Sexual Hiccups Part 3: Remorse Is A Bitch, But It's Time To Look Her In The Eye And Handle It!
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Over the last two episodes, we’ve spoken about the nasty family of sexual hiccups; the twisted sisters that are guilt, shame and regret. However, while each of these broads has the power to ruin your sex life and rob you of your inner sexy, the great thing is, as women, we already have something to combat them. That is, resilience


Women are built to be resilient. Ever given any thought to the fact that your uterus can literally stretch 500 times its’ size, only to snap right back shortly after giving birth? There’s an elastigirl in all of us, and that flexibility isn’t limited to physical malleability, but extends to our emotions, too. 


So, so what if you’ve experienced (or are currently experiencing) sexual regrets? Lady, you’ve got the power to pick your tits right back up and move past those feelings! 


In this episode, I’m extending you an invitation to stretch your imagination and start thinking beyond your sexual hiccups. 


"You are already resilient. How do I know this? Well, because as Kesha would say, you’re a motherfucking woman!" -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Why we need to think of our experiences (even the bad ones!) as DATA
  • How to create a sexual boundaries list and stick to it
  • Freeing mantras to live by if your emotions are messing you up
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