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Communication is the foundation of healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationships. 

How do you deal with a partner who is uncommunicative? At what point do you accept that you have different needs when it comes to communication? And how much are you willing to sacrifice to keep the good parts of your relationship?

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Relationships Made Easy
Relationships Made Easy
Dr. Abby Medcalf
130. Self-Sabotage: What it is, Why You Do It, and How to Stop it
Self-sabotage can show up in any relationship: with our partner, boss, friend or, the one that hurts the most, in our relationship with ourselves! When you self-sabotage you’re holding yourself back from the person you want to be. Today I’m going to teach you why you self-sabotage, the surprising ways it can show up that you didn’t even realize and my 4-step process for stopping the sabotage and creating connection and trust in all your relationships. Full shownotes (and wait list for my NEW BOOK!): Sign up for the FREE Meditation Starter Kit: _____________________________ For more quick tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel: Want to feel happier and more connected in your relationship? Buy my #1 bestselling book on Amazon, Be Happily Married: Even If Your Partner Won’t Do a Thing: Get more free, actionable tips from my blog or sign up for my newsletter: Ready to dig deeper? Take one of my courses (some are free!): Say hello on social: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
36 min
Relationship Alive!
Relationship Alive!
Neil Sattin
246: How to Get Honest with Yourself
Have you ever gone through a major life change, and then, in retrospect, wondered how you could have possibly been living the way that you were living? Everything seemed so great at the time, right? Or, at least, great enough. But when the spell is broken, and the veil is lifted - suddenly everything looks different. Hindsight is 20/20 - and one of life's biggest challenges is to see things accurately in the moment. In today's episode you'll get strategies to get past how you *wish* things were - in order to see things as they actually are. As always, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this episode and what revelations and questions it creates for you. Please join us in the Relationship Alive Community on Facebook to chat about it! Sponsors: Want something new to entertain you? Acorn TV is a commercial-free streaming service that’s rooted in British television. It’s home to sophisticated and artful storytelling with top-rated mysteries, dramas that pull you in, heart-felt comedies and so much more. So - Escape to Britain and beyond without leaving your seat. Try Acorn TV free for 30 days, by going to and using the promo code “ALIVE” at checkout. Resources: Check out my Secrets of Relationship Communication COURSE for a masterclass in how to improve the communication and connection in your relationship. I want to know you better! Take the quick, anonymous, Relationship Alive survey FREE Guide to Neil’s Top 3 Relationship Communication Secrets Guide to Understanding Your Needs (and Your Partner’s Needs) in Relationship (ALSO FREE) Support the podcast (or text “SUPPORT” to 33444) Amazing intro and outro music provided courtesy of The Railsplitters Transcript: Neil Sattin: Hello and welcome to another episode of Relationship Alive - this is your host Neil Sattin. Have you ever had a David Byrne moment in your life? I’m not talking about David BURNS - author of Feeling Good and Feeling Great, and frequent guest here on the show. I’m talking about David Byrne, of the Talking Heads - and thinking of that song “Once in a Lifetime” - where in the video he slaps himself on the forehead asking “Well, how did I get here?” - one of those moments where you look around you, almost as if a spell is broken, and see things as they really are - versus how you were imagining them, or wanting them to be? Neil Sattin: Now you may say to yourself - of course, I know how I got here. Where I’m at right now makes perfect sense, it’s the sum of all the decisions that I’ve made up until now. Great - that’s a perfect way to come to understand what led to your current circumstances, and perhaps to see the patterns and habits that led you there. Neil Sattin: ARE you doing in this moment? And what can you do to snap yourself out of the spell, so that you have the best chance of seeing things as they really are in the moment? And making a choice, taking the next right step? In the context of love, and relationships, it really can be like a spell. You’re pulled in by a dynamic that intoxicates you on some level, and when you’re intoxicated the odds favor that you won’t necessarily make the best decisions. Oh sure, you’ll make the best choice that an intoxicated person can make. Some might argue that this intoxication is important for the survival of our species - in other words, that we have to be rendered lovestruck in order to serve our biological imperatives. Even if you end up NOT procreating, it’s most likely that energy of gene preservation that got you there, in partnership with your beloved, in the first place. That and your common love of REO speedwagon, or whatever. Neil Sattin: Today we’re going to go over some simple strategies to help you assess your current circumstances - whether you’re in a relationship or not. And these strategies will help you figure out if you’re where you want to be, or if some sort of course correction might be in order... Interested in reading the transcript for the rest of this episode? Click here to download the full transcript of this episode!
