Lovingly Hooking Up with Yana Tallon-Hicks
57 min

Yana Tallon-Hicks is a therapist, consent educator, and columnist living in Western Massachusets. She hosts regular consent workshop and shares with us her recent findings of what it takes to be a more ethical hookup. 

You'll learn how to share your STI status, how to consider others' feelings, how to respect your and your partner's boundaries, and more. Don't miss this one, this is the sex ed we should have gotten in school. 

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Yana Tallon-Hicks is a couples & relationships therapist and a consent, sex & sexuality writer and educator living in Western Massachusetts. Her work centers around the belief that pleasure-positive & consent-based sex education can positively impact our lives and the world.

Find her on her website and on Instagram.

Watch her Ted Talk: Is the Porn Brain our new Sex Educator?

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Better Sex
Better Sex
Jessa Zimmerman
152: Learning From LGBTQ Elders – Dr. Jane Fleishman
At age 56, Jane went back to finish her PhD and completed this at 62. She tells us this brought her into her own intellectually. She chose to focus on sexuality, as she found it to be the root of humanity’s problems. Her specialty is sexuality and aging. Her book, the Stonewall Generation, focuses on LGBTQ elders and the process required her to find people to interview. Her writing journey took her to the story of Stonewall “the birth of the modern day rights movement“ which stands today as a historical event for the gay community. Inclusivity Her goals include trying to combat ageism and the myth that LGBTQ is a young persons’ identity. With all this in mind, Dr Jane targeted people who are marginalized so that their stories could be told through her book. Dr. Fleishman’s aim is to experience pride events with more exciting sexual politics. With current upheaval in terms of racial injustice and other injustices, Jane believes that things will change to include more LGBTQ elders. Aging and Sex One of Dr. Jane’s concerns revolves around older adults’ cognitive decline and sexuality. The question she asks is “Do people have the ability and the right to have a sex positive future?“ This brings up ethical issues but Jane is passionate about helping the elderly and ensuring that even in old age, they can enjoy consensual sex. Background Jane Fleishman, PhD, MEd, MS, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, is an award-winning educator, writer, program developer and researcher with a keen perspective on the intersections of race, class, and sexuality, particularly for marginalized populations. She holds a PhD and MEd in Human Sexuality from the Widener University Center for Human Sexuality Studies. Jane is the Principal in her own consulting practice, Speaking of, LLC, specializing in program development, training, curriculum design, writing, and policy review related to human sexuality for older adults, parents, teenagers, young children, and members of the LGBTQ population. She hosts a regular podcast on topics related to sex in the second half of life at www.ourbetterhalf.net and recently completed a TEDx Talk entitled, “Is It OK for Grandma to Have Sex?” Her latest accomplishment is her book entitled, The Stonewall Generation: LGBTQ Elders on Sex, Activism, and Aging. Her curious nature has led her to research many topics related to sexuality, such as the associations between internalized homophobia, resilience, sexual communication, satisfaction in relationships, and sexual satisfaction in older adults’ same-sex relationships. Her work has helped organizations of different sizes develop tools to understand their organizational plights and dilemmas and implement changes into their work environment that align with their values, principles, and vision. Links and Resources http://www.janefleishman.com http://www.ourbetterhalf.net More info: Book and New Course – https://sexwithoutstress.com Podcast Website – https://www.intimacywithease.com/ Sex Health Quiz – http://sexhealthquiz.com/ Webinar: How to Make Sex Easy Without Making It Feel Like an Obligation – http://intimacywithease.com/training Better Sex with Jessa Zimmerman https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/better-sex/ Source: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/152-learning-from-lgbtq-elders-dr-jane-fleishman
36 min
At The End of The Tunnel
At The End of The Tunnel
Light Watkins
No Such Thing as Incurable if You Eat, Move, and Sleep Smarter with Shawn Stevenson - Ep 027
Today’s guest is one of the smartest, best-informed, and most insightful voices on all things health and wellness. His name is Shawn Stevenson, and he is a highly sought after speaker, the author of the best-selling books, Sleep Smarter and Eat Smarter.  He is also the host of the very popular podcast, The Model Health Show. Listeners will discover that Shawn is basically a walking health encyclopedia with extensive knowledge of hormones and biochemicals, and he can cite from memory obscure studies that either prove or disprove the point he is trying to make about what's healthy or what’s not.  His true gift, however, is making all of this complex information accessible for the average person. That's why his platform has become the go-to place to find out about the efficacy of various health studies and claims.  In this episode, Shawn shares a bit about his own wellness journey, from a fast food-eating, pill-popping couch potato to the model of health he is today, and he talks candidly about the serious health issues he suffered from and how he has healed himself by changing his diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough good-quality sleep.  