The Key Steps to Ego Mastery
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Welcome back to THE GURU; the podcast offering you the deepest and most powerful wisdom on life — as well as the actionable strategies you need in order to apply this wisdom from the inside-out.

Your host is Howard Falco, an author, and expert on self-empowerment and mindfulness.

In this second episode, Howard is exploring the topic of the ego. A lot of us know what the ego is, but very few of us know how to control it — let alone master it. Many of us have been taught that the ego is something to resist or fight — but in today’s conversation, Howard is offering a completely different insight around how the ego operates and why it is not something we have to resist or pretend we don’t have, but instead, something to understand.


Howard highlights the ways in which the ego can intercept us achieving greatness, the keys to consciously controlling your ego, what the ego is really about, and the first steps we can begin to take in order to understand it (and, in turn, achieve mastery over it). He also shares why the ego can often be destructive and the important pieces to keep in mind when you are going through this process of change.


“You are your ego’s master; it is not the master over you.” — Howard Falco


Key Takeaways

[:49] About today’s episode.

[2:04] What is the ego?

[3:40] What is the purpose of the ego?

[4:55] My definition of the ego; the role it plays and how it works for us.

[7:15] A passage from I AM that further clarifies the role the ego plays.

[8:43] How our ego drives our actions.

[10:14] Why those with big egos can be exhausting to be around.

[11:15] What your ego is really operating out of (and responding to) and how to get to the core of it to truly be a master of it.

[13:50] Why can the ego be so destructive sometimes?

[15:19] How and why your ego keeps you in your comfort zone — and how we can push past that.

[18:58] What happens when you become comfortable with the uncomfortable and step into this version of yourself that

[19:16] Where to get a hold of Howard’s books, I AM and Time in a Bottle.

[20:10] The first step to ego mastery.

[22:24] How to weather the storm of the ego when you’re working to change yourself.

[24:49] The subtle trickery of the ego and how it weaponizes itself.

[26:40] The second step to ego mastery: developing a strong intuition to bypass the thinking mind.

[28:50] The third step to ego mastery: patience and the ability to slow down at times.

[31:19] Remember: these actions will feel uncomfortable but that’s part of the process.

[34:35] Howard highlights some movies that are allegories for the ego.

[36:00] The idea behind gaining self-mastery over your ego.

[36:56] Remember: you are the master over your ego.


Mentioned in this Episode

I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, by Howard Falco

Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life, by Howard Falco


About Your Host | Howard Falco

Howard Falco is an author and expert on self-empowerment and mindfulness. He is a mental strength coach to college and professional athletes and those looking for next-level results. His books are: I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are and Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life. His work offers the deepest and most powerful awareness available on self-creation and the mindset for optimal success.


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