25 min
The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland
The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland
Julie Bjelland
Honoring Black HSP Leaders of this Generation and Generations to Come with Michael Coles
How we overcome the inner battles we face and what fuels our strength to show up in our own unique way. We can remember and honor the Black leaders before us and we can also honor the new and upcoming leaders during Black History Month.  Black HSP's can struggle more than others with the inner dialogue of who we should be in the world and deeply feel the turmoil and injustice in the world.  Both of our generation and generations before us.   We all want to find our own path and can be faced with family or authorities telling us who we should be, cannot be or will never be.   I want to have a conversation with other Black HSP's who struggle with choosing to become the leader they are meant to be or settling into the identity that others put upon you.  We are all whole and complete as we are and have the power to heal old wounds and beliefs to become the leader we were meant to be within and without. Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Strategy Coach LMT, CES, FMS Bio: Michael is on a mission to teach the world that we are all capable of intrinsic healing and transformation both mentally and physically. If we start with foundational health, we can build upon this foundation to create the empowered life we want to live. Michael overcame, healed, and transformed from having Tourette syndrome, severe asthma, ADHD, obesity, and an eating addiction and now helps others embody health to become empowered to live a life of joy, peace and success. He is a US Marine, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Health Strategy Coach. Michael also did a previous event with us Tapping into your Guidance System to Take Aligned Action --- Send in a voice message:
57 min
Relationship Theory
Relationship Theory
Impact Theory
The Blueprint for Managing Money Like Happy Couples | Relationship Theory
Ever argued about money in your relationship? Maybe sometimes felt guilty about not contributing money to the relationship? In this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down and share how they manage and talk about money in a way that deepened their love, respect, and overall relationship. Watch this episode to learn their proven strategies and plug them into your relationship to create the loving, lasting relationship you always dreamed about. After you watch this episode, you´ll be able to: Split money in a way that is fair for both sides. See the value you bring to your relationship, even when it´s not money. Make your partner feel good about staying at home. Know how to stop feeling guilty for not contributing monetarily. Avoid the critical mistake most people make that ruins their relationship.   SHOW NOTES: Why Lisa doesn’t like being called a housewife and the unusual name Tom called her instead, that made her instantly feel good about what she was doing. [1:26] The open conversation about money you need to have, so both of you feel equally contributing to the relationship. [3:12] Why the money should be split 50/50 and how that is fair for both sides. (Even when only one partner goes to work. [4:13] How Lisa can spend money on shoes & Tom on video games without feeling guilty or ask for permission (Even when spending the money seems stupid for the partner.) [5:19] The critical mistake most people make that ruins their relationship. (And how to prevent it.) [6:49] The foundation that makes a relationship worth making sacrifices for. [7:46] Two strategies you can use to instantly stop feeling guilty about not contributing monetarily. [9:38] Lisa’s strategy to feel like an independent woman instead of a maid while managing the household. [10:23]   QUOTES: “If we are coming into this as a partnership. If we decided this is what we are doing as a partnership. You´re gonna go to work every day, and I'm gonna stay at home and work on the “Bilyeu Enterprises” then whatever money comes in should be 50/50…” [4:13]   “If I put myself in a position of power, that feels great for me, but it disempowers you, and it's gonna feel terrible for you. That just seemed so obvious to me, that it's a terrible long term strategy...” [6:49]   FOLLOW TOM: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast:   FOLLOW LISA: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast:
12 min
Understand Suicide
Understand Suicide
Paula Fontenelle
Ep. 59 - It's ok that you're not ok | Megan Devine
Every time someone asks me to suggest a grief book, I add Megan Devine’s bestselling book “It's ok that you’re not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn’t understand” to the top of the list. It is a beautifully written testimonial of the messy, unpredictable, often judged process of grief. Megan is a psychotherapist, writer, and grief advocate. Her work has been featured widely in the media, including the New York Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, GQ, Harvard Business Review, and NPR’s Marketplace. Her latest collaborative project, Speaking Grief, debuted in 2020, from PBS. In this interview, she talks about how difficult it is for all of us to know how to help someone in grief. Not only that, but also how to examine our own views on loss. Here are some tips from our conversation: - Practice listening to the pain. People don’t need to be corrected. They need to be heard. - What we do out of our own discomfort. Avoid platitudes. - It’s ok to lead with your awkwardness. We want to name it rather than manage the awkwardness. My favorite: “We can actually change the world just by being kinder and by listening, and not trying to solve somebody else’s pain for them. And by watching for those places where we feel catty about other people’s losses because what that really is is a message to ourselves that we don’t feel supported enough in our own lives and that’s valid.” Find Megan Devine: Book “It's ok that you’re not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn’t understand” - - PBS documentary “Speaking Grief:” - Webpage: You can watch this interview on my YouTube Channel "Understand Suicide:" Donate to the podcast: Visit my page Find my book "Understanding suicide: living with loss, paths to prevention" Contact me and exchange experiences on my Facebook page: --- Send in a voice message:
