychologist, expert on emotions, and TED Talk sensation. She’s here to share her expertise on normalizing and processing difficult emotions, the importance of self-compassion, and how to better navigate your relationships during stressful times.

I hope this episode will help you build emotional agility so that you can handle whatever life throws your way. Because our bodies are a manifestation of our emotions, this topic exudes into every area of our lives. The way that we deal with our emotions matters, and it’s an area we can all constantly improve.  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What emotional agility is, and why it’s so essential right now. 
  • The definition of forced positivity.
  • How emotion suppression can lead to higher levels of anxiety and depression.
  • The main function of our emotions, and how they can help us adapt.
  • How hustle culture negatively impacts our emotions. 
  • The importance of normalizing difficult emotions. 
  • What bottling and brooding are. 
  • The main question you should ask yourself when you experience difficult emotions. 
  • How we can shift the conversation around mental health. 
  • The importance of practicing gentle acceptance. 
  • How practicing self-compassion can help you through challenges. 
  • Tactile strategies you can use to remind yourself of your humanness. 
  • How to step into greater levels of emotional agility in your relationships. 
  • What it means to bring breadth and depth into your conversations. 
  • How to better label your emotions. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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Ed Mylett
Grow Your Social Media: Secrets Revealed! w/ Josh Richards
What can you learn from an 18-year-old? This will blow your mind! Josh Richards is one of the top content creators in the world with over 30 MILLION followers across all platforms. But not only is this young man social media savvy, he’s also a successful entrepreneur working with big names like Ellen DeGeneres and Snoop Dogg! He is the youngest person I’ve ever had on the show at just 18 years old and he’s got a wealth of knowledge you NEED to hear! The only way to get ahead in the social media game AND EVERY OTHER AREA OF YOUR LIFE is to outwork everyone else… but how? In this interview, Josh is sharing his unfiltered and authentic secrets about how to build a massive following on social media and revealing the HUSTLE behind the success. He wasn’t just waiting around to get insta-famous. Josh went out and HUSTLED follower by follower to grow his reach. Building a social empire isn’t just about clout. It’s a REAL BUSINESS strategy that requires WORK, DEDICATION, and a RELENTLESS will to win! Don’t miss out on these never-before shared strategies on how to grow your following and stand out online. PLUS Josh reveals the worst decision any content creator can make! Social media is a business and this interview is your blueprint. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈 → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
48 min
Myers Detox Podcast
Myers Detox Podcast
Wendy Myers
The Brain Lymph Drainage Connection to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME with Dr. Raymond Perrin
Dr. Raymond Perrin joins the show to discuss the connection between poor brain lymph drainage and chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia, and other neurological inflammatory issues. He also explains the best ways to help improve lymph drainage and his incredible Perrin Technique. On today’s podcast, you will learn: The causes of poor brain lymph drainage. Massage techniques to aid brain lymph drainage. Explanation of how the brain and lymphatic drainage system becomes clogged with toxins. Why the brain is vulnerable to toxins, and the compounding issue of “leaky brain”. The link between poor brain lymph drainage, and long Covid symptoms. The Perrin Technique and how it can be used to help reverse and prevent chronic fatigue naturally. Dr Raymond Perrin Bio: Dr Perrin is a Registered Osteopath, Neuroscientist and Specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME. He is Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at The University of Manchester. Dr Perrin qualified in 1984 from the British School of Osteopathy in London. He has extensive experience treating top sportsmen and women including Olympic athletes. In 1991 he was appointed official osteopath to the World Student Games, Sheffield. Dr Perrins research since 1989 into CFS/ME has expanded our knowledge of the disease and how to diagnose and treat it. In July 2005 he was awarded a doctorate by the university of