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The 3 Core Concepts To Help You Make A Quantum Leap — Srikumar Rao
4 Nov 2019 · 50 mins
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Choose the long route or take a quantum leap in your personal growth? This talk by Srikumar Rao is a deep well of anecdotes, analogies, and life lessons, centered around 3 of his Core Concepts to help you accelerate your learning curve.

Listen out for:

[03:20] Core Concept 1: Anchoring a Feeling — What people mean when they talk about making a quantum leap in their lives

[05:45] Srikumar's manifesto for an ideal life

[08:26] The difference between a rich life experience versus working harder for a richer life

[12:25] Core Concept 2: The Illusion of Control — How we can begin to think differently

[23:44] Core Concept 3: Mental Chatter — The negative effects it has on our lives and the correlation between our mental chatter and our mental models

[32:27] How to make the choice of adopting healthier models and determine your emotional domain

[37:22] The Alternate Reality exercise — Improve a situation in your life immediately with this quick exercise

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