58 min
Turn Me On
Turn Me On
Sickboy Media/ Entertainment One (eOne)
179 - The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Super Fun Announcement! Hosts Bryde and Jeremie are bringing you a live event on March 28! Put your hands together, rub them together vigorously to warm them up, and then place them on a loved ones shoulders. HUMAN CONNECTION THROUGH TOUCH is a guided, two-hour session in partner applied touch as an antidote to Skin Hunger and Touch Starvation. To enhance your sense of wellbeing, trust, and belonging in your close relationships, you will be lead via live stream through a sequence of grounding and nourishing techniques to practice on a loved one. Not just for date night - this is a non-sexual practice with the sole (soul) goal of bringing more ease and comfort to your life. Book your places at the {INSERT LINK}. The main meat of today's episode center's around "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" as defined by the Gottman Institute. Source materials include and "Unlocking Us" podcast episode with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, released Feb 3rd, 2021. Just the tips include podcast "Culpable", and Swedish film, "Border". Check out some vulgar phrases from the 19th century here: Tickets for HUMAN CONNECTION THROUGH TOUCH are available here: $5+ PATRONS: check out the video version of today's whole episode! This episode and more have been transcribed thanks to Thisten:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 12 min
Raising Wildlings
Raising Wildlings
Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell
Babies Need Nature Too!
In this episode, we are talking about why taking babies out into nature is not only the ultimate sensory experience, but how it will also help to develop their confidence and understanding of the natural world. Babies are natural investigators. You only have to spend a short amount of time with them to see that they are curious little scientists, experimenting with everything they can get their hands on to make sense of the world, and being a parent of a baby is like seeing the world again with brand new eyes. We receive many enquiries asking when is the right age to start taking our children out into nature, and our response is the same every time. Children are never too small to experience the benefits of being out in nature. Let’s look at why!  *👉  Vicci and Nicki discuss:* * The amazing, mind-blowing science and deeper meaning of why we need to make nature time a priority for babies * Nature as the ultimate sensory experience * The importance of a baby carrier * Ideas of what taking your baby out in nature can look like * Risk assessing for babies outdoors *👉  Opt In* *👉  Resources & References* ** *#wildlingsbabies* *👉 Guest Details* Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell are adventurous nature play makers, risk-takers, children’s rights advocates and the co-founders of Wildlings Forest School. We are the hosts of the ‘Raising Wildlings’ podcast and we put the dirt back in childhood. During any Wildlings Forest School program, you are likely to find Wildlings up trees, sliding down mud slides, whittling with pocket knives, lighting fires and building rafts. We let kids, be kids - because children can’t learn to protect nature if they’ve never had a childhood in it. *Wildlings Forest School Contact Details* Website Facebook Instagram Youtube  Pinterest Linked In *👉 Did You Enjoy This Episode? * If you enjoyed this episode and the Raising Wildlings podcast generally, we have a favour. Please take two minutes to subscribe, and to write a rating and a review. You can do that on Apple Podcasts right now by clicking here. If you are an Android user, you can follow the podcast on Spotify here and Google Podcasts here. Those actions will help the podcast reach more people, and we would be truly grateful. Thank you so much. *Apple Podcasts**  **Spotify **Google Podcasts*
28 min
Relationship Advice
Relationship Advice
Chase & Sarah Kosterlitz
288: Mastering Online Dating
Finding love is hard in the best of times. Throw in a pandemic, hookup culture and societal pressures, and finding a great partner can feel like an overwhelming task. Listen to today's show to learn how to approach this new way of dating in the best way possible. In this episode with Damona Hoffman, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: * Why you should develop a Covid dating strategy * How to create a profile that will lead to good potential partners * Tools to help navigate first date awkwardness * Visualization exercises to help you find a great partner * Cultivating abundance in order to succeed in your dating life * And much more! For more information on our guest, and for the episode links visit: Sign up for our 14 Day Happy Couples Challenge here: 14 Day Happy Couples Challenge Join our 5 Day Couples Appreciation Challenge here: Do you want to hear more on this topic? Continue the conversation on our Facebook Group here: Love Tribe Help Support The Show! Donate Here. Sponsors Spark My Relationship Course: Get $100 off our online course. Visit for our special offer just for our I Do Podcast listeners! If you love this episode (and our podcast!), would you mind giving us a review in iTunes? It would mean the world to us and we promise it only takes a minute. Many thanks in advance! – Chase & Sarah
46 min
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