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9 Steps To Unlock The Millionaire Within You with Regan Hillyer
Nov 6, 2019 · 50 min
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Are you dreaming big or tolerating the bare minimum? Using a unique set of tools, Regan Hillyer went from deeply in debt to building multiple 7-figure businesses.

Through a series of personal stories, Regan breaks down 9 steps she unlocked to become the millionaire she had always envisioned for herself. Time to say yes to manifesting millions.

Listen out for:

(03:37) The Why and How to begin manifesting millions in your life

(14:34) Step 1: Activate your multi-million dollar vision

(18:42) Step 2: Become the millionaire first

(21:38) Step 3: Shift your level of tolerance

(24:21) Step 4: Rewire your money blueprint

(27:19) Step 5: Release toxic money blocks

(28:54) Step 6: Tap into the energy of Rich

(31:00) Step 7: Physically embody the millionaire within

(35:02) Step 8: Cultivate your inner millionaire circle

(36:28) Step 9: Take aligned Action

(38:24) A guided visualization to tap into the millionaire version of you

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