Breaking the Speed Limits: Create Value Quickly with Amy Shioji and Michael Taylor
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The key to winning customers is no longer about the quality of the product or service you deliver. Many organizations are leaving revenue on the table because their content and messaging do not align with the prospect's priorities. 

A Forrester Research conducted with C Suite executives in the B2B space says that it takes 27 buyer interactions before you get to close business. (The numbers went up from 17 touchpoints pre-pandemic.) 

More than ever, businesses must learn to uncover value quickly and deliver it at the right time, in the right format, to the right audience — whether they are prospects or customers.

 In this episode of The Mindful Marketer, Amy Shioji and Michael Taylor show us what they're doing to quickly break the speed limit and create value to address this challenge. 

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Key points covered in this episode: 

 ✔️ Identify ways to establish value early on with prospective students and clients. Many CMOs spend their ad dollars only focused on a handful of buyer personas —people who they believe have a propensity to buy. Amy Shioji looked at things differently when she moved from the USA TODAY NETWORK to Strategic Education. 

✔️ What is "hyper-personalization" among growth leaders, and how can it affect your organization? Michael Taylor posits that the absence of having an agile process and making quick decisions can be detrimental. "I often see big companies lose the initiative as they're trying to perfect some strategy. And by the time they roll it out, it's already almost irrelevant."

Listen to the replay on Stitcher. 

✔️ Discover how the customer experience and data science can be the galvanizing force that aligns people. Cx executive Amy Shioji shares that the more organizations challenge themselves to think on the part of the customer, the more they can be rewarded with higher revenues and sterling reputations.

✔️ How do you align teams within larger organizations to deliver the right message at the right time? Empathy is vital in every interaction. Understand your prospects, audience, and customers at a deeper level rather than just walking them through the features and offers. It's not about just reading the data but about feeling where they are right now in their life.

Watch the replay on YouTube.

✔️  Learn what organizational agility is and how to create it. Amy Shioji shares that organizations must be willing to ask questions and be deliberate about finding the critical business problem they're trying to solve. Assess what "success" and "good enough" looks like? What should and shouldn't be addressed with every phase, project, or initiative? 

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Amy Shioji is a CX executive who has led customer-focused business growth across multiple industries and brands such as USA TODAY, AARP, and Strayer University.

Michael Taylor is a growth partner and brand builder who has helped over 150 companies in 15 cities and six countries increase revenue and launch successful offerings. Follow Michael's work here:


Copyright 2021, Lisa Nirell. All rights reserved.


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