265 | Decade of Less
Play • 52 min

Joshua and Ryan discuss their evolution as The Minimalists over the last decade, and they answer the following questions:

Does it feel like ten years since you started The Minimalists? (03:44)

What did you believe about minimalism that you no longer do? (04:52)

How have we been lied to as a society? (07:41)

How is the word ‘hope’ problematic? (09:03)

Is there an issue with forming habits? (10:21)

What is the difference between the ‘how’ and the ‘why’? (12:33)

How might ‘help’ be a bad thing? (15:41)

How could balance be equated with mediocrity? (16:20)

How are solutions an issue? (18:21)

How have you adjusted your lifestyle as your popularity grows? (27:36)

How has your perspective of popularity changed? (27:36)

What’s one thing that is still challenging? (27:36)

Of what projects are you most proud? (30:18)

How can advice and truth be in conflict? (34:49)

What’s the biggest difference between you both now and ten years ago? (38:02)

What’s the problem with comparison? (39:13)

How are attachment and love incompatible? (40:39)

Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast

Support The Minimalists: minimalists.com/support

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