244 | Fashion Obsession
Play • 1 hr 13 min

Joshua and Ryan talk about our obsessions with trends and fashion, as well as dissect our infatuation with clothing, style, and shoes with the founder of PreachersNSneakers, Tyler Jones, and they answer the following questions:

How did PreachersNSneakers start? (02:11)

Is the current hip wardrobe of many modern religious leaders simply the new version of wearing the ‘Sunday best’? (11:10)

Is it problematic for modern religious leaders to promote and sell church-branded swag? (13:44)

Is it acceptable for religious leaders to wear expensive clothing that was gifted or donated to them? (14:40)

Can function be separated from form? (16:20)

How concerned should we be about the message our appearance communicates? (18:20)

Would Jesus wear expensive, fashionable clothing? (23:52)

How do I purchase clothing intentionally without becoming obsessed with it afterward? (26:10)

Is our culture influencing our possession obsession? (27:40)

How do I select clothing that can serve multiple purposes in a seasonal climate? (34:42)

Is it helpful to employ delayed gratification to curb our shopping? (38:50)

Is it best to search for items that are multi-functional with a durable style? (40:41)

How do I develop my own personal style so I’m not adversely influenced by advertising? (43:30)

Are we essentially paying companies to use our bodies as walking billboards? (43:43)

Are Kanye West’s presidential aspirations questionable? (49:50)

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