Salford, UK for his thesis on the involvement of cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic drainage in CFS/ME. Since 2007 he has also held the academic post of Honorary Senior lecturer at the Allied Health Professions Research Unit , University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, UK. He was appointed member of the scientific committee for the 2nd 3rd and 4th World Congress on Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology affiliated with the European Association of Psychiatrists Annual Conference, Greece. In 2015 he joined the international faculty of the German School of Osteopathy, Hamburg; and teaches osteopathic theory and practice to students in colleges all over Europe. He has lectured internationally and in the UK to CFS/ME patient groups and the medical profession on the manual diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME. He has published papers in major medical journals including the BMJ and is the author of the bestselling book The Perrin Technique: How to beat CFS/ME published by Hammersmith Press, London in 2007. Dr Perrin is a vice-patron of The University College of Osteopathy and in 2015 was the recipient of the inaugural Research and Practice Award from the Institute of Osteopathy. He is a founder member of the newly formed International Osteopathic Research Group and still continues to run clinics in Manchester and London specialising in the treatment of CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia. You can learn more about Dr. Perrin and his incredible work at Make sure to check out Dr. Perrin's best-selling book, and keep an eye out for his upcoming book, "The Perrin Technique, Second Edition"   📊 Do You Need to Detox? Take the Heavy Metals Quiz:
1 hr 6 min
Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth
Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth
Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews, Doug Egge
1469: Listener Live Q&A
In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer four Pump Head questions via Zoom. * Adam shares openly why he is back on hormone replacement therapy. (3:21) * Justin is looking even MORE handsome thanks in part to Caldera. (23:41) * How Sal is enjoying the process with his baby boy. (26:08) * How Adam is loving every moment with his son. (30:59) * Justin is really into shocking news stories. (34:56) * Mind Pump Recommends, Tiger on HBO. (39:57) * Can drinking more coffee lower your risk of prostate cancer? (45:05) * Ben Greenfield’s COVID-19 protocol. (46:09) * #Quah question #1 – What are some ways I can improve my deadlift working out from home? (48:11) * #Quah question #2 – What prerequisites are required to perform a proper sprint? (51:34) * #Quah question #3 – Any advice on how to fix weak transverse abdominal muscles? (1:03:26) * #Quah question #4 – I am a middle-aged man and have run MAPS Anabolic three times. Any advice, program wise, on how I can progress further? (1:15:22) Related Links/Products Mentioned * January Promotion: MAPS Fitness Starter Bundle 50% off! * 1 Week Special: MAPS Performance 50% off! “Promo code “GREEN50” at checkout” * Low levels of serum testosterone in middle-aged men impact pathological features of prostate cancer * Visit Caldera Labs for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! **Code “mindpump” at checkout for the discount** * Tiger - Watch the HBO Original Documentary | HBO * Drinking more coffee every day could lower your risk of prostate cancer * Mind Pump TV – YouTube * Correcting Upper Cross Syndrome to Improve Posture & Health-- Prone Cobra * GROW Your GLUTES with a SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT! * Do You Have Back Or Shoulder Pain? YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! | Mind Pump * MAPS Prime Pro Webinar * MAPS Fitness Prime Pro | Muscle Adaptation Programming System * How To Do The Sled Push The RIGHT Way! (AVOID MISTAKES!) * Shrink Your Waist with Stomach Vacuums | MIND PUMP * How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt (BECAUSE SIT HAPPENS!) | MIND PUMP * The SECRET To Getting A Flat STOMACH (AVOID MISTAKES!) * MAPS Fitness Anabolic | Muscle Adaptation Programming System * Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube * Mind Pump Free Resources People Mentioned * Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfieldfitness) Instagram * Alex Whitehair (@realgame.athletics) Instagram * Joe DeFranco (@defrancosgym) Instagram * Cory Schlesinger (@schlesstrength) Instagram
1 hr 25 min
Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop
Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop
Gary John Bishop
Let's Get After It!