His message is about reclaiming his health, and his mission is to help others do the same. Find out about Shawn’s childhood, his health journey, and the genesis of his skill to make information accessible and digestible, as well as some crucial and valuable information for finding your way to model health. Tune in today! *Key Points From This Episode:* * Shawn’s favorite childhood memories center around the ThunderCats and his grandparents. * Why Shawn grew up with his grandparents and not his mother, who had him at 18-years-old. * Shawn talks about his perception of race as a child and what his mental state was like. * Shawn shares the story of when his mother got stabbed to articulate the polarity between the bootstraps mentality and a broken system. * How Shawn learned the ability to make something out of nothing from his mother. * A Wiffle ball incident that inspired Shawn to always seek and speak the truth. * Where Shawn’s high level of self-discipline comes from – his grandparents and sports. * What Shawn’s life aspiration was and how that was influenced by his environment. * Breaking his hip at 15 and being diagnosed with an incurable spine disease and how this impacted Shawn’s view of pharmacology. * When nutrition became important to Shawn, after two years of living with chronic disease. * Once Shawn started asking himself what he needed to get healthy, that led him down paths of research and discovery. * Shawn asserts the importance of diet, exercise, and sleep, and how they changed his life. * The backdrop of racism and police brutality during Shawn’s health journey in Ferguson. * Discovering nutrition and realizing he was living in a food desert at the time. * It’s important to Shawn that listeners understand this: There are many paths to a goal. *Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:* Shawn Stevenson on Twitter Shawn Stevenson on LinkedIn Shawn Stevenson on Instagram Shawn Stevenson on YouTube Sleep Smarter Sleep Smarter Eat Smarter The Model Health Show Light Watk
1 hr 36 min
Dating Tips, Relationships & Dating Advice For Single Women Podcast | Magnetize Your Man
Dating Tips, Relationships & Dating Advice For Single Women Podcast | Magnetize Your Man
Antia Boyd - Dating Tips, Relationships & Dating Advice For Single Women
5 Surprising Strategies To Make Sure A Man Meets Your Needs
5 SURPRISING STRATEGIES TO MAKE SURE A MAN MEETS YOUR NEEDS ♥ Get Your FREE "Magnetize Your Man" Quiz & Personalized Strategy To Start Attracting The Right Man For You Now Here! https://MagnetizeYourMan.com Subscribe For FREE Training Videos & Updates Here! http://bit.ly/2WSL6wO If You Liked This Training, Please Rate It & Leave A Review About What You Most Enjoyed So I’ll Make Sure To Make More Like This For You Soon! Join Our FREE “Magnetize Your Man” Facebook Dating Support Group For Incredible Support, Accountability & More Bonus Trainings Using The Special Link Here! http://bit.ly/2KVyN0C Subscribe To My Podcast On iTunes Here: https://apple.co/2MYHM3T On Spotify Here: https://spoti.fi/2QC3x8Y Or On Google Podcasts Here! https://bit.ly/2SEC3QP Get A Copy Of Our New "Magnetize Your Man" BOOK On Amazon Here! https://amzn.to/2UZcmve Follow Me On Facebook For More FREE Updates & Behind The Scenes Bonuses Here! http://bit.ly/31Kvyz9 Follow Me On Instagram As Well Here! http://bit.ly/2WR4MX2  💗 About Antia Boyd 💗 I was born in eastern Germany before the wall came down, and was single my ENTIRE LIFE before I finally had an epiphany, a total breakthrough and developed my signature system called the "Magnetize Your Man Method". It's the exact method that I used to attract my handsome, strong & supportive hubby Brody! I’ve now been helping thousands of elite single women all over the world for over a decade to attract the right man for them to share their life with & have a loving relationship ASAP without loneliness, trust issues or wasting time attracting EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE MEN! I studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, am NLP and Dream Coaching certified and have spoken on hundreds of stages and radio shows all over the world including Harvard University, Google and Good Morning San Diego. I’ve also been featured on ABC Radio, America Trends TV, The Great Love Debate and for over a decade studied EVERYTHING that I could get my hands on in the areas of love, dating and creating an amazing, happy family of your own the easy way without fear, unhealthy relationships or endless dating I now live in the beautiful San Diego area of California with my loving, stable & committed husband of 6 years, and I look forward to helping YOU to feel safe to be open & vulnerable, have fun & travel the world with the ideal guy for you without feeling insecure or choosing the wrong men! 💗 💗 Amazing Client Love Stories & Reviews! 💗 “Hi Antia, my man and I are very happy as we are exploring and enjoy our new life together. Our coaching together was very helpful in my ability to stay centered in the reality of a true intimate loving relationship unfolding. It has also helped me in nurturing it too. Thanks so much for your support!” -A.G. “Hi Antia, One year since the day my fiancee and I met is just around the corner, and we are now married! We are in love and don’t want to live life without one another. I have lived with him for 6 months and have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much for the coaching… I will check in very soon. Lots of love!” -L.W. "Hello Antia, I just wanted to let you know that I met a really great guy.  He has done a lot of personal work and we are enjoying really good communication. I just wanted to thank you for the help and suggestions that you gave me. I am optimistic!!" -D.K. #Dating #DatingTips #DatingAdvice #DatingTipsForWomen #DatingAdviceForWomen #Relationships https://youtu.be/Vz3SIXuQDb0 Support the show (https://MagnetizeYourMan.com)
12 min
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