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225 | Coronavirus
Mar 20, 2020 · 1 hr 15 min
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Joshua and Ryan discuss the appropriate preparation and response to societal crises with the Director of Entrepreneurial Education for the Foundation for Economic Education, T.K. Coleman, and they answer the following questions:

Are we preparing needlessly for problems that won’t exist? (07:11)

How does the free market respond to a crisis? (09:56)

Why aren’t there sufficient tests for COVID-19? (21:11)

Are there some countries that are handling the pandemic better than the United States? (23:09)

Why does tribalism often take precedence over community? (35:22)

Is government incompetence and overregulation just as harmful to our health as the virus itself? (44:32)

Are some government regulations appropriate and helpful? (47:31)

How can we effectively use incentives instead of regulations? (52:38)

How effective are masks and respirators against the virus? (1:06:42)

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