Whether you're experiencing growing pains or you're stuck at a plateau, don't you think it's high time you break through your self imposed barriers? There are always moments when we feel the urge to make a change for ourselves, but it's incredibly common to tip toe around change-making actions. So, Gary's back on the mic to help you get real with yourself about what it takes to move the needle and - as usual - to answer some questions from the Nation! Here's what's on deck: * How should you confront the personal, professional, and environmental growing pains that come with developing yourself? * What can you do to persist through a difficult job transition when you're barely able to get your foot in the door? * How can I escape the fear of failure trap and the procrastination that comes with it? * Is there a practical way to process trauma and get over a fear of death? If you're ready to take on the new year, all that and more is ahead on this episode of Unfu*k Nation with Gary John Bishop! Are You Ready to Unfu*k Yourself for Good? * If you want to be the first to know when we drop new episodes, please take a moment to Follow or Subscribe to Unfu*k Nation wherever you listen to your favorite Podcasts. * If you have a question for Gary that you'd like featured on an upcoming episode, you can click here to email him directly or leave us a voicemail on the Unfu*k Nation Hotline at (646) 450-3203. * If you'd like to show your support for the show, we would greatly appreciate it if you would share the show with a friend or write a review for the show on Apple Podcasts. * For more of Gary's content, you can click here to visit his website or you can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
37 min
Bulletproof Radio
Bulletproof Radio
Dave Asprey
New Research Says Fasting Beats Cutting Calories – Leonie Heilbronn, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey : 781
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m joined by Australian researcher Leonie Heilbronn, Ph.D.. Her fasting research looks at the biological pathways that support reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Leonie leads the Obesity and Metabolism group based within the Lifelong Health Theme at South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute at Adelaide University in Adelaide, Australia. Today, I have her on to talk about her studies on fasting, many of which show more specific results than what we’ve seen in this field before. She looks at intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, calorie restriction and more.  In a particular study on women, Leoni says, “We did see that the intermittent fasting group lost a little bit more weight than the caloric restriction group, and they had better improvements in their health.” There were other positive results like reductions in diabetes and cardiovascular risk markers.  Fasting isn’t one-size-fits-all, so I asked Leonie a lot of questions about her research, such as: * How does the food you eat during intermittent fasting affect the fast itself?  * What food works for some people and not others and how does that influence the effectiveness of your fast?  * How do intermittent fasting and caloric restriction compare?  * When should you eat your daily protein and carbs?  * Should you consume black coffee during your fast?  * How does time-restrictive eating affect your lifespan? How do people respond in fasting studies? “For some people, it takes them a little while to get used to fasting and then some people just maybe never get used to it,” she says.  How do people respond in time restrictive eating studies? “I think time restrictive eating is great because you don’t really have to change everything that you’re eating and you’re still going to have some really good effects,” she says. “But I think if you started to have bad behaviors because of time pressure, then you’re not going to see the improvement that we’d hope to see.” Leonie breaks down her research in in simple terms, so no matter what your familiarity with fasting might be, you’ll find a fascinating entry point.  Enjoy! And get more resources at WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT! Replenish Electrolytes:; claim your free Sample Pack with $5 shipping Anti-Aging Solution:; use code DAVE25 for 25% off your first month’s order Digestive Health:; use code DAVE15 to get 15% off all products DAVE ASPREY’S NEW BOOK LAUNCHES JANUARY 19, 2021! Pre-order “Fast This Way: Burn Fat, Heal Inflammation, and Become the High-Performing Human You Were Meant to Be” and you’ll receive special product offers and enroll in Dave Asprey’s first ever Fasting Challenge:
57 min
The Ultimate Health Podcast
The Ultimate Health Podcast
Jesse Chappus
387: Gary Taubes - Are Carbs Making You Fat?
