266 | Ten Years
Play • 1 hr 23 min

Joshua treats The Minimalists’ audience to three exclusive conversations with Glennon Doyle (04:48), Dave Ramsey (18:13), and Derek Sivers (33:09) in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of The Minimalists, and they answer the following questions:

Has quarantining been a blessing in disguise for some people? (04:48)

Why do we have so much difficulty addressing our discontent? (07:46)

What is our ‘braver, bolder self’? (09:27)

How crucial is the ‘why’? (12:22)

Do we compound our problems by focusing on solutions? (14:19)

Has your financial advice changed in light of the pandemic? (19:03)

How crucial is a budget during a pandemic? (20:06)

Why do we have problems determining what is essential and what is nonessential? (22:14)

How is the pandemic likely to affect the housing market? (24:16)

How much more dangerous a practice is debt during a pandemic? (25:22)

What message of hope do you have regarding the pandemic? (27:28)

Is much of our brokenness attributable to the misalignment between our values and our actions? (30:28)

How did you develop your beliefs independent of the influence of others’ beliefs? (33:51)

How do you recognize when it’s time to let go? (37:23)

How has your relationship with material possessions changed over the years? (39:01)

Is it true that you even minimized your middle name? (41:59)

How do you decide when it’s time to move to a new place? (44:52)

How have your views on social media changed over the years? (53:27)

How much is enough? (57:43)

What are your views on ads? (60:15)

What is meta-inconsiderate? (1:07:10)

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