298 | Talk to Someone
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Joshua and Ryan talk about the best options for therapy when you’re feeling sad, grieving, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with author, podcaster, and psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, and they answer the following questions:

When is the appropriate time to talk to a therapist? (00:00)

What is “idiot compassion” compared to “wise compassion”? (02:53)

What is self-sabotage, and how can we identify and address its manifestation in us? (04:03)

What is the most important phase of change? (05:45)

What is the most challenging part of change? (07:09)

Why should someone schedule a session with a therapist? (08:48)

What key power can therapy give us? (09:49)

What do we do when cost is an impediment to mental healthcare? (11:26)

What are the downsides of trying to help others change? (14:42)

What mantras, self-talk, meditations, et cetera, have helped keep you focused, centered, and positive when addressing significant life challenges? (18:15)

In their lives, to whom do most people talk the most? (19:17)

How do we give ourselves self-compassion? (22:06)

How do we get past childhood traumas and disappointments? (23:42)

What is “forced forgiveness”? (25:24)

Must we forgive to move on? (26:15)

How do we handle pride appropriately? (27:13)

Why does there seem to be a stigma against mental health in older generations, and, more specifically, how can we get our parents to talk about their feelings and vulnerabilities? (29:35)

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