Gary Taubes (@garytaubes) is an investigative science and health journalist and co-founder of the non-profit Nutrition Science Initiative. He is the author of The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It, and Good Calories, Bad Calories, which was published as The Diet Delusion in the UK. Gary just release a new book at the end of 2020 titled The Case for Keto: Rethinking Weight Control and the Science and Practice of Low-Carb/High-Fat Eating. In this episode, we discuss: * Gary studying physics in college and due to his weight realized his dreams of being an astronaut wouldn’t happen * Why low-fat diets became popular * The start of Gary’s journalism career doing investigative reporting * Gary's fascination with bad science * If we can’t trust science, who do we go to for information about health and wellness? * The case for keto making people healthier * The ketogenic diet defined * The history of ketogenic diets * A carb restricted diet is a high-fat diet * Stop being afraid of fat * Gary limits starches, grains, and sugar in his diet * When your partner isn’t on board with the same dietary philosophy * Eating the foods we were programmed to think would kill us * How low-carb diets affect cholesterol and do you need a statin? * Being one of the drivers of the low-carb revolution * Obesity is an insulin signalling disorder * Fat is the one nutrient that doesn’t stimulate insulin * Sex hormones play a huge role in obesity * Conventional nutrition wisdom is feeding us the wrong information * Our parents’ generation was taught “If you don’t want to be fat, you had to eat carbs.” * The obesity prevalence has tripled since 1980 * What is cephalic phase secretion? * The misinterpretation that obesity is caused by eating * Experimenting with intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating * Do you have a carbohydrate addiction? * You are not confined to a diet, you are adhering to being healthy Show sponsors: Garden of Life <== Try Garden of Life's Sport Certified Grass Fed Whey Organifi <== 20% off all Organifi products BiOptimizers <== 10% off all BiOptimizers products by using the code ultimatehealth at checkout Paleovalley <== 15% off all Paleovalley products by using the code ultimatehealth at checkout Related links: Gary Taubes - The Case For Keto (book) Gary Taubes' website Follow Gary Taubes on Facebook and Twitter Gary Taubes - The Case Against Sugar (book) Gary Taubes - Why We Get Fat (book) Gary Taubes - Good Calories, Bad Calories (book) Gary Taubes - Bad Science (book) Gary Taubes (articles) Dr. Robert C. Atkins (books) Arthur Agatston - South Beach (books) Michael Eades - Protein Power (book) The New Sugar Busters! (book) Virta Health Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin - The Physiology Of Taste (book) Herman Taller - Calories Don’t Count (book) Dean Ornish (books) Michael Pollan (books) Rosalyn Yalow and Solomon Berson Aubrey Gordon - What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat (book) Jane Brody - Good Food (book) Roxane Gay - Hunger (book) Dr. Jason Fung (books) Listen to Dr. Jason Fung previously on TUHP (episodes #369 and #380) Related episodes: 353: Dr. Satchin Panda – Time-Restricted Eating (TRE) & Managing Your Light Exposure 291: Dr. Joseph Mercola – KetoFast • Near-Infrared Saunas • Stop Eating Before Bed 280: Dr. Josh Axe – Keto Diet • Treating Cancer With Food • Collagen Is Essential 273: Dr. David Perlmutter – Grain Brain • Cholesterol Is Your Friend • What Is Keto Cycling? 126: Jimmy Moore – The Ketogenic Diet & The Health Benefits Of Being In Ketosis • Fasting 101 Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to subscribe to our show on Google Podcasts. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook community (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Follow our adventures on our favourite social media platform, Instagram. 5. Download The Ultimate Health Podcast app (FREE). This way you'll have our whole library of episodes right at your fingertips. Download our iOS/Apple app or our Android app. 6. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!
1 hr 33 min
The Darin Olien Show
The Darin Olien Show
Darin Olien
#55 Fatal Conveniences™: Crayons: Safe or Toxic?
Everyone has fond childhood memories revolving around crayons. These colorful waxy sticks represent hours of creative fun. I was an avid coloring book fan, and I can’t even tell you how many boxes of crayons I went through as a kid. No one wants to have these cherished memories tainted, but are crayons safe or toxic? And what are they doing to our planet? Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™ This is a bite-sized segment that parallels The Darin Olien Show. In these segments, we get into society's Fatal Conveniences™. I define these as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. These things save us time and trick us into thinking they're actually good for us. But it's those same things that are breaking down our health, and the health of the environment around us. I've spent most of my adult life obsessively researching these "conveniences." On every show, I pick one topic, and we dive into it. My goal is to make you more aware of these traps so that you can push back on them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. So, if you're willing to look at your world from a different perspective and make little tweaks that amount to big changes, then this segment is for you. Between 45,000 and 75,000 lbs of broken crayons are discarded in US landfills every year. This one is tough for me, because I really don’t want to bash crayons. I love crayons! We all did. And I’m sure if you have kids, you