The Imperfects
The Imperfects
Nov 24, 2020
Steph Claire Smith
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Steph Claire Smith is one of Australia's most successful models. She rose to fame as the Instagram 'it girl' and has managed to transform this fame into a highly accomplished international modelling career; and with the help of best friend Laura, a fast growing health & fitness brand, Keep It Cleaner.

If anyone's life looks perfect, it's Steph's. However, as she bravely details in this fascinating chat with Hugh, we shouldn't always believe what we see on Instagram.

Following the chat, Ryan and Hugh discuss some of the valuable insights from their conversation, as well as discussing Hugh's own flash-in-a-pan modelling career.

WARNING: This episode of The Imperfects contains references to eating disorders and behaviours.

If this episode has triggered anything for you around mental health, we strongly recommend lifeline on 13 11 14.

The Imperfects is brought to you by The Resilience Project. Produced by Ryan Shelton, Hugh van Cuylenburg & Josh van Cuylenburg. Mixed and mastered by Windmill Audio. A special thank you also to No Mono (Pie Eater) for generously allowing us to use ‘Keep On’ as the theme song for this podcast.

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So Dramatic!
So Dramatic!
Megan Pustetto
Jamie Doran FINALLY responds to those shocking claims and ABUSIVE text messages he sent Niranga following their physical altercation!
*BONUS EPISODE* It's the tea you have all been waiting patiently for... Jamie Doran FINALLY responds to the shocking claims Niranga made about him on So Dramatic! and the string of abusive text messages he sent Niranga following their physical altercation! If you have been living under a rock and you missed the drama, please go back and listen to the episode with Niranga before proceeding past this point! To recap quickly, there was a fight that occurred on Boxing day between a number of Bachelor boys from various seasons that ended with a physical altercation, Jamie sending Niranga a series of threatening text messages and Niranga kicking Jamie out of his house and changing the locks! Jamie responds to all of these claims and tells his version of the shocking sequence of events! I can't even begin to summarise this episode, so you'll just have to listen for yourself! So much drama, so little time! *TRIGGER WARNING*: This episode discusses emotional abuse and physical violence and may be triggering for some people. If you are struggling with mental health please reach out to a dedicated support line. Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636 Lifeline - 13 1114 Headspace - 1800 650 890 This is an independent podcast by entertainment journalist Megan Pustetto, who is dedicated to bringing the hottest gossip to your ears each week! The best way you can support So Dramatic!, is by subscribing to this podcast and leaving a (gushing!) review and (five star!) rating! Please keep super spreading the word about So Dramatic! either verbally with friends (or with people who aren’t your friends!) and on social media with your followers (or haters!) or any other ways you can think of (like shouting it from the rooftop!) - you will be doing God’s work! Want more of the latest gossip? Follow So Dramatic! on Instagram (@sodramaticpodcast_ & @sodramaticmedia), Facebook (So Dramatic! The Podcast) and join the PRIVATE Facebook group (So Dramatic! Podcast). Got a hot tip, request, question, or receipts? Email ( For everything else So Dramatic! (including the new MERCH!), head over to the brand new website For all media enquiries and partnerships contact: and Thank you for supporting and listening to So Dramatic!. Ciao for now! Kind regards, Megan x
1 hr 13 min
The Final Meltdown
Hands up who wants to hurriedly push 2020 out the door like it's some long lost Uncle who gatecrashed your Christmas party, insulted and traumatised your guests, and sneezed all over your food. We're gonna assume most of you raised your hands so fast that you pretty much punched the sky in your haste to confirm that we is all well and truly done with this dumpster fire of a year. As this will be our final episode of Emsolation for the year, Em and Michael have a bunch of stuff they wanna work through before they bid you bye bye. First up, they'll tackle the backlash Lizzo is receiving for promoting a 10 day smoothie detox that she's just completed on Instagram. Em and Michael also wanna talk about how the debut novel from a new feminist author called Florence Given, has been completely derailed, after a one time friend of Florence accused her of ripping off Black women's work for her book 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty'. Then it's time to grab a large popcorn, a choc top and a stupidly large fizzy drink, and settle into your recliner for the greatest story ever told. Em is ready for the tea to be spilled as she runs us through what she's calling 'The Final Meltdown'. This ain't no movie, it's not a musical, a book, or even a song, although it probably could be turned into all of those things, nope 'The Final Meltdown' is what Em is calling what went down when the whole year just came up and hit her in the face during her family beach holiday. Basically, Em just let her family know ALL the things they'd done during the year, that made her feel unappreciated. Em is describing it as The Greatest Tale that she's ever told, she even likens herself to being a Slow Cooker. Finally, we wrap things up on some fun, with a Michael Lucas Madonna quiz, which we're pretty much doing just so we can really illustrate how deep Michael's complete obsession for Madge is. We also wanna thank everyone for coming along on this hilariously hectic and glitter stuffed ride, we promise there's more of that to come in 2021 and we're sending podcast hugs to you and yours. See for privacy information.
45 min
Lady Startup Stories
Lady Startup Stories
Mamamia Podcasts
BONUS: The Evolution Of Zoe Foster Blake
We're dropping into your feed to share an episode of No Filter that we think you might like, with Zoe Foster Blake.  How do you become an accidental entrepreneur? Why is friendship so important in a marriage? Why is infidelity not a deal-breaker in relationships? And how do you juggle all the balls when your husband also makes a lot of things?  These were just some of the questions that Mia had during part two of her interview with Zoe Foster Blake. Listen to part one of Mia's interview with Zoe here:  THE END BITS You can find Zoe's new Audible original Clean Slate here:  And you can get all of her books here:  Follow Zoe Foster Blake on Instagram here:  GET IN TOUCH: Feedback? We’re listening! Call the pod phone on 02 8999 9386 or email us at Need more lols, info and inspo in your ears? Find more Mamamia podcasts here... Check out our No Filter YouTube channel here... CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman. You can find Mia on Instagram here and get her newsletter here. With thanks to our guest: Zoe Foster Blake Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff Assistant Production: Leah Porges  See for privacy information.
30 min
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