How to Change Your Life with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg
1 hr 15 min

Change is incredibly hard. There's no doubt about it. And yet, the biggest obstacle to change is often fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, and fear of making the wrong decision. What if that fear didn't exist? What then? What crazy life could you dream up, and then make happen? Would you still be in your current job and in your current relationship? Maybe. 

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg is a recovering scientist, lover of life, and empowers folks to change their life daily. We explore how to overcome our limiting beliefs and we go deep on how to win at the game of life. We drop the secret cheat codes to succeeding at life and you don' want to miss it. It could quite possibly change your life.


What you'll learn (or why you should care):

• The secret to winning at the game of life

• How death is the biggest motivator to getting anything done

• How to win at comparing yourself to others


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Relationship Alive!
Relationship Alive!
Neil Sattin
242: Using Creativity for Emotional Alchemy - plus a song!
When emotions are stuck within you - how can you use your creativity to get things moving? Sometimes the muse within you is a quiet whisper - other times screaming for your attention. Today we'll talk about how to find the voice - and what to do once you have. And, towards the end, I'll share a song with you that arrived after recording my last episode, on the process of going through a breakup and grieving. (song is at 19:20) As always, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this episode and what revelations and questions it creates for you. Please join us in the Relationship Alive Community on Facebook to chat about it! Sponsors: Find a quality therapist, online, to support you and work on the places where you’re stuck. For 10% off your first month, visit to fill out the quick questionnaire and get paired with a therapist who’s right for you. Resources: Check out my Secrets of Relationship Communication COURSE for a masterclass in how to improve the communication and connection in your relationship. I want to know you better! Take the quick, anonymous, Relationship Alive survey FREE Guide to Neil’s Top 3 Relationship Communication Secrets Guide to Understanding Your Needs (and Your Partner’s Needs) in Relationship (ALSO FREE) Support the podcast (or text “SUPPORT” to 33444) Amazing intro and outro music provided courtesy of The Railsplitters Transcript: Neil Sattin: Hello, and welcome to another episode of Relationship Alive. This is your host, Neil Sattin. Today's episode is going to be a little bit different. I have a few things to share with you about how to use creativity as a way to help move through emotions, and it's something that's really served me well in the past and continues to serve me well, as you'll see momentarily, because after we talk about this topic I am going to share a song with you, a song that that just emerged this past week Neil Sattin: Okay, so let's dive into the topic at hand, which is creativity and giving yourself permission to have a voice and to use your voice in ways that can help mobilize especially challenging emotions and bring them to the surface, express them in ways that are productive and maybe even move on or transmute those emotions along the way. Neil Sattin: Now, the emotional content of our lives can sometimes be quite raw, and whether it's something that we ultimately want to address with another person or not, it can be helpful to spend some time with the content in order to get a different look at it, get a different perspective, allow it to move within you and also to give you more information. I believe that our emotions are there as signals to help us understand how we are processing the world around us, and so they live in us, but they're not meant to just be stuck there. Neil Sattin: And sometimes when an emotion is just there over and over and over and over again, it's there because it requires something of us, maybe it requires a change in our lives, or maybe it's just a voice in you that needs to be heard. Now, I'll tell you that over the years, creative expression for me has been a huge way to help me deal with the things that are going on my life, and sometimes those things are happy, joyous things, and I want to find ways to celebrate even more, and sometimes those things have been painful and hard to understand, and being creative has given me the opportunity to work with those feelings to understand some of the deeper things that are going on within me that are at play, some of the different thoughts, the different inner voices that are speaking. Neil Sattin: And giving yourself the opportunity to do that can be an immensely freeing and transformative thing. And there are any number of ways to do that, you can create something that's just for you, you can create something that you share with people who you trust and who care about you, you can create something and share it with the world, or you can create something and burn it, or forget about it, because the act of creation in and of itself is alchemy, it allows you to work with what you're experiencing and in a way to move it outside of you. Interested in reading the transcript for the rest of this episode? Click here to download the full transcript of this episode!
23 min
Addiction Unlimited Podcast | Alcoholism | Life Coach | Living Sober | 12 Steps
Addiction Unlimited Podcast | Alcoholism | Life Coach | Living Sober | 12 Steps
Angela Pugh
Selfish & Self-Centered
Selfish. Excessively concerned with oneself with no regard for the needs or feelings of others. I’m sure we have heard this a thousand times, people telling us how selfish we are- all you think about is yourself, all you care about is you. The problem is, when I was drinking, and even early in my recovery, I didn’t really understand what that meant. Of course, I had a clear understanding that I was selfish, but I didn't recognize all the ways that manifested in daily life. It doesn't feel good to be self-centered and selfish because it stems from insecurity. We all recognize some ways we are self-serving. But you may not see all the small ways this behavior comes out or the effect it has on the people around you. A big part of this growth for me was my self-esteem. I couldn’t respect anything or anyone when I didn’t respect myself. Think of yourself as a thousand piece puzzle. Some pieces are bigger than others, but we are made up of a lot of pieces. We are all a combination of positive pieces as well as pieces that need work. You already know you are kind and loving and generous, and now it's time to look at a couple of these pieces you can improve. Follow me on Insta: Get your Powerless and Powerful Guided Recovery Journal here: Join the FB group:
