The Life Stylist
The Life Stylist
Feb 23, 2021
Higher Love: Relationship RoundTable W/ Alyson Charles, Stefanos Sifandos, & Christine Hassler #332
Play • 2 hr 33 min

There is a lot of love in the room today! 

This is my first-ever roundtable with a trio of guests, and the chemistry seriously flowed. So you’ll want to grab a snack before you tuck into this bountiful episode featuring personal life coach Christine Hassler, relationship alchemist Stefanos Sifandos, and Rock-Star Shaman Alyson Charles (who is also my fiancé).

Join our couple clan as we delve into the origins of our relationship with our significant others and the emotional untangling we had to go through before we could show up in our relationships in a healthy way.

What we all found is that calling in the right relationship isn’t an external exercise — it’s an internal one.You have to crack yourself open, letting the childhood programming and shame bleed out before you can rewire your brain to sit in true worth and authentic power. Once you’ve found that person(s), it’s a whole new ballgame of juggling your own projections and expectations with that of another person and praying to the universe they’ll provide that space for the real you.

It took all of us many years to get to this space, but hopefully, this episode will be a short-cut to getting you where you want to be —whether that’s in a relationship or flying solo — a little faster. 


10:28 — Creating Relationship Alchemy 

  • Moving from chaos to clarity within yourself
  • The origins of Christine and Stefano’s relationship
  • How Alyson and I moved from friends to divine partnership
  • Healing codependency, childhood trauma, and toxic relationship patterns 
  • Examining self-abandonment


29:41 — Emotional Unavailability

  • Unavailable fathers, unavailable partners
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Building self-availability 
  • Moving away from avoidant dynamics
  • Celibacy, sexuality, and journey to self-validation
  • The peyote ceremony that changed everything 
  • Surrendering to the universe


55:06 — Abandonment Issues 

  • Leaning into love 
  • Why shadow work and  grieving is so important
  • Trauma patterns
  • Divine timing


01:14:40 — Finding Sovereignty From Within

  • Honoring singlehood as a rite of passage
  • Celibacy as a means to self-discovery
  • The moment you know you’re being authentic 
  • Feeling ‘at home’ with someone 
  • The tools that helped us get here 


01:33:36 — Conflict Resolution 

  • Masculine/feminine forms of expression
  • Holding a container for someone else
  • Practicing self-awareness
  • Celebrating differences and choosing battles
  • Breaking down arguments post-argument
  • Parenting your own inner-child during a conflict
  • Freedom through commitment


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