EPISODE 69: The Values Based Economy: From Awareness to Action with David Allison
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[REPLAY: The Mindful Marketer #LinkedIn Live featuring David Allison – Episode 69]

What is values-based marketing and why does it matter? In our community, CEOs and CMOs are reporting LONGER sales cycles, ineffective messaging, and customer churn. 

Based on the ValueGraphics team’s assessment of over 750,000 surveys globally, we have learned that demographics and psychographics are ineffective at knowing what your customers want. (10% or less effective, to be exact). 

They do not help you uncover what your audience values, and they fall short of predicting how your audience will behave.

In this dynamic conversation with customer research pioneer, David Allison, you will hear highlights from his just-released book, “The Death of Demographics.” In addition, you’ll hear: 

  • The limitations of traditional demographics research.
  • The power of the 15-point archetype quiz—and how to use it.
  • Three insightful questions you can ask your customers to discover their values.
  • A 45-day action plan to turn your audience insights into marketing actions.

You’ll love the healthy banter and audience questions in this episode.

Enjoy part 2 of Season 1, where we explore the new rules of content strategy.

Check out these show notes, compliments of ChatGPT and David’s sense of humor:


From David: 


“Further to our conversation right now, I asked chat GPT to do this:


Write three short stories about mindfulness in marketing. In one of them mention Lisa Nirell, host of The Mindful Marketer. In one of them mention David Allison, founder of Valuegraphics. And in one of them, mention another famous figure who is a rethinking marketing in a more mindful way.


And in less than a minute it gave me this:


  1. Lisa Nirell, host of ‘The Mindful Marketer,’ shares her experience of using mindfulness in marketing. She explains how being present and aware in each moment helped her to make better decisions and connect with her audience in a more meaningful way. Nirell emphasizes that mindfulness allows marketers to approach their work with intention and purpose, leading to more effective and impactful campaigns.
  2. David Allison, founder of ValueGraphics, rethinks the role of mindfulness in marketing by focusing on the values of the target audience. According to Allison, marketers who understand their audience’s values can craft more meaningful and relevant messaging that resonates with them. He believes that mindfulness in marketing is about being present and aware of the values and motivations of your target audience, allowing you to create campaigns that are truly impactful.
  3. Another famous figure who is rethinking marketing in a more mindful way is Simon Sinek, author of "Start with Why." Sinek argues that the most successful brands and organizations are those that have a clear sense of purpose and values. He believes that marketers should focus on inspiring and empowering their audience, rather than simply trying to sell them a product. Sinek’s approach to marketing emphasizes the importance of creating meaningful connections and building trust with your audience, through mindfulness and purpose-driven campaigns.


Now for the serious announcements:

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