The Mindful Kind
The Mindful Kind
Jan 13, 2021
263 // How to Manage Acute Stress
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Hello and welcome to episode 263 of The Mindful Kind podcast.

In this episode, you'll learn about three strategies to help you manage acute stress, including:

- Practicing mindful emotional awareness

- Taking deep breaths to calm the stress response

- Engaging in self-care after experiences of acute stress

Head over to to enrol in my free mini-course, Self-Care for Busy people, and sign up for the waitlist to my signature online course, Mindfulness Made Easy.

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind.

Affirmation Pod
Affirmation Pod
Josie Ong Media
336 Arriving at a New Level
You Made It! If you're experiencing the kind of success you have not had before, here's "Affirmations for Arriving at a New Level" The sister episode to this one is Episode 203 Affirmations for Success Looking for ad free versions? Go to WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 245 I am Confident, Capable and Courageous Episode 244 Courage When You Are Afraid and Second Guessing Yourself Episode 174 Courage & Facing Fears Episode 110 Overcoming Fear LOOK WHO LOVES AFFIRMATION POD!! 🙏🏻 “Josie's a saving grace. She literally has a positive affirmation for everything. When you don’t feel like getting up at all, she’s got a great positive affirmation.” – Gabrielle Union "This is just my favorite podcast for stress and anxiety. This has helped me through many stressful situations over the past two years." - Reuel Rasheeda "I found this blissful podcast in a harsh time in my life when I was going through a toxic breakup. Josie really helped me work through that tough spot with self-care and recognition. I have and always will recommend Josie's podcast to everyone. There is so much knowledge and self love here." - Alexis Maclure "Can’t get enough of Affirmation Pod. Thank you Josie!" - Nicole Chaput "Her words are such a gift. A beautiful way to kickstart your day while in silence and meditation. This fills my cup so I can be a better woman, wife, mom & friend to everyone around me." - LaTisha Guster "I’ve been saying this, but especially in times of stress, Affirmation Pod is amazing. Truly such a great resource!" - Sierra de Mulder "I’ve never thought of needing this kind of affirmation, but I’m really grateful I’ve listened to Josie’s soothing and encouraging messages." - Marta Retnoningsih You Are Enough ❤️ Life can get difficult. Jobs are lost, hearts are broken, plans get changed, things go wrong. We’ve all been there. But when life gives you lemons, how do you cope? How do you navigate through grief with resilience? How do you control your emotions instead of letting them control you? Maybe you have unhealthy coping strategies. Maybe you bury your emotions, talk down to yourself, or power through the day without allowing yourself even a moment of rest and reflection. Sound familiar? Not anymore!👇🏻 Sign up for premium access to Affirmation Pod and get the language you need to transform your inner dialogue and embrace the fabulous YOU. Offering over 300 ad-free affirmations - plus monthly bonuses! - Affirmation Pod Premium is the toolbox you need to navigate your way through every season of life. Enjoy calming meditations, guided visualizations, empowering playlists and more as you become the best version of yourself. Yes, life isn’t always easy. But with the help of Affirmation Pod Premium, you’ll be more equipped to handle the ups and downs with grace, confidence, and courage. And you’ll feel better about yourself too – double win! Sign up today for ad free versions of all the Affirmation Pod episodes PLUS over 60 bonus ad free episodes you won’t hear on the podcast. AND it's all conveniently available for you on the Affirmation Pod App! Download today on the Apple or Google Play app store, and you can have the power of Affirmation Pod with you everywhere you go. DOWNLOAD NOW ON APPLE or GOOGLE PLAY!📱 FAVORITE BONUS EPISODES INCLUDE Transitioning Home from Work to Your Family Grounding Meditation I Give Myself Credit 45 Minute Morning Playlist Won't Be Fooled This is My New Body Relaxation Playlist Toe to Head Progressive Relaxation What's Not Working for Me Work Playlist DOWNLOAD THE APP ON APPLE OR GOOGLE PLAY! 