35 min
Save Your Sanity - Help for Toxic Relationships
Save Your Sanity - Help for Toxic Relationships
Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
Isolation: A Nasty Tactic of Coercive Control
When you are first with a #Hijackal, you are flattered that they want you all to themselves. You're delighted that they want to be with you, and "can't get enough of you." That's the normal joy of a new relationship. Then, when you're with a toxic person, a #Hijackal, a #narcissist, there comes a moment when you find yourself isolated, alone, and marginalized. You look around and you have been separated from your family and friends. #Hijackals are happy then. You're not and in this episode, I'm giving you clear insight into how narcissistic people manipulate you into that isolation. It's usually gradual, and you don't realize what the final result will be. You're still trying to compromise and accommodate. The #Hijackal has another plan, and it involves cutting you off from as much support as possible. Nasty! Once you clearly see these manipulations, you can begin to put an end to it--one way or another. Big hugs! Rhoberta HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY'S EPISODE: * 5 reasons #Hijackals, #narcissists, and other toxic people isolate you * The differences they show in public and in private * How and why Hijackals try to install themselves between you and the world * 11 ways the abuse of isolation shows up * Why you need to clearly see these isolation tactics Want clarity, insights, strategies, and support from me, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler? We can talk: Introductory session for new clients, $97 CONNECT WITH ME: I invite you to like my pages and follow for further help with recognizing toxic relationships, realizing their impact, realigning your life, and recovering your self-confidence and ability to love and trust again. FOLLOW DR. SHALER... WEBSITE: PODCAST: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: YOUTUBE: ------------------------------------------------------------- I WANT TO HELP YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT'S GOING ON AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT! If you want to learn more, share, ask questions, and feel more powerful within yourself and your relationships. Join my Support Circles now. Off social media, safe discussion + videos + articles + webinars + personal home study program + group Saturday Support Calls with me. WOW! Join now. Dr. Shaler's Relationship Help Circles. 50% off your first month. . Safely off social media. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- #coercivecontrol #isolationbyanarcissist #isolationinarelationship #isolationbyahijackal #beingisolatedbyanabuser #isolatedandcoercivecontrol #drevanstark #regainingselfconfidence #saynotoabuse #savemysanity #saveyoursanity #relationshipadvice #tipsforrelationships #Hijackals #toxicpeople #mentalhealthmatters #MHNRNetwork #RhobertaShaler #narcissists #borderlines #antisocial #difficultpeople #emotionalabuse #verbalabuse #stoptoleratingabuse #toxicrelationships #manipulation #walkingoneggshells #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #abuse #narcissisticabuse #boundaries #personalitydisorder #difficultpeople #antisocialbehavior #lackingempathy #journorequest #prrequest   Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
49 min
The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland
The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland
Julie Bjelland
Discover Your Calling: An Inspiring Mastermind with Willow McIntosh
Wow, this was a powerful event that moved me and several of us to tears. Willow has an extraordinary gift of facilitating a connection of HSPs to their gifts! You are invited to a mastermind with Willow McIntosh showing you how to turn your high sensitivity into high sensory intelligence for service, business and soul fulfillment! Until we witness for ourselves what it is like to see the world as a deep sensory experience, it is very difficult to bring our purpose into action. What is the process? It is a facilitation designed to bring you into ownership with your high sensory intelligence and alignment with your purpose. There will be a presentation about the process with a live facilitation included with the sole focus of empowering you into the recognition of who you are and you are here to serve. The process itself is a guided facilitation using a unique process of deep inquiry based on years of research and experience. It includes: 01. A direct experience of your unique cognitive reality The way in which you see the world through the eyes of high sensory intelligence is unique. It is accurately designed to support the very way in which you are here to serve. This process enables you to witness it for yourself (often for the first time) allowing you to take full ownership. 02. The journey of your life holds the key to your transformation As a high sensory lightworker, life will have been challenging you in a particular area. By seeing this in an entirely new light you will be able to reframe it in such a way that it will reveal your area of expertise. Furthermore, you will get a powerful insight into who your ideal clients are. 03. The cause in your life that is most important to you. Ever since you were a child there will have been a calling that you hold most dear. Everything pivots around the discovery of this from a place of deep acknowledgment. Once this is seen with higher awareness the meaning of your life will take on a whole new perspective. What are the outcomes this is intended to give you? * A direct experience of your gifts & purpose * A new relationship to your own past * A clear strategy for career and business * Clarity on who you are born to serve * How to benefit from your gifts financially * An empowering sense of coming home to yourself, your purpose and meaning in life. If you felt inspired to grow a business out of your calling, you might be interested in Julie's course, How to Grow a Heart-Centered Online Business Watch the video version of this session at  Listen to other sessions, learn more about Willow and Julie and leave comments on episodes at  --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 8 min
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