How Marketers Can Think Like An Entrepreneur with Alisa Cohn
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Many people think it’s cool to be an entrepreneur--even marketers who reside within organizations. Yet few can define it.

Entrepreneurship has even caught the eye of streaming platforms and television networks. In the United States, Shark Tank  has launched countless multi-million dollar empires. Disney+ touts a show called Own the Room

Now that I have celebrated 21 years as an entrepreneur, I have grown to define it in an offbeat way:

I believe that entrepreneurship is first and foremost a mindset. 

And based on the number of “learning moments” (aka mistakes) I have made within the past two decades, I can also say that being an entrepreneur deepened my self-awareness, creativity, and willingness to experiment across all areas of my life.

That’s why I also believe that entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey.

I recently invited Alisa Cohn to the Life Stream to discuss this topic in detail. Alisa was named the Top Startup Coach in the World by Thinkers50, and has advised leaders from Etsy, Foursquare, and InVision. Her first book drops on October 26: From Startup to Grown-Up. (You can get the Kindle version now).

Watch the LinkedIn Live replay now.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

✔️ Entrepreneurs can peer over your shoulder to see a future that you don't see. Alisa has great advice for marketers to adopt the entrepreneur mindset. Plans and projects typically come with constraints – limited people, limited finances and limited time. Think about leveraging everything within constraints and achieving your goals in the shortest period of time. You’ll be surprised at how resourceful you are!

✔️ An entrepreneur knows how to turn possibility into profit. That separates the dreamers from entrepreneurial marketers. Many people can see tons of options--but they get stuck and will not take action on any of them.

Click here for the replay.

✔️ Want to build a new marketing superpower? Become a good writer. Be excellent at using email, by text, and by messaging apps. People don't pay enough attention and can, unfortunately, give the wrong impression. (Check out Erica Dhawan’s best seller, Digital Body Language, for contemporary tips on writing effective e-messages). 

✔️  Building your organic list is essential. Given the flurry of privacy concerns and algorithm changes on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, nurturing your audience before they become customers is crucial. Now is the time to beef up your focus on ethically gathering first-party data, and fortifying your email list.

✔️  The first step of all selling is not to sell. Go back to the value of first providing content to your prospects that educate, inform and inspire. You will slowly but surely see the percentage of people buying from that strategy increase significantly. 

Click here for the replay.


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