Stop Complaining About PayPal Fees!
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Veronica think’s it’s about time the online business community changed their perspective about PayPal and Stripe fees. Veronica will never complain about the fees they charge, she has enormous gratitude to the services they provide, listen in to this episode today to discover why!



  • Many complain about the fees that PayPal and Stripe charge.
  • If you are in this mindset then it means you are seeing it as a small percent loss rather than a large percent gain!
  • Veronica gets to work from home doing what she loves and gets paid for it. She gets paid for it because of the services PayPal and Stripe developed.
  • Just think about the amount of time and money you would have to spend to create and maintain a platform like PayPal and Stripe for people to pay you.
  • PayPal and Stripe also don’t charge you until AFTER you have been paid. This is an immeasurable benefit for so many individuals.
  • If you want more knowledge and help in learning how to leverage Facebook as an introvert to generate more income then contact Veronica to help you today!




“They invested their resources in creating payment processing platforms that the public trust and that enable me, us, you, to be paid”


“I think that’s an absolute bargain!”


“I have massive gratitude…for what they have made possible for us”




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Veronica Pullen is a marketing mentor who teaches introverted business owners how to generate leads and sales through Facebook – without having to force themselves to become an extrovert or pay for advertising.


She has taught her unique Mile-Deep Marketing® method to thousands of introverted business owners, helping them use their introverted traits, strategically and effectively



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