Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian
Melissa Groves Azzaro RDN LD
Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian Hi, I’m Melissa Groves Azzaro, an award-winning integrative women’s health dietitian. I’ve helped thousands of women struggling with hormone-related issues and helped them identify and address the root causes of THEIR hormone imbalances, so they can have regular, symptom-free periods and optimize their fertility naturally. My mission is to be the no-BS hormone nutrition education resource for smart, busy women struggling with hormone imbalances. Most of the women I work with are bosses in every area of their life except their own hormones. And they appreciate learning the science and wanting to understand they WHY behind their symptoms… but what they don’t have is TIME to do their own research. And there’s so much misinformation out there around what actually works. As a licensed healthcare practitioner, my hope with this podcast is to dispel some of those myths and give you the information you actually need to feel better and thrive by living a more balanced life. A little disclosure – the information I share on this podcast is for educational purposes only and not intended to be taken as medical advice. Yes, I’m A dietitian, but I am not YOUR dietitian. Always consult with YOUR healthcare provider before implementing diet, exercise, or supplement changes. Join me each week as I share science-based information about PCOS, fertility, and other hormone imbalances, interview guest experts who specialize in this field and talk with women just like you. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review so you don’t miss an episode, and you can find all of the episodes & links at thehormonedietitian.com/podcast
Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian
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