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Eating for Kidney Disease, Muscle Mass, LDL Up 102 points, Is Bone Broth Made In Pressure Cooker Healthy?, Biochemistry For Beginners

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Show Notes:

News topic du jour:

Iatrogenics: Why Intervention Often Leads to Worse Outcomes

Iatrogenics is when a treatment causes more harm than benefit. As iatros means healer in Greek, the word means “caused by the healer” or “brought by the healer.”  Healer, in this sense, need not mean doctor, but anyone intervening to solve a problem. For example, it could be a thought leader, a CEO, a government, or a coalition of the willing. Nassim Taleb calls these people interventionistas. Often these people come armed with solutions to solve the first-order consequences of a decision but create worse second and subsequent order consequences. Luckily, for them at least, they’re never around to see the train wreck they created.

1. Eating For Kidney Disease [23:54]

Tyler says:

Hey Robb,

Years ago, you wrote a multi-part post about kidney health, and mentioned a former client at NorCal S&C who was recommended dialysis. One of your coaches instructed him to eat super low carb, and about the same protein (around 10% for both macros), and the rest of his diet consisting of fat. The end result (at least in your article) was that he recovered a great deal of his kidney function...

Now that I’ve told you about your own article (lol), here are my questions:

1. Is that still a protocol you’d recommend for someone with stage 4 kidney disease?

2. If so, what can you even eat on an 80% fat diet?

This info is for my mother-in-law. She’s almost 70, and has kidney disease presumedly brought on by Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura. She lives in Japan so she has access to great quality seafood, but coconut products are uncommon. I’ve been trying to get her to quit eating bread, rice and soy products as a start. She still eats some dairy.

Are there any foods within a typical Paleo diet she should avoid? For example, fruit?

She is prescribed some type of steroid (not sure what or how much), and

is of normal weight, and does not take any blood pressure meds that I

know of.

Not expecting any type of miraculous full recovery, just wanting to help her get the most she can out of life. Thanks for any direction you might be able to guide me towards.

PS: the wife and I are huge fans of LMNT, and you were right: do NOT accidentally (Or purposely) inhale the Lemon Habanero dust!!

Low carbohydrate diet may reverse kidney failure in people with diabetes

Researchers have for the first time determined that the ketogenic diet, a specialized high-fat, low carbohydrate diet, may reverse impaired kidney function in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

2. Muscle Mass [33:04]

Ben says:

Hey Robb,

Love the work you have done and really appreciate all that you do. FYI Sacred Cow was a phenomenal book, very nice work. I am writing in regards to muscle mass. You have mentioned previously on the importance of muscle mass as we age and starting around age 30 we will start loosing it slowing and/or it's much harder to gain muscle mass as we age. My question is how much muscle mass should I be aiming for. For context I am a 30 year-old male, 6'4", 218-225 lbs 8-10% body fat (depending on season). The reason I ask is I enjoy competing in Crossfit; however, am uncertain if I should focus more on trying to put on more mass or if moving forward with these numbers seems appropriate? Ultimately I do enjoy competing, but don't want to become decrepit when I'm older. (Other info if it helps-- squat- 425 DL- 545 Be- 325 Fran 2:45. I have never done full extensive blood work but my most recent basic blood work ie Chem 7, testosterone, basic lipid panel all looked "normal".)

Thanks for all you do,


3. LDL Up 102 points [36:47]

Clint says:

Hey Robb- I recently got some blood work done for work and I was pretty amazed at my lipid profile. My total cholesterol went from 148 to 268.  LDL went from 86-188. Triglycerides went down 62-54 and HDL increased from 50-69. My GP wasn’t too concerned bc the triglycerides decreased and HDL increased but he still wants me to monitor it. The two weeks leading up to my blood work have been mostly carnivore-esque as I’ve noticed some headaches from fruit and indigestion with some veggies. I sneak in some full fat dairy by means of a little heavy whipping cream, I cook with kerrygold butter, and have a little kerrygold cheese from time to time. I’m 6’2” 186lbs at about 8-10% body fat. I do drink about 40 Oz of French press coffee per day and I know that can muck with LDL but I’m not so sure of that big of an increase over 3 years. Exercise- I Do some variation of cardio 4-6 times per week and flirt with some CrossFit style workouts 1-2 times per week. I dropped the intensity since going more low carb/carnivore as to not fry myself. Protein intake usually consists of chicken (all parts, not just a breast guy), beef (steak, burgers), eggs, Wild planet sardines, wild caught salmon, etc... I never cook with coconut oil or seed oils (coconut never agreed with me). I’ll eat some stevia sweetened dark chocolate a couple times per week. I’ve been sleeping 6-8 hours per night (2 kids going on 3). Any insight from your experience as to why my bloodwork took a shit? I’ve been relatively low carb for years.


Total cholesterol and all-cause mortality by sex and age: a prospective cohort study among 12.8 million adults


4. Is Bone Broth Made In Pressure Cooker Healthy?? [45:56]

Matthew says:

Hi Nicki and Robb,

Appreciate your work and show.

Question: I have a hard time digesting bone broth, it gives me some digestive upset and I can't really consume it, even though I know I could use the gut healing benefits. I have issues with histamines, so that may be a big reason since it's typically slow-cooked, which is one of the things that creates a lot of histamines in foods and is an issue for those with histmaine tolerance issues (I'm working on that issue, but it's a long healing trajectory). I've heard a little about using a pressure cooker like and instant pot to make bone broth, which allws it to be done more swiftly, but I can't find any information on how beneficial it is when made in pressure cooker.  Is it as good as when it's slow-cooked, in terms of nutritional value? Curious if you might have any information or insights on this.  Many thanks!


Oakland, CA


5. Biochemistry For Beginners [48:47]

Hoby says:


Love your podcast and books, and listening to you and some others in the Paleo/keto/carnivore universe, I hear a lot of biochemistry discussed. I have a medical background from military service, but biochemistry was not a subject I got a lot of info in... I was wondering if you had a recommendation on a “ biochemistry for dummies” book.

I appreciate any recommendations you may have..



This episode of The Healthy Rebellion Radio is sponsored by White Oak Pastures. White Oak Pastures is a six-generation, 154-year-old family farm in Bluffton, GA. They pasture-raise 10 species of livestock and practice regenerative agriculture that improves the land. Their cattle and sheep are grassfed, their pork and poultry are pasture-raised and given non-GMO feed. All their meats are raised, slaughtered, and butchered on the farm. They also sell organic vegetables, pasture-raised eggs, honey, pet chews, leather items, tallow goods, and more artisan products that they make on the farm. They are committed to animal welfare, land regeneration, and rural revival. Check them out at and enter code REBEL10 to get 10% off product total ($100 max discount) for first-time customers.


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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD
Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD
Paul Saladino, MD
Is it Saturated Fat or Polyunsaturated Fat (PUFA) that’s making you Fat and Unwell? Part 2 with Peter from Hyperlipid
This stuff is technical but critically important to understanding the possible underlying mechanisms by which excess PUFA may be hurting you. If this is confusing you may want to start with the first episode Peter and I did, all of which are at Petro Dobromylskyj is a veterinarian, trained at the RVC, London University. He was fortunate enough to intercalate a BSc degree in physiology into his veterinary degree. He was even more fortunate to study under Patrick Wall at UCH, who set me on course to become a veterinary anaesthetist, mostly working on acute pain control. That led to the Certificate then Diploma in Veterinary Anaesthesia and enough publications to allow him to enter the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia as a de facto founding member. Anaesthesia teaches you a lot. Basic science is combined with the occasional need to act rapidly. Wrong decisions can reward you with catastrophe in seconds. Thinking is mandatory. He stumbled onto nutrition completely by accident. Once you have been taught to think, it's hard to stop. Time Stamps: 0:14:04 Podcast Begins 0:14:46 Last Episode Recap 0:17:20 Why PUFAs drive obesity 0:22:43 Inappropriate insulin sensitivity 0:31:14 Why we have mitochondria 0:41:26 Being right on Q: shaping eukaryotic evolution 0:44:14 Mitochondrial satiety signaling 0:50:38 The glycerol phosphate shuttle 1:08:54 Reverse electron transport generating ROS 1:13:58 The Krebs cycle explained 1:22:59 Iatrogenic Hyperinsulinemia, Not Hyperglycemia, Drives Insulin Resistance in Type 1 Diabetes as Revealed by Comparison With GCK-MODY (MODY2) 1:23:58 Are carbs the root-cause of metabolic dysfunction? 1:30:31 Metformin suppresses gluconeogenesis by inhibiting mitochondrial glycerophosphate dehydrogenase 1:38:47 Metformin (01) Insulin 1:44:29 Optimizing satiety with saturated fat and glucose 1:49:50 Where to Find Peter 1:50:34 The fates of Pyruvate 1:52:02 Diets could prevent many diseases 1:52:52 Metabolism and longevity: Is there a role for membrane fatty acids? Heart & Soil: Cinder:, Chilipad/ Ooler: White Oak Pastures: code CarnivoreMD for 10% off first order Belcampo: code CarnivoreMD for 20% off BluBlox:, code CarnivoreMD for 15 % off
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Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living
Brian Sanders - Filmmaker of Food Lies & Health Coach
Part 106 - Dr. Sean O’Mara on the Most Important (and Little Known) Marker of Health, the Key to Strong Leadership, and How to Look Like a Model in 7 Days
We're back for round 2 with the one and only Dr. Sean O'Mara! We get into much greater detail than last time on things like visceral fat, physical markers of disease that track better than certain blood markers, the importance of physical appearance, optimal thriving diet for humans, and much more like how to lose visceral fat, how to heal your brain, the importance of sprinting, why we don't revere our elderly as much anymore, immune system, the microbiome, avoiding viruses, and beyond. This is a really great one and I'd recommend catching it on YouTube (embedded below) so you can see all the great visuals he shares with us. Here are the photos: Dr. Sean O’Mara is a Performance and Longevity MD/Researcher, Speaker , and 2016 NSF Grant Recipient. He runs MedCon Wellness - A unique Executive and Professional Athlete practice innovatively exploiting both science and nature along with proprietary technology to achieve "Best In Class" results in Reversing Chronic Disease as well as Human Performance Optimization. They are dedicated experienced physicians, researchers, PhD's and Coaches coordinating their work to improve client's health. They have developed their practice after years of medical and scientific research as well as years of ultra-high-end concierge medical care. They maintain an exceptionally small practice for clients to ensure an incomparably high level of service. They operate a Non-Profit to return excess profits to continue what we believe is critically important: the continued Reversal of Chronic Disease and Human Performance Optimization. Very few physicians today are concerned with either of these but it is his passion. It is the only Executive Health practice in the world to have received a National Science Foundation grant awarded in 2016 for their work on Reversing Chronic Disease. GET THE FREE SAPIEN FOOD GUIDE! GET THE MEAT! Just to remind everyone, I don’t have any sponsors. So far I’ve turned them all down so I can remain independent from any outside interests. I have my own beneficial products and services we offer at Http:// and to support the show, the film, myself, and my great team. I make a lot less money this way, but it’s a lot more satisfying to not have to rely on anyone else or promote any other products. However, it only works if people support Sapien and Nose to Tail. Luckily we have amazing things to offer. Sapien is the health platform I’ve built with my business partner Dr. Gary. We have a practice in Woodland Hills, CA as well as an online program anyone in the world can join if they’re serious about weight loss and disease reversal using diet and lifestyle. You can find out more about the program at You can also get the free Sapien Food guide there. Another thing we’ve got going is the Sapien Tribe. We have a growing community of people who are living this lifestyle and dominating life. I know that sounds pretty bro-ey, but it’s what is happening. People have gone from a life of mediocrity or even ill-health to being in top shape, reversing their chronic disease, having great body composition, and not getting sick anymore! Tribe members also get all the extras like the bonus episodes of this podcast, the extended show notes, the private members area, and special access and live Zoom calls with Dr. Gary and me. You can find that at as well. You can also get the Nose to Tail meats at where we ship grass finished, ethically and sustainably raised beef, buffalo, pork, and chicken to your door. It’s all raised in Texas and ships out each week to the 48 contiguous states. Our specialty products include ground beef with liver, heart, kidney, and spleen mixed in. I don’t know of anyone else getting all these organs mixed in like we do. I think it’s the best and tastiest way to eat the fresh organs to get the ultimate in nutrient dense, bioavailable nutrition. We also have high omega 3, low omega 6 pork and chicken. We feed them a special gluten free, non-GMO feed that makes their meat and fat very low in PUFAs. I can go on forever about how great this stuff is, but just check it out for yourself at SHOW NOTES * [5:45] Recap on his introduction and how he got into this industry. * [10:05] LDL cholesterol. * [17:05] Why our elderlys’ health has gone so downhill in the past generation. * [19:25] What he recommends for diet in general. * [26:25] Immune system and the gut microbiome. * [35:35] How he transformed his health to where he is now. * [44:45] Explanations and analysis of his visceral fat MRI’s. * [51:35] Sprinting and its effect on visceral fat. * [1:00:05] The physiology of scarring and how it works depending on your health. * [1:06:45] Comparing today’s doctors to the doctors of old. * [1:15:05] One of his client’s results after a 7 day fast. * [1:18:35] His sprinting tips and routines. * [1:21:05] Blood flow restriction training. BUY THE MEAT Support me on Patreon! Preorder the film here: Film site: YouTube: Follow along:
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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin
The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin
Dr. Anthony Gustin
120: Dr. Anthony Gustin - (Q&A #10) - Keto Long Term, How Muscles Get Energy in a Low Carb State, Drinking on Keto, and More
Can you stay in ketosis long term? Or should you use keto cyclically? If I’m in a low-carb state, how do my muscles get energy? What if I want to reintroduce carbs back into my diet? How would I go about doing that? What’s the key to maintaining metabolic flexibility? Is it possible to enjoy drinks on keto? What about caffeine? Chris Irvin, the Education Manager at Perfect Keto, co-author of the book Keto Answers, and The Ketologist, and Dr. Anthony Gustin are back by popular demand to answer those burning questions and more. So if you’ve ever wanted to know if it’s safe to follow a keto diet long-term, if it’s possible to add some carbs back in, and whether or not you can enjoy mixed drinks on keto, this episode has those answers for you. Chris and Dr. Gustin also go over creating metabolically flexibility, why too much caffeine isn’t a good thing, and so much more. Dr. Anthony Gustin is a board-certified chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner who founded both Perfect Keto and Equip Foods. As you’ll hear about in this episode, it is his belief that our artificial habitats have forced us into having artificial health problems and this show is his attempt to dive deep into topics like nutrition, sleep, movement, relationships, and more so you can reclaim your natural state of health. Tune into the episode now to see the answers to some of the most popular questions people have regarding a keto diet.
54 min
Carnivore Cast
Carnivore Cast
Carnivore Cast
Judy Cho - The Carnivore Cure
Judy Cho (@nutritionwithjudy) is returning to the Carnivore Cast. If you missed our first and second episodes together, definitely please go check them out HERE and HERE. They are both two of my personal favorites where we talked about Judy’s personal nutrition journey, Digestion / Gut Health on Carnivore, Feeding Kids Keto, Carnivore 75 Hard, and more! Judy is a nutritional therapy practitioner, certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association living in Austin Texas. Judy follows a carnivore diet and feeds her kids keto. She believes in holistic health and functional nutrition. I love Judy's science-based and practical infographics and videos that she shares on her Instagram @nutritionwithjudy and her YouTube channel. Judy is the author of the upcoming book, The Carnivore Cure - The Ultimate Elimination Diet to Attain Optimal Health and Heal Your Body. This episode is brought to you by Optimal Carnivore. Do you struggle to eat organ meat? Optimal Carnivore was created by Carnivores for Carnivores. They created a unique organ complex from grass-fed animals in New Zealand. It includes 9 different organs - Liver, Brain, Heart, Thymus, Kidney, Spleen, Pancreas, Lung etc. Taking 6 capsules is the same as eating an ounce of raw organ meat from the butcher. Get 10% off your order by going to and using the code: carnivore10 at checkout! (currently only shipping within the US) What questions would you like answered or who would you like to hear from in the carnivore or research community? Let me know on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
42 min
Primal Blueprint Podcast
Primal Blueprint Podcast
Mark Sisson
Keltie Knight
Elle Russ chats with Keltie Knight - an Emmy Award winning television personality and Entertainment Tonight host. She has co-anchored CBS’s broadcasting of national events such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Grammy Awards Red Carpet. Knight was able to combine her entertainment and entrepreneurial expertise into a podcast she co-created and co-hosts, The LadyGang. With over 85 million downloads, and after debuting at #8 on the iTunes podcast charts, and being featured on Entertainment Weekly’s coveted ‘Must List’. The LadyGang was awarded ‘Podcast of the Year’ in 2016, and was a Webby Award honoree in 2018. E! Entertained aired The Lady Gang talk show in 2018-2019 based on the popular podcast and in 2018, LadyGang was nominated for a People’s Choice Award. In 2019, LadyGang launched The LadyGang Podcast Network (LGN) and produced hit shows for stars including Jamie Lynn Sigler, Jenna Uskowitz, Kevin Michael, Nazanin Mandi, and Brad Goreski. LadyGang is set to publish their first book “ACT LIKE A LADY: Questionable Advice, Ridiculous Opinion, and Humiliating Tales from 3 Undignified Women” with Penguin Random House June 2, 2020. Knight is frequently seen contributing on The Talk, CNN, HLN, and as a moderator for Vanity Fair. With best dressed mentions in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, US Weekly, People Stylewatch and The New York Times, it’s no surprise Project Runway invited her to be a guest presenter. As passionate as she is about media, she is just as dedicated to service. Knight has a long history in philanthropy, working with groups like the Humane Society and the Beagle Freedom Project. She helped raise over $300,000 for National MS Society as a part of the team, BeatMS, and nearly 1 million dollars throughout her years hosting the Circle of Hope/ Dancers Against Cancer Charity Gala. Known for her quick wit and fearless personality, she’s interviewed the biggest stars in the world including Oprah, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks, and Jennifer Lawrence. Harry Styles kissed her twice. Pharrell Williams deemed her “…a spirited journalist and a star.” The Lady Gang
52 min
The Get Over Yourself Podcast
The Get Over Yourself Podcast
Brad Kearns
Expert Insights, Part 2: Trying To Change Others (Breather Episode with Brad)
*Can you truly change others? And what is the price you pay for trying to do so? What if there was an easier way of dealing with that desire we all have to change the behavior, habits, or beliefs of those around us? In this episode, I’ll share the most useful and insightful tips I’ve gathered from various experts and invite you to expand your perspective on the topic of changing others.* Best-selling author Mark Manson remarked during his Get Over Yourself show appearance ( ) that instead of trying to change others, *“You must decide what you are willing to tolerate and not willing to tolerate in your relationships.”* Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a “lose-lose situation” if you continue to try to change someone, or if you yourself end up changing for someone else. Another one of my favorite insights from Mark was his argument that *self worth is an “illusion”* and that you should best *view your life as a series of decisions and actions.* Instead, work on cultivating self discipline, because *self discipline is the real key to happiness.* I also love Mark’s stance on never using other people as a means to an end. Don’t think about what others can do for you, but rather, what you can do to be of service to others. I’m also a fan of the actor Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert and share a story from one episode about how he handled an issue he was having with his wife, actress Kristen Bell. Annoyed with her habit of reading and responding to emails at night in bed, Dax remarked something along the lines of, ‘Can’t you schedule your time better during the day so you don’t do this at night?’ Well, unsurprisingly, that did not go over well. What did, however, was *a different approach* , with Dax simply telling her that he needed her full attention. The heart of the issue changed: it was no longer about what he wanted her to do, but instead about what he needed from her, and that made all the difference. I wrap up the show with some great insights from Dave Rossi ( ) , who says that, “Attachments in relationships set you up for pain and suffering” and advises us to, “Accept others as they are, and don’t try to change them.” Thanks for listening, and check back for part 3 of this series which will cover insights from experts on how to optimize your health! *TIMESTAMPS:* Don’t try to change other people. [01:28] Self-worth is an illusion. [02:15] If someone is trying to change you, then you are stuck in a lose-lose situation. [03:37] Learn to express your own needs by doing it in a way where you are not trying to change the other person. [05:06] The conditioned self responds to situations that supersede our power to make choices. [08:48] The highest level of human consciousness would be to never use others as a means to an end. [11:56] Don’t judge people. Don’t try to change people. Accept them for who they are. [14:20] *LINKS:* * Brad’s Shopping Page ( ) * The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck ( ) * Everything is Fucked ( ) * Brad’s podcast with Mark Manson ( ) * Armchair Expert ( ) * Brad’s Podcast with Dr. Wendy Walsh ( ) * The Imperative Habit ( ) * Brad’s Breather Show with Bruce Lipton ( ) * Biology of Belief Podcast ( ) *Join Brad for more fun on:* Instagram: @bradkearns1 ( ) Facebook: @bradkearnsjumphigh ( ) Twitter: @bradleykearns ( ) YouTube: @BradKearns ( ) We appreciate all feedback, and questions for Q&A shows, emailed to If you have a moment, please share an episode you like with a quick text message, or leave a review on your podcast app. Thank you! Check out each of these companies because they are absolutely awesome or they wouldn’t occupy this revered space. Seriously, Brad won’t sell out to anyone if he doesn’t love the product. Ask anyone. * Almost Heaven Sauna ( ) : Affordable at-home sauna kits for the ultimate relaxation and hormonal boost on demand * Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece: ( ) Mind-blowing, life-changing nut butter blend * CAR.O.L bike: ( ) Cardiovascular optimized logic stationary bike for a highly effective eight-minute workout * Male Optimization Formula with Organs (MOFO): ( ) Optimize testosterone naturally with 100% grassfed animal organ supplement * Perfect Keto: ( ) The cleanest, purest, most potent ketone supplements and snacks * LetsGetChecked ( ) : At-home medical testing with great prices, quick results, and no hassles * Vuori Activewear: ( ) The most comfortable, functional, and fashionable gear, evoking the chill SoCal coastal lifestyle *Donations* ! ( ) This free podcast offering is a team effort from Brad, Daniel, Siena, Gail, TJ, Vuk, RedCircle, our awesome guests, and our incredibly cool advertising partners. We are now poised and proud to *double dip* by both soliciting a donation ( ) and having you listen to ads! If you wanna cough up a few bucks to salute the show, we really appreciate it and will use the funds wisely for continued excellence. Go big (whatever that means to you…) and we’ll send you a free jar of Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece ( ) as a thank you! Email ( ) to alert us! Choose to donate now ( ) , later ( ) , or never. Either way, we thank you for choosing from the first two options! :] Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
17 min
Dawn Kernagis and Ken Ford
Episode 114: Lilianne Mujica-Parodi talks about how diet and ketones affect brain aging
Our guest today is Dr. Lilianne Mujica Parodi, the director of the Laboratory for Computational Neurodiagnostics at Stony Brook University. We will be talking to Lily about her paper in PNAS last year that revealed neurobiological changes associated with aging can be seen in a person’s late 40s, a much younger age than what was previously thought.  She and her colleagues at Stony Brook also found that this process may be prevented or even reversed based on dietary changes that involve minimizing the consumption of simple carbohydrates. The study’s targeted experiments  showed that the biomarker for brain aging could be reliably modulated with consumption of different fuel sources. The study showed that decreasing  glucose and increasing ketones resulted in the stability of brain networks. Much of Lily’s work over the years has been focused on developing neuroimaging tools. In today’s interview, we talk to her about functional magnetic resonance imaging, also known as fMRI, which measures the small changes in blood flow that occur with brain activity. It may be used to examine the brain's functional anatomy, evaluate the effects of stroke or other disease, and even guide brain treatment. Functional magnetic resonance imaging also can detect abnormalities within the brain that cannot be found with other imaging techniques. Show notes: [00:03:08] Dawn opens the interview asking Lily what she was like as a child. [00:04:20] Dawn mentions that Lily grew up in Maryland near the National Institute of Health. Lily talks about her experiences interning at the NIH in her senior year of high school. [00:09:41] Dawn asks what brought Lily to Georgetown University. [00:10:29] Ken asks about Lily’s experience at Georgetown University, where she majored in physics and philosophy. [00:15:16] Lily explains why she went to Columbia University after graduating from Georgetown. [00:19:14] Dawn asks about Lily’s research that led to her receiving the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Young Investigator Award in 2000. [00:22:44] Dawn asks about Lily’s experience giving a lecture at the NIH while she was wrapping up her doctorate at Columbia. [00:27:00] Dawn asks what brought Lily to Stony Brook. [00:30:30] Ken asks Lily what attracted her to biomedical engineering. [00:32:58] Dawn mentions that much of Lily’s work at Stony Brook has been focused on developing neuroimaging tools. Dawn goes on to ask why neuroimaging has not provided the anticipated success for psychiatry and neurology that the electrocardiogram provided for cardiovascular medicine. [00:39:04] Ken mentions that Lily is the director of the Laboratory for Computational Neurodiagnostics. Lily gives an overview of the lab and the research conducted there. [00:44:00] Dawn mentions that Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, also known as fMRI, measures small changes in blood flow that occur with brain activity, and can be used to examine the brain’s functional anatomy, and evaluate various insults, diseases, and abnormalities, that cannot be found with other imagining techniques. Dawn asks Lily to explain the technology of fMRI and its various applications. [00:45:59] Ken asks about Lily’s 2016 paper published in the Frontiers of Neuroscience journal, that ran under the title, “Signal Fluctuation Sensitivity: An Improved Metric for Optimizing Detection of Resting-State fMRI Networks.” [00:49:36] Lily discusses her lab’s involvement in the development of a technology called “Near-Infrared Spectroscopy,” which is an attempt to replicate MRI-type imaging in an ambulatory environment such as an emergency room or a rural environment. [00:51:36] Dawn asks what led Lily to start researching diets and particularly the ketogenic diet. [00:56:59] Ken mentions that there are two key factors linked to age-based cognitive impairment, those being: insulin resistance and glucose hypometabolism.
1 hr 22 min
Siim Land Podcast
Siim Land Podcast
Siim Land
#215 Hormesis Molecule for Inflammation and Stress - Alex Tarnava, CEO of DrinkHRW
Welcome to the Siim Land Podcast. My name is Siim Land and today we talk with Alex Tarnava. Alex is the founder and CEO of DrinkHRW, which is a company that sells molecular hydrogen tablets. Molecular hydrogen is one of the most potent antioxidants in nature and it has a lot of health benefits. As Alex and I will discuss in this episode, molecular hydrogen is like a hormesis molecule that will either lower inflammation or stimulate the nervous system depending on what is needed. I like to drink it in the morning and it feels great for relieving inflammation or tiredness. If you want to try out DrinkHRW then use the code SIIM at for a 10% discount. Timestamps: * 00:55 Why Alex Was Forced into Biohacking * 05:40 How Alex Started Using Molecular Hydrogen * 15:50 Most Ingredients in Supplements Aren't Proven to Be Safe * 18:22 Has Alex Healed His Body * 20:45 Hormesis Effect of Hydrogen * 27:00 Why Does Hydrogen Have Benefits * 31:00 Acute VS Continuous Hydrogen Exposure * 35:55 When to Take Molecular Hydrogen * 41:15 Personalized Stress Response in Hormesis * 46:15 Alex's Responses to Ketosis * 50:00 Difference Between Water Generators and Tablets * 59:00 Importance of Following a Scientific Protocol in Biohacking And much more Here are the links to the podcast on all platforms * Link to the Audio Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher * Link to the podcast on Spotify * Link to the podcast on CastBox * Watch the Biohacking Bootcamp Videos on Patreon This episode is brought to you by KAATSU Training. KAATSU bands incorporate blood flow moderation training that tricks the body into thinking it lifts much heavier weights than it actually is. When traditional weight lifting requires you to reach 70-80% of your 1 repetition maximum to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, then KAATSU achieves that effect only at 20-30%. So, it’s perfect for treating injuries or used when you don’t have access to heavyweights. Research about KAATSU bands also shows it lowers blood pressure, speeds up recovery from injuries, releases stem cells, builds muscle, burns fat and prevents age-related muscle loss. PLUS, you can travel with them easily and still get a good workout on the road. If you want to try out the KAATSU Cycle bands, then use the code SIIM for a 10% Discount at! That’s and the 10% code is SIIM. You can get a 20% discount off all their blood tests with the code SIIMLAND and Use the code SIIMLAND for a 20% discount at Show Notes * Get Drink HRW Molecular Hydrogen for 10% OFF With the Code SIIM * Alex Tarnava YouTube Channel * DrinkHRW Instagram * Use Code SIIM for a 10% Discount on the KAATSU Bands * Get Your Vitamin D Checked for a 20% Discount at LetsGetChecked * The Immunity Fix Book * My New Book Stronger by Stress * My NEW BOOK Metabolic Autophagy * Metabolic Autophagy Audiobook * Metabolic Autophagy Master Class * Total Sleep Optimization Video Course * Get the FULL GUIDE to INTERMITTENT FASTING FREE BOOK * Get the Metabolic Autophagy Program * Keto Adaptation Manual Book * Watch the Biohacking Bootcamp Videos on Patreon * Body Mind Empowerment Handbook * Keto Fit Program * Keto // IF Program Stay Empowered Siim
1 hr 2 min
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