have multiple boxes of these colorful things all over the house. So I’ll just cut to the chase. Crayons consist of paraffin, which is a petroleum, crude oil by-product. And lab tests show some crayon brands are full of toxins like lead and even asbestos. In this segment, I break down the uncomfortable truths about this kid-favorite drawing tool. It’s not just our kids we need to worry about. Unfortunately, these things are ending up in our landfills and waterways. But it’s not all bad news. Some brands are safer than others. Like most things, the cheaper it is, the more toxic it probably is. Thankfully, there are plenty of environmentally friendly, safe alternatives. And I’ll be sure to give you plenty of resources to find those as well. So don’t worry guys, you don’t have to hide those coloring books. Let’s just make a conscious effort to be aware of what’s in our kids’ favorite crafting supplies. Other info in this segment: * The history of Crayons * The history of Crayola * Why are these toxins allowed in kid products? * Crayons and the planet * Safe alternatives Links & Resources: Major Brands of Crayons Contain Asbestos Warning After Asbestos Found in Crayons Toys R’ Us and Other Retailers Remove Crayons The Efforts Crayola is Making to Improve Crazy Crayons - The National Crayon Recycling Program Eco-Friendly Crayons? The Best Non-Toxic Crayons for Your Kids Netflix’ Down To Earth’ Official Trailer Download my amazing new lifestyle app and get 3 days free at Barukas Nuts 15% discount with code “DARIN”
19 min
Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod
Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod
Hal Elrod
360: One Thing You Can Do to Heal the World
I’m not sure if our world has ever been this divided. From my vantage point, I’ve never seen so much judgement, condemnation, hatred, and vitriol toward one another, especially between people of different belief systems. The reality is that we’re all human beings. We’re all part of the human family, and no matter how our beliefs might differ from one another, we’re all a lot more alike than we are different. We all want to be happy, to be healthy, to have freedom, to feel safe, and to feel respected. Inspired by a Facebook Live session I did last week, today’s episode is about the consequences of judging and condemning others, the power of unconditional love (and why it’s not the same thing as tolerating harmful or abusive behavior), and how this radical gesture has the power to help us heal the world. During today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn: * The consequences of judging others based on your own life experiences. * Why human beings have so much more in common than we do differences. * How unconditional love can heal the world, beginning with healing yourself. * How do you love someone who has wronged you? * Trading in your judgement for empathy. * The difference between blame and responsibility. * What it means to be part of a human family. * Why putting labels on people makes it impossible to appreciate, respect, or love them. Get The Full Show Notes To get full access to today's show notes, including audio, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit Subscribe, Rate & Review I would love if you could subscribe to the podcast and leave an honest rating & review. This will encourage other people to listen and allow us to grow as a community. The bigger we get as a community, the bigger the impact we can have on the world. To subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes, visit
40 min
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance
Chalene Johnson
The 2021 DeClutter Project Part 6 | Step by Step How to Resell Your Clothes - 639
Welcome to the final episode in this 6-part series on decluttering! If you’ve been following along, then you definitely NEED this show. Today, we’re taking those great items you put aside from your closet cleanout and reselling them! Chalene’s guest is Leslie Tucker, an expert in the world of online reselling platforms. Leslie went from working a full time job — and reselling as a hobby — to retiring from her job and running a full time reselling business. You’ll get step-by-step tips on how to start, what to sell, what platforms to use and so much more. Seriously, you won’t believe all the information packed in this one episode! When you learn that you don’t need money to start making money, it could be the catalyst to change your life (and your family’s life)!   Join me in the Decluttering Project and get your life organized as well by using The Push Journal   Links from today’s episode:   * Subscribe to Leslie’s Podcast at  A Reseller’s Passion * Learn more about Leslie and get her ebook at  A Resellers Passion * Shoe Leslie some Love on Social Media: Instagram YouTube   All other Links Reselling Platforms: * Poshmark * Ebay * Macarie * Dpop * Grailed Luxury Reselling Platforms: * The Real Real * Tradesy * ThredUp * Check out the new supplement multi packs   I am Myself Again * Join the InstaClubHub to go deep in learning all the latest tips and strategies to Instagram growth and engagement! * Check out all the Discounts and some of Chalene’s favorite things at * Leave Chalene a message at  (619) 500-4819 * Leave Chalene a Voicemail review or question  HERE * Join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here! * Go to and see what your passion or hidden talents are!!   Stop dieting & start living:  Join Phase it Up and start creating healthier habits, it isn’t like other diets or programs!  Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive:   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!!      Join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here:    Connect with me on your fav social platform: * SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    * Facebook:      * Instagram:    * Twitter: * TikTok: @chaleneOfficial   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
