092: How to Write an Email Pitch
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Ever wonder what the HECK to say when you reach out to someone via email wanting to work with them in some capacity? Whether you’re reaching out for a partnership, a collaboration, wanting to work with them, wanting to offer your services to them, etc… HOW you go about doing it can literally be the difference between them saying yes to you or them deleting your email thinking it’s spammy. 

This episode is a MUST listen for ANY business owner because when running a business - it’s essential to network, create relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, as well as reaching out to partner, collab, and work with someone in any capacity. Maybe you’re a small shop owner wanting to know how to email influencers to get them to collab with you. Or you’re a photographer wanting to know how to email other photographers in your industry to second shoot for. Or you’re a web designer cold emailing creative entrepreneurs and offering your services to them. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know the art of what to do and what not to do when writing an email pitch. So enough yappinnnn from me. Let’s get straight to the episode!



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Because I Can Life
Because I Can Life
Alison J. Prince
12 Success Stories You Can Lean On
This week, I’m crushing any excuses you may have about starting an online business and offering twelve success stories to show you how it can impact you and your community. The truth is, overcoming our doubts and fears and stepping into dreams of running an online business has the potential to completely change your life! As we start this new year, I wanted to make sure you aren’t letting any of those pesky excuses hold you back from living your best life. We’ll be diving into the top twelve excuses I see and offering you a story of success to prove that those fears you have are really only true in your brain. So if you’ve ever told yourself that you don’t have enough time, are worried about having a small social media following, or have no idea what to sell, then be sure to tune into this episode. Because we are going to kick those fears to the curb! Key Takeaways * Diving into those excuses (02:10) * Not knowing what to sell (06:00) * Turning wax into cash (10:00) * Step into who you are (12:30) * You don’t have to make homemade products (13:30) * Being an introvert doesn’t have to stop you (15:00) * Why you shouldn’t let your location stop you (17:05) * Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? (17:50) * You don’t need a big social media following (18:30) * Don’t worry about being perfect (19:45) * Why you don’t have to get a second job (21:00) * You don’t have to sell expensive products (21:50) * The products you sell impact lives (23:50) Additional Resources Check out the 5-day sprint here Connect with Alison: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn >>> Join the $1-100k Program
30 min
Divine Living
Divine Living
Gina DeVee
Discovering Your Dharma with Sahara Rose
Today I’m beyond delighted to share an incredible interview with Sahara Rose, my dear friend who just exudes all things femininity, spirituality, and wisdom. Her powerful, abundant Goddess energy will give you full-blown permission to be yourself. Not only that, but you’ll realize that’s the best way to thrive in life! If you don't already know Sahara, she’s a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift. She’s the bestselling author and even Deepak Chopra wrote the foreword for her books. Sarah is also the host of the Highest Self podcast, with over 25 million downloads. Today we talk about her brand new book “Discover your Dharma”. Sarah will also take us through Ayurveda, different energy types, and the best methods to find your Dharma. Queen, Sahara is here to remind you of your purpose, so you can embody your sacred mission on this planet. Tune in now. Key points discussed * Sahara’s personal story (00:00) * What is Ayurveda and how your Dosha works (06:02) * This is the wisdom of Sahara’s new book (15:55) * How Sahara manifested all her dreams (25:04) * It’s time for the divine feminine rise (31:14) * Sahara’s plans and her own Dharma (36:36) Additional resources Oh my goodness, Queen, I was so inspired by this talk! I can’t wait to get Sahara’s new book - you can get it here. Subscribe to her podcast the Highest Self and make sure to check out the Rose Gold Goddesses membership program! Of course, we’d love to hear your takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag us on Instagram at @ginadevee and @iamsahararose. Let’s get talking, my dear Queen! Be sure to subscribe to the Divine Living podcast, share your reviews, and tune in every week to get one step closer to your Queenhood! _I’m delighted to invite you to my 5-Day Free Training: __CONDUCT BUSINESS LIKE A QUEEN!_ _From January 18-22, I’ll be live every day in our Facebook Group at 9 am PT/12 pm ET providing in-depth coaching and training. In this challenge, you will discover your unique purpose, master your mindset, and transform your "money story". PLUS, I share with you my own proven business strategies that can provide consistent, reliable income for you, too. _ _It’s time to do things different in 2021. It's time to put you, your dreams, and your purpose first. It's time to do life and business __#LikeAQueen__. _
39 min
Rise Together Podcast
Rise Together Podcast
Three Percent Chance
127: A Gold Star Family's Journey to Healing with Ashley Bugge
Ashley Bugge is the kind of inspirational person the world needs. After unbelievable tragedy that completely derailed her life plans, Ashley found herself six months pregnant with two children on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With strength and grace, she dedicated herself to creating a legacy for her late husband that would keep him connected to his children, as well as helping other Gold Star families in need. Her story will give you chills. Content Warning - while this isn't an episode about suicide, there are some frank discussions of suicidal ideations in the episode. To read Ashley's award-winning tribute to her husband, Always Coming Back Home, click here -> https://bookshop.org/books/always-coming-back-home-an-emotional-tale-of-love-adventure-tragedy-and-hope/9781642799088 -- Dave's first-ever book, Get Out Of Your Own Way, is OUT NOW! This book is for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE: women who loved Girl Wash Your Face, men who did or didn't read Girl Wash Your Face, personal development skeptics, personal development devotees, anyone and everyone who has a life and knows it could maybe get a little better if they could just get out of their own dang way! LET'S GOOOOOO! -> http://bit.ly/gooyowpod Your Fave's Faves is available now! The latest podcast from the Three Percent Chance network features hilarious interviews with actors, musicians, athletes, influencers, gamers and more, sharing their five favorite things in any category they want! Hosted by author Rachel Hollis, Your Fave's Faves brings you stories from your favorite celebrities you WON'T hear anywhere else. Subscribe now to be the first to listen on Wednesday the 18th! -> http://bit.ly/yourfavesfaves Ever wanted to go on a run with me? Now you can - anywhere, anytime! Download the RISE App today and access a full library of content that's always growing featuring workouts with me, Dave, as well as a diverse roster of coaches to fit any workout journey. The RISE App is for everybody and every body, so get started today: http://bit.ly/riseappdave Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
46 min
She Means Business Show
She Means Business Show
Carrie Green
115: Leveraging Udemy to Live Your Dream Life (With Kenz Soliman)
Starting a successful online business doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Kenz Soliman is the perfect example of this. Despite all the fears and self-doubt she was struggling with, a few years ago Kenz decided to create a simple, 30-minute course about hashtags and publish it on Udemy. That was the first step to what is now her dream business and she has sold over 42,000 courses since then! Kenz is a member and a Team Leader inside the Members’ Club and her story is incredible. She’s proof that you can be anywhere in the world with a laptop, an internet connection and belief in yourself, and if you just take action, you can create so much success! In this episode we chat about: - How Kenz started her online business while caring for her son as a stay-at-home mum. - The impostor syndrome and fear she had to face, especially when it came to charging what she was worth. - Publishing her first course, getting 1,000 students in just 26 hours and how it grew from there. - What she thinks about making mistakes, pivoting in your business and creating courses in a competitive market. - Her best tip for marketing your online course. I know you’re going to love this episode and if you’ve been dreaming of creating a course about something, I hope this is the push you need to take that leap! You can also find Kenz at: www.herdigitalbusiness.com Instagram: @herdigitalbusiness Carrie xx
42 min
The Strategy Hour Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Productivity - with Think Creative Collective
The Strategy Hour Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Productivity - with Think Creative Collective
Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams - Business Strategist and Bloggers
503: How to Tackle Pinterest with Kali Rogers
Joining us today on the podcast is Kali Rogers, the Founder of Blush Online Life Coaching, a life coaching business aimed at female millennials. Kali is here to teach us more about the super do-able, fun, and stress-free Pinterest strategies that have boosted their site traffic and sales and grown their clients and customers. The best of all? You don’t need a Pinterest marketing degree to implement them, you can start today! If you have a Pinterest account but have stopped using it for some reason, we hope this episode will inspire you to get back into it, or if you have been utilizing this potentially awesome tool, that you will get what you need to brush up your skills even more. In the beginning, Kali used Pinterest for personal reasons such as recipes and fashion inspo, until she decided to take a break. At first she didn’t see how Pinterest, a mostly visual medium, would be applicable to Blush, a service-based business. How would she promote a life coaching business through images? When she first started she didn’t have any entrepreneurial skills but realized that she needed to communicate to people that she and her team knew what they were talking about. She resorted to writing as a cheap, safe means of publicity, creating numerous articles for The Huffington Post, including “An Open Letter From Introverts To Everyone Else”, which went completely viral. Many people have a Pinterest account when they first get started in business, but then they get distracted along the line and stop using it on a regular basis. In this episode we are going to show you that, even though it’s an oldie, it’s still a real goodie. So be sure to join us for this awesome conversation! Thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate and review The Strategy Hour Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. For show notes go to thestrategyhour.com. To download the transcript of this episode head to: thestrategyhour.com.
44 min
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance
Chalene Johnson
The 2021 DeClutter Project Part 6 | Step by Step How to Resell Your Clothes - 639
Welcome to the final episode in this 6-part series on decluttering! If you’ve been following along, then you definitely NEED this show. Today, we’re taking those great items you put aside from your closet cleanout and reselling them! Chalene’s guest is Leslie Tucker, an expert in the world of online reselling platforms. Leslie went from working a full time job — and reselling as a hobby — to retiring from her job and running a full time reselling business. You’ll get step-by-step tips on how to start, what to sell, what platforms to use and so much more. Seriously, you won’t believe all the information packed in this one episode! When you learn that you don’t need money to start making money, it could be the catalyst to change your life (and your family’s life)!   Join me in the Decluttering Project and get your life organized as well by using The Push Journal www.pushjournal.com   Links from today’s episode:   * Subscribe to Leslie’s Podcast at  A Reseller’s Passion * Learn more about Leslie and get her ebook at  A Resellers Passion * Shoe Leslie some Love on Social Media: Instagram YouTube   All other Links Reselling Platforms: * Poshmark * Ebay * Macarie * Dpop * Grailed Luxury Reselling Platforms: * The Real Real * Tradesy * ThredUp * Check out the new supplement multi packs   I am Myself Again * Join the InstaClubHub to go deep in learning all the latest tips and strategies to Instagram growth and engagement! InstaClubHub.com * Check out all the Discounts and some of Chalene’s favorite things at Chalene.com/Deals * Leave Chalene a message at  (619) 500-4819 * Leave Chalene a Voicemail review or question  HERE * Join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here! * Go to Chalene.com/MyThing and see what your passion or hidden talents are!!   Stop dieting & start living:  Join Phase it Up and start creating healthier habits, it isn’t like other diets or programs! PhaseItUp.com  Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive: www.pushjournal.com   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!!      Join our awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here: www.chalenejohnson.com/podcast    Connect with me on your fav social platform: * SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    * Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Chalene      * Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ChaleneJohnson    * Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ChaleneJohnson * TikTok: @chaleneOfficial   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
48 min
Earn Your Happy
Earn Your Happy
Lori Harder
651. Find Your Perfect Career Path in These 11 Steps - with Ashley Stahl
In This Episode You Will Learn About: * The post-book hangover * The 10 core skill sets * Focusing on your great instead of your good * Where to get started in your job search * Testing out different careers * Bringing your skill set into your current career * Finding your core nature Resources: * ashleystahl.com * Read: "You Turn" * Visit indeed.com/happy to get $75 credit to upgrade your job post * Visit plushcare.com/happy to start your free 30-day trial Show Notes: Ashley Stahl is equal parts brilliant and hilarious. She’s helping people discover their confidence, finding a career path that they love, and landing more job offers. If you are unsure of the career that you’re in, if you’re not sure what’s next, or if you’re looking to expand what you’re already doing by thinking bigger, this is the podcast for you! Question Highlights: * Can you give us an overview of what you put into your book? * Can you go through the 10 core skill sets? * What’s a sign that you’re good at something but it’s not necessarily what you should be doing? * How do you figure out where you should start? * What was the most interesting finding about these 10 skills? * What do you do to get into your zone of genius? Guest Bio: Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned career coach, speaker, and author on a mission to help you step into a career or business you’re excited about and aligned with. Her book, now available on Amazon for pre-order, You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career, takes readers on her career journey into counterterrorism, offering an 11 step formula to discover their best career fit. Through her two viral TEDx speeches, her email list of 500,000 and her show, You Turn Podcast, she's been able to support clients in 31 countries in discovering their best career path, upgrading their confidence and landing more job offers. She maintains a monthly career column in Forbes, and her work has been also featured in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, CBS, SELF, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and more. Ashley earned a Master’s in international relations from King’s College London, and another Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She holds a Bachelor’s from University of Redlands in government, history and French.
51 min
Kacia Fitzgerald
Feeling Anxious about Change & Growth? This one's for you!!
My intention with today’s episode is to help you remove some of the PRESSURE you might be putting on yourself or even just lessen a little of that resistance you might be feeling right now by sharing three mindset shifts that have been MASSIVE for me to lessen the anxiety that comes with a lot of UNCERTAINTY, CHANGE or GROWTH! I can’t wait to hear what you think!! As mentioned in this episode→ Do YOU have a podcast dream on your heart? If so--- our SheGoes Podcasting course might be right up your alley! We only take 20 women a month in our course though so be sure to shoot me a text at +1 (512) 548-2728 or DM me on Instagram @kacia.fitzgerald so we can chat more deets & I can hear about your story!! Also-- GIRLFRIEND, If you do NOT have a community around you that PUMPS YOU UP, or if you are really looking to make this your YEAR by diving into your PERSONAL growth--- The COLLECTIVE (my personal development membership community) is now officially OPEN for registration and you can snag your spot for LESS than a coffee a week!! AKA only $17 bucks with all sorts of bonus perks! Check out the deets: www.kaciafitzgerald.com/thecollective, or shoot me a text to 512-548-2728 with any questions!! OOH & I mentioned in this episode the episode I did about PIVOTS that you might vibe with: Episode #195→ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/empowerher/id1444456380?i=1000494001922 & one last thing---> Did you know I have a TOTALLY free TEXT list you can join to get PUMP UP texts from me and all the JUICY news and fun perks?! * Text “HI” or anything you want to +1 512-548-2728 to subscribe! www.kaciafitzgerald.com/texts * Come hang with me on Instagram: @kacia.fitzgerald and @shegoes.company Topic or speaker suggestions? * Shoot us an email: hello@kaciafitzgerald.com FOR ALL THE other JUICE? * To join my email list: Click here to Subscribe now * & all the funsies at kaciafitzgerald.com * Follow our EMPOWERHER PUMP-UP JAMS playlist on Spotify!
21 min
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