Medieval Africa at the Aga Khan Museum
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The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada has unveiled a new exhibition: Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa. Danièle took in the exhibition and spoke with Michael Chagnon, the Curator of the museum. They talk about medieval Africa, its connections with the wider world, and what you can see at the Aga Khan Museum.

The Dirt Podcast
The Dirt Podcast
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Spooktober: Buried Alive?!?!?! - Ep 112
For the final spooky episode of 2020, Amber and Anna take on the extremely frightening topic of live burials. We discuss the forensic evidence that indicates that a person might have been buried alive, talk about some archaeological contexts for live burials, and cover some real and probably-not-so-real accounts from history. This one's got some real ups and downs, so buckle up. Links The Live Burial: A multidisciplinary approach to the identification and exploration of live burials (via (CN: graphic images of human remains) The Bride escaping live burial in Kill Bill Vol 2 (YouTube) Casts of Pompeii (Archaeology) Plaster Citizens of Pompeii (Atlas Obscura) Volcanic Ash (National Geographic) EarthWord – Nuée Ardente (USGS) Mount Vesuvius Boiled Its Victims’ Blood and Caused Their Skulls to Explode (Smithsonian) (CN: images of human remains) Frozen Mummies from Andean Mountaintop Shrines:Bioarchaeology and Ethnohistory of Inca Human Sacrifice (BioMed Research International, via ResearchGate) (CN: images of human remains) Violence in pre-Columbian Panama exaggerated, new study shows ( (CN: images of human remains) The History of Ancient Nubia (Oriental Institute) Retainer Sacrifice in Egypt and in Nubia (The Strange World of Human Sacrifice) Buried but Alive? Interpreting Post-depositional Bone Movement, Anxieties over Death and Premature Burial (Lund Archaeological Review) Four People Who Were Buried Alive and How They Got Out (MentalFloss) PICS: Remember the Mansfield man buried alive for five months ( Esmeralda Lundius Staff Bio (Durham University) The 'Pompeii' of the Western Front: Archaeologists find the bodies of 21 tragic World War One German soldiers in perfectly preserved trenches where they were buried alive by an Allied shell (Daily Mail) Contact Email the Dirt Podcast: Affiliates Wildnote TeePublic Timeular Find this show on the educational podcast app,!
1 hr 10 min
The Hellenistic Age Podcast
The Hellenistic Age Podcast
The Hellenistic Age Podcast
053: The Bosporan Kingdom - Greeks of the Crimea
Straddling the Strait of Kerch in the Northern Black Sea, the Bosporan Kingdom provides an unusual case study within the Hellenistic period. Originally settled by Greeks during the 6th century BC, the Cimmerian Bosporus would become host to a powerful kingdom backed up economically by its massive grain exports to the Mediterranean. For most of its history the kingdom would be headed by the Spartocid Dynasty, a group of Hellenized Thracians who ruled as tyrants and kings until the early 1st century BC, and had close ties with the nomadic Scythian and Sarmatian tribes of the steppe as both enemies and trading partners. Title Theme: Seikilos Epitapth with the Lyre of Apollo, played by Lina Palera ( Show Links Website/Episode Notes: ( Episode 053 Transcript: ( Spartan History Podcast Website: ( Twitter: ( Apple: ( Social Media: Twitter ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Show Merchandise: Etsy ( Donations: Ko-Fi ( Amazon Book Wish List (
30 min
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