48 min
Brendon Burchard
Manage Your Projects
Whether you're launching a podcast, writing a book, or building a business, everything we do can ultimately be broken down into projects. In this episode, learn how to manage your projects so you can accomplish them in an effective and timely manner. On your path to realizing your goals, consider this: “Most people think they have to take on more projects to succeed. I tell them the most important thing to do instead, is to define the most important projects that will help them succeed.” If you'd like to better manage your projects and achieve your goals, this episode is for you! For coaching from Brendon and some of the best personal development experts in the world for less than $1 per day, visit: Get our HPX Supplement HERE: Get your High Performance Planner HERE: Subscribe to my YouTube vlog. New episodes (almost) weekly. Join 2 million subscribers on my weekly newsletter, FOUR BREAKTHROUGHS. Get a free copy of my book High Performance Habits (I bought it for you, you just pay your shipping). Follow me on Instagram. ABOUT: Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high performance coach and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. He is also a #1 New York Times bestselling author and in the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures on Facebook, with over 10 million fans across his pages. O, The Oprah Magazine, and Success Magazine have both named him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement. Brendon's videos have been viewed more than 200 million times, and 2 million students have completed his personal development online courses and video series. He's created 13 blockbuster online courses, including the most popular motivation, confidence, and habits online video courses of all time. For these results, Success Magazine featured him on its cover, and named him “one of the most successful online trainers in history.” A #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 USA Today best-selling author, his books include High Performance Habits, The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life’s Golden Ticket. Meet me at
32 min
Ben Greenfield Fitness
Ben Greenfield Fitness
Ben Greenfield
Q&A 423: Does Weed Make You Stupid & Does Cannabis Affect Testosterone?, What's The Best Pre-Workout Formula?, Should Teens Fast? & Much More.
News Flashes – Follow Ben on Twitter for more… * This just in: weed doesn't appear to make you stupid...02:05 * but may impair short term memory...05:15 * Wow: cannabis users TWICE as likely to experience erectile dysfunction...07:00 * But have higher testosterone levels...09:30 * Regular THC users were defined as those who use THC at least one time per month, every month for at least 1 year. * Four herbs in this testosterone study increased testosterone: fenugreek, forskohlii, ashwagandha and ginseng...11:00 * New study shows astaxanthin a good brain anti-aging agent...13:15 * It appears that it also protects cell membranes systemically, particularly relevant to cytokine storm...16:40 * Astaxanthin is also one of the few antioxidants/antinflammatories that can cross the blood-brain barrier for a neuroprotective effect: Read more...19:30 Resources mentioned: * Special Announcements... Check out where Ben is traveling and speaking on the BGF calendar Check out Ben on Instagram for epic posts and photos about his morning, day, and evening routines, recipes, and much more! Follow Ben on Twitter for daily news flashes and the latest health, fitness, and anti-aging research. Join Ben's Facebook page for conversations with listeners and even more useful information, posts, and support! This podcast is brought to you by: -Kion Aminos -Organifi Red Juice -Seed Daily Synbiotic -Thrive Market Listener Q&A: What To Do About Cold Hands & Feet...28:10 Jason asks: Hey, Ben. I'm 46 years old and I've got cold hands. They get worse in the winter time, but they're cool in the summer. Probably I'm thinking Raynaud's, but I don't want to claim that. I'm open to any feedback you have on maybe how to make it better, fix - physiology, neurology supplements, testing, breath work, etc. I'm open to all of it. Any help is much appreciated. In my response, I recommend: * Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (Mickey Trescott) * Cookbook * Diet Book * Organifi Red * Nitro glycerin cream * BGF podcast on nitric oxide * Prostaglandin * Kion Omegas * Wim Hof protocol What's The Best Pre-Workout Formula?...38:37 Preston asks:What's up Ben Preston here, long time listener, constant applier of everything you talk about on podcasts and in Boundless. But when it comes right down to it, I'm still wanting to take a scoop of pre-workout (powder) dump it in the mixer, shake it up and go wrap it out with the bros at the gym. So what's the deal with pre-workout powder and how much stimulant should I be intaking on a daily basis. I'm going to the gym every day, but I'm using pre-workout three, four times a week. Love to hear your thoughts. In my response, I recommend: * Podcast 420, in which the following solutions were described: * Lucy gum (use code BEN10 to save $10 off the $60 subscription) * Zen nasal spray and Zen EO spray by Dr. John Lieurance * Lion's Mane * L-Theanine * Qualia Mind Caffeine-free (use code GREENFIELD2019 to save 15%) * B.Powered by Beekeeper's Naturals (use code BEN to save 15%) * The Crazy Future Of Medical Biohacking: Skull Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Therapy & More With Dr. John Lieurance. * My podcast with Milos Sarcev * Milos Sarcev's Pre-Workout Formula (around 30-45 minutes before) * 10-15g EAAs * 5g Leucine * 10g Glutamine * 5-10g Creatine depending on the athlete * 5g Citrulline * 3g Arginine * 2-3g Beta-Alanine * 2-3g L-carnitine * 2-3g electrolyte drink powder (e.g. Thorne Catalyte or a pinch of salt) * Kion Creatine * Kion Aminos * HVMN or KetoneAid exogenous ketones * Ben's current favorite for hard workouts: 2 sprays Zen/nostril, 10g Kion Aminos, 5g Kion Creatine, 1 serving HVMN or KetoneAid * Vitargo or Glycofuse * Thorne Catalytes Should Teens Fast?...46:20 Rama asks: Hey, Ben, my name is Rama. I am 16 years old and I am curious how much fasting and intermittent fasting would you recommend for a teenager like me to avoid or even improve my running performance and also how much is too much exercise for my health. Thank you very much. Love you, Ben. In my response, I recommend: * Weston A. Price Diet (e.g. Sally Fallon's book "Nourishing Traditions") * Fast Track Study on fasting in adolescents * BGF podcast w/ Dan Pompa *
57 min
Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit
#187: A Masterclass on Fasting with Dave Asprey
These days, we hear a lot about fasting. Intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and water fasting are just some of the many terms being thrown around in support of better health. Which one is best? What does it all mean for our longevity, brain health, and overall wellness? On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host Dhru talks to Dave Asprey, the founder and Chairman of Bulletproof 360, a high-performance coffee and food company, and creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee. He is a three-time New York Times bestselling author, host of the Webby award-winning podcast Bulletproof Radio, and has been featured on the Today show, Fox News, Nightline, CNN, and dozens more. Over the last two decades Dave, the “Father of Biohacking,” has worked with world-renowned doctors, researchers, scientists, and global mavericks to uncover the latest, most innovative methods, techniques and products for enhancing mental and physical performance. In this episode, Dhru and Dave dive deep into the topic of fasting. They talk about how fasting can troubleshoot our biology, boost our energy, and decrease our risk of disease. They also discuss how there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fasting, how to avoid the fasting trap, and biohacks for making fasting less painful, more pleasurable, and above all more enriching. In this episode, we dive into: -Why fasting feels scary to so many people (3:50) -The importance of learning about the intangible aspects of fasting (9:39) -The benefits of fasting (14:54) -How women should approach fasting (19:49) -The stages of fasting (32:24) -Skipping breakfast vs. skipping dinner when fasting (41:16) -Addressing loneliness through fasting (56:40) -Fasting from hate (1:01:02) -Being social without eating (1:04:57) -Where to learn more about Dave Asprey (1:06:17) For more on Dave Asprey you can follow him on Instagram @Dave.Asprey, on Facebook @BulletProofExecutive, on Twitter @BulletProofExec, on YouTube @DaveAsprey, and through his website Get his book, Fast This Way: Burn Fat, Heal Inflammation, and Eat Like the High-Performing Human You Were Meant to Be at Join Dave’s 14 Days of Fasting Training at For more on Dhru Purohit, be sure to follow him on Instagram @dhrupurohit, on Facebook @dhruxpurohit, on Twitter @dhrupurohit, and on YouTube @dhrupurohit. You can also text Dhru at (302) 200-5643 or click here Interested in joining Dhru’s Broken Brain Podcast Facebook Community? Submit your request to join here: This episode of Broken Brain is brought to you by Thrive Market. Thrive Market makes it so easy to stay stocked with healthy ingredients. Right now, Thrive is offering all my listeners an amazing deal. When you sign up for a new membership, you will receive a free gift. And, any time you spend more than $49, you’ll get free carbon-neutral shipping from one of their zero-waste warehouses. Go to to sign-up. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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