The Need for Speed: Rapid Customer Value Delivery
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The Need for Speed: Rapid Customer Value Delivery

When it comes to buying products and services, some new expectations surfaced in this covid era, and excellent customer service and engagement standards have changed abruptly. 

This episode discusses the need for speed and the necessity to deliver customer value in a competitive and rapid world.

Watch the value-packed episode of The Mindful Marketer podcast here. 


Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ There are seven most common mistakes or blind spots that we've uncovered that slow down companies from delivering value quickly to their perfect customers. Which ones might be worth investigating in your own organization? 

✔️ A fixed mindset in today's B2B world will prevent you from delivering value quickly to your customers. Notice a culture where people are looking to get everything perfect before they launch or make sure the customer relationship database is perfectly cleaned up or waiting for everybody to sign on before doing anything. Chances are, your customers will go somewhere else. 

✔️  Execution versus excellence.  The tension between wanting to improve the execution part of the machine yet sacrificing the excellent customer experience can be very risky if you fail to find that balance.

✔️  Overcoming traditions and traditional thinking.  I have a client that is extremely accustomed to getting everybody involved in the decision-making in their organization. When it's time to launch a new product or service for their customers, they put together a team of 20 or more people. They hold loads of meetings and ensure everybody is on board to maintain their culture of a family work environment. While consensus building is a great way to gain a longer-term commitment, the bad news is that TIME is your enemy in that scenario. Your competitors will be much more capable of predicting your next move, and making delayed decisions leaves you vulnerable.


✔️ Undervaluing customer values. Even to this day, CMOs focus a lot of their energy on the demographics of their ideal audience. I say that the 90s called, and they want their customer segmentation strategies back. If you follow the work of David Allison, CEO of Valuegraphics, he has gone out and conducted thousands of surveys to find out what people care about and their core values. He came up with a list of 56 core values, and then he's starting to rank them by country. In other words, as a marketer, know what your customers care about before figuring out their buying journey and so forth.

✔️ It's a bad habit to be the "fixer" in your organization. Suppose all you do is spend your time cleaning the past problems or dealing with the issues; you'll never be able to step back and truly be a marketing innovator. 

✔️ Neglecting the nurturing of customers. They could be doing things to create brand awareness and interest and help people start to subscribe to their information much, much sooner. So please don't neglect to nurture and start conversations with people before they even become a customer. 

✔️ Break down silos. Silos can make or break a smooth, seamless customer experience. Look at how your organization interacts in some way, shape, or form with the customer. As a marketing leader, find a way to get everyone involved and catch what people are doing right just as much as we need to detect problems. Get other departments involved in celebrating overall team success and give credit where credit is due.

Watch the value-packed episode of The Mindful Marketer podcast here. 

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