264 | Immunity
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Joshua and Rebecca Shern talk about what it really means to eat in a balanced way, how to improve our immune systems, and why our overall health is related to our gut health with author and VEEP Nutrition CEO Joel Greene, and they answer the following questions:

Why are the most common-sense health practices not obvious? (01:35)

What is the immune system, and why is it so important? (02:57) (03:25)

What is making us more susceptible to COVID-19? (05:10)

How crucial is it to control inflammation? (08:43)

How important is gut biome diversity? (10:30)

What is the apple-peel protocol? (13:01)

What is HMO? (13:52)

How does immunity begin in the gut? (14:58)

What is the order of operation to rebuild a healthy gut? (16:54)

Can meat heal a compromised gut? (23:23)

Can fasting help improve gut health? (26:23)

How important is a balanced diet? (28:13)

What are the best foods for ideal gut health? (28:44)

What is Joel Greene’s Chipotle hack? (30:10)

What is ‘eating in threes’? (31:55)

What is a pre-load meal? (33:49)

Do vitamins and supplements actually improve our immune system? (34:36)

Are probiotics supplements helpful? (35:08)

What is SIBO? (35:40)

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