Content, Careers, and Customer Engagement in the Post-Covid world
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Content, careers, and customer engagement.

These are the top three issues keeping many marketing leaders awake as we slowly evolve from the COVID cocoon.

During our recent Mindful Marketer Life Stream, I invited my partner and marketing strategist, Michael Taylor. In this broadcast, we shared valuable nuggets on leadership, customer behavior trends and goal setting.

Watch the LinkedIn Live replay now.

These are the essential modern marketing leadership habits our best clients practice:

✔️ Get your teams aligned around a finite set of priorities. To be a better marketer—especially in the digital age, Michael reminds us of the importance of focusing and organizing our efforts around finite resources and a few priorities. Our best clients typically focus on just 2-4 priorities at a time. 

✔️ Rapidly discover opportunities when things change. Being able to step back and say, "our strategy seemed innovative six months ago, but now isn't working right." The ability to stop and be able to shift and refocus things is a significant skill.

Click here for the replay.

✔️ Embracing the willingness to take risks. Indeed, a lot of mistakes will be made along the way. But as long as it's not illegal, immoral or unethical, you need to factor in some error delays and costs to any change initiative or new marketing program.

✔️ Overcoming two big enemies: tradition and experience. One skill we all need right now is the ability to see opportunities during times of rapid change. This helps us spend minimal time feeling surprised and perplexed in times of VUCA.


✔️ Incentivizing senior leaders to build a culture of experimentation. It's great to talk about changing the game and taking big risks. But if the people at the top are not building rituals in group gatherings where they encourage innovation, eliminate fear, teams will remain in stasis.


Great leaders champion a process where failure isn't viewed as a tragedy, but as good information. Without these rituals, you cannot sustain a culture of experimentation (Just ask ex-Theranos employees who found redemption through their whistleblowing efforts).


Click here for the replay to learn more.


✔️ Storytelling. You’d be surprised to know that this skill is one of the weakest skill areas that my CEO and CMO clients struggle to master. I highly encourage you to build and distribute customer and employee success stories, and make them part of your new employee orientation. Don’t just publish them; get comfortable sharing them without reading a script. Need examples? Here are a few of mine.




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Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is a growth partner and brand builder who has helped over 150 companies in 15 cities and six countries increase revenue and launch successful offerings. Follow Michael’s work here:

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