A Glimpse of Life After Death: What Wisdom We Can Learn From Near-Death Experiences with Nancy Rynes and Jeff Janssen
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Today’s discussion on THE GURU is all about near-death experiences — otherwise known as NDEs. People who have had NDEs often gain a profound insight and an incredible understanding of life. For Howard, his own transformational experience provided him with the liberating knowing that life does not end with ‘death’. This realization positively impacted his sense of awareness, his everyday mindfulness , and the way in which he views the world. Joining Howard today to take a deep-dive into the fascinating topic of near-death experiences are two experts in the field, Nancy Rynes and Jeff Janssen. Nancy is a leader in teaching the wisdom of NDE’s. Through her book, “