How Marketing Can Be an Ally for Truth” with Eric Schurenberg
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How Marketing Can Be an Ally for Truth” with Eric Schurenberg


In our previous episode 76 with Charlene Li, we discussed how intentional marketing leaders share three habits: courage, curiosity, and discipline.

Those qualities are needed more than ever: across every institution, facts are under attack.

Some media and tech leaders stoke polarization. AI hallucination and nefarious bots are not the only sources.


A zealous quest for market dominance and ad revenues also squanders trust.


What can we do to earn it back to preserve our brand, cultivate customer trust, and restore civil discourse?


Former Inc. and FastCompany CEO Eric Schurenberg joined Lisa in the studio for this important conversation. He currently leads the Alliance for Trust in Media.


Episode 77 is packed with practical strategies to improve your search for the truth and cultivate wisdom, including:

  1. How to apply the Wisdom Pyramid in your daily decisions. (credit to Chip Conley from Episode 67)
  2. The three questions every leader needs to ask to verify information:
    • Is this designed to trigger an emotional response?
    • How likely could this be true?
    • What if I pause before sharing it?
  1. The danger of “talking your book” – tooting a customer’s or partner’s horn without fully disclosing the nature of your relationship. (some analysts are shameless about this).
  2. How to design your news feed wisely, and Eric’s daily “truth training” habits.
  3. BONUS: fun pilot stories from Eric and Lisa (31:20).

A hearty THANK YOU to our superstar production team: Alex Connolly,  💫Marisa Cali and Bill Connolly - Digital Style Coach. This was made possible through the support of Peter Erickson - CEO of The Voice + AI conference.


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