📱 “Josie talks to you and sets a really positive tone for the day.” - Maria Hatzistefanis "My go-to podcast when I need motivation and powerful affirmations!" - Nihan Gorkem "I’ve been listening to Affirmation Pod lately to help myself chill out and de-stress!" - Katie Muhtaris "Listening to a podcast is part of my Sunday evening self-care. I highly recommend Affirmation Pod!" - Elvan Kama Kurtz "Every morning without fail I listen to Josie Ong. Her affirmations changed me and made me kinder to myself and more positive. If you are depressed or simply need a boost, listen to one of her affirmations!" - Ferra Rossa "I feel so good this morning because I’m getting back to a routine. I found Affirmation Pod that I listen to and it’s really relaxing." - Breanna Renee DOWNLOAD THE APP📱 Google Play App: iOS App: FOLLOW👇🏻 Facebook Group: Facebook Page: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: YouTube: PREMIUM 💖 Affirmation Pod App: Patreon: Supercast AND MORE 💗 Amazon Store: App: App FAQs: Contact: Insight Timer: Kids Version: Portuguese Version: Request an Episode: Self Care Worksheet: Self Love Affirmations: Shop: Sponsors: Spotify Playlists: Stress Management Worksheet: Tip Jar: Website: Have you thought of sending a suggestion? I'm all ears! Send it in at Thanks for listening to Affirmation Pod today!! 🙏🏻 Now go be you, know you and love you! Sending love, comfort and strength 💝🤗💪🏻 Josie DOWNLOAD THE APP ON APPLE OR GOOGLE PLAY! 📱 "I'd recommend listening to affirmations. You can repeat them or you can just take them in as you listen. Affirmation Pod are short, effective and Josie's voice is so soothing!" - Sophia Sinclair "This is my all time most favorite affirmation podcast. Download it my friends. Her voice is so relaxing." - Brittany McHugh "I feel so good this morning because I’m getting back to a routine. I found Affirmation Pod that I listen to and it’s really relaxing." - Jen Stancill "Honestly, I know I’ve gone on about it before, but I just can’t recommend Affirmation Pod enough!" - Tiah Eckhart "Josie's a saving grace. She literally has a positive affirmation for everything. When you don’t feel like getting up at all, she’s got a great positive affirmation." - Gabrielle Union DOWNLOAD THE APP ON APPLE OR GOOGLE PLAY! 📱
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Wake Me Up: Morning mindfulness, meditation, and motivation
Wake Me Up: Morning mindfulness, meditation, and motivation
Tyler Brown
Morning Routine - Gratitude is the Attitude
Keep a positive perspective on everything going on in your life with this morning routine filled with gratitude.   About Wake Me Up:   Welcome to Wake Me Up, the podcast where morning people are made 🌞 Don't waste your morning hitting the snooze button. Turn on an episode of Wake Me Up, and just follow along. In no time, you'll be relaxed, focused, and excited about your day.   Support & Connect:   Join the WMU Patreon and enjoy a bunch of great benefits: The entire Wake Me Up catalog with zero ads, chit chat, promos, or calls-to-action; A shoutout on the public feed because you're that awesome; Shape the show by voting on upcoming episodes; And even a monthly one-on-one with Tyler (higher tier only); Tyler's unconditional love and appreciation ❤️.  Sign up now at   Follow the show on Spotify:   Subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts ( or Podchaser (   Don't forget to share WMU with friends and family. A great morning is a wonderful gift!   Share your thoughts and ideas at There's truly nothing better than hearing from you!   And find the podcast on Instagram at   Only partake in the physical movements suggested in Wake Me Up episodes if you are physically able and in safe surroundings. All movements are done at the individual's own risk. Be safe, and always consult a doctor if you have any questions or concerns.   Have a wonderful day 😃
25 min
Happiness Podcast
Happiness Podcast
Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.
#315 Happiness - The School of Happiness
Life presents us with many challenges. But what if we saw life as a school where our purpose is to learn to overcome these challenges and find peace in our daily lives. ############################################### About the Happiness Podcast: Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? We explore all these concerns and more every week on the Happiness Podcast, which has been downloaded over 9 million times since its inception. Happiness does not happen by chance, but because we take specific actions in our lives to create it. Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of 13 books, TV show host, Psychology Today blogger, and corporate trainer, has been studying the actions it takes to reach the highest levels of human achievement for decades, and he wants to share what he knows with you. Come and explore, along with millions of others from the Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff books and Psychology Today blog, private clients and corporate workshop attendees, the specific steps to take so that you can soar in your life. To learn more, go to: Contact Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., Newport Beach Psychologist: Email: Phone: 1-714-337-4889 Connect on: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook YOUTUBE: Dr. Puff, Corporate Trainer: Dr. Puff, Clinical Psychologist:
18 min
The Simple Sophisticate - Intelligent Living Paired with Signature Style
The Simple Sophisticate - Intelligent Living Paired with Signature Style
Shannon Ables
302: 21 Lessons Learned in my 42nd Year
Over the weekend I quietly celebrated my 42nd birthday. It was lovely. It was full of much contemplation. It included delicious food and wine and the last day of the year brought the sunshine which found me out in my garden preparing for spring. Over the past 12 months all of our lives experienced unexpected moments, ahas, wonderings, fears, break-throughs and endless other unplanned daily routine shifts and lifestyle adjustments. Perhaps some of the lessons I share today won't come as a surprise to you if you follow TSLL blog and podcast and for every lesson I share, if there is a post or episode which explores the idea further, I will be sure to link it for further reader. All in all, much has been learned, much unexpected, and much I am incredibly thankful presented itself and equally am I thankful I chose to try to understand why it said hello in my life. 1.Fresh flowers in the home immediately boost the peace and comfort in the daily routine ~12 Simple Ideas for Beautiful Flowers in the Home 2. Beneficial reassurance can only come from within 3. Gardening is a way of life which elevates life Why Not . . . Try Gardening? Part Une - 10 Whole Life Benefits 4. Quality investments made before they are necessary allow for a life of more ease and a stronger foundation when times become rough 5. Reading is one of the best ways to spend time in lockdown: growth never ceases. 6. Quality lamps provide more comfort, better ambiance and a true sense of welcome and warmth. 7. Thinking well is a choice. 8. Thinking well enables you to live well. 9. Quality chocolate and quality butter create a delectable, satiating dessert. 10. Match strikers - style mets function The Decor Detail You Didn't Know You Needed: The Match Striker 11. Mental strength is fundamental for a life of true contentment 10 Ways to Cultivate a Mental Diet that Elevates the Quality of Your Life 12. Shedding the layers of 'should's from the outside world, identifying them and liberating yourself will simplify your life choices and fundamentally change your life journey for the better. Unbecoming Who You Are Not in order to Remember Who You Are 13. Slowing down as a regular way of life is a better way to live Slowing Down to Live Well 14. Creating a cosy home, creating a welcoming home is my driving focus. ~34 Ideas for Adding Cosy to Your Everyday 15. Moments of temporary discomfort along the journey as you intentionally change your life are a sign of your old life wanting to draw you back to what it 'knows'. This is normal, and it will gradually subside. Strive forward toward your new way of life. Life will reward you with deeper contentment. 16. Trust yourself when it comes to your décor. Have patience, seek out expertise and then proceed confidently without seeking approval from the masses. Style over trends. 17. I love crêpes ~Brown-Butter-Lemon-Sugar Crêpe~ ~Buckwheat Crêpes (Galettes) with Prosciutto, Gruyére & Egg~ 18. A good cuppa is an everyday necessity 18 Ways to Enjoy A Good Cuppa 19. Tending to our tasks only and letting go of tending to others is to set yourself free. The Courage to Live Fully & Deeply: 7 Ideas to Put into Practice for a Life of True Contentment 20. Being present, engaging with the world as it presents itself to you creates amazing magic. 21. Trust your intuition and be motivated to follow your hopes, not remain where you are because of fear. ~read How Fear Can Be an Opportunity for Amazing Life Changes Each birthday is the celebration of the year and lessons and gifts from the past, and it is also a gift to have another year commence full of auspicious possibility. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes shared in the comment section on Friday's This & That post. And may your birthday, wherever it falls on the calendar be as bright and as hope-filled as you dare to allow it. :) SIMILAR POSTS FROM THE ARCHIVES: 15 Life Lessons Learned during my First Year into my 40s, episode #279 Let the 40s Begin! (and 3 Valuable Life Lessons Realized in my 30s) 15 Lessons I Am Carrying into My 39th Year Petit Plaisir ~The Dig ~read a review by The New York Times ~learn more about the writer of the adapted screenplay of The Dig - Moira Buiffini.
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