340 | Grounding
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The Minimalists are joined by earthing expert Clint Ober to discuss pain reduction, the science behind grounding, and “the most important health discovery ever,” and they answer the following questions:

What is the science behind grounding, and how do I explain it to loved ones who perceive it as metaphysical woo-woo? (03:19)

How can grounding relieve much of our discomfort? (09:16)

What are the most significant benefits of grounding, and what individuals would realize the most benefit from it? (13:26)

What grounding tips do you have for individuals that use wheelchairs? (16:56)

How did Clint come to recognize the personal benefits of grounding? (20:40)

What are the best methods for grounding? (24:13)

What is your perception regarding inflammation? (29:54)

If grounding is so healthy, why does the professional medical community largely ignore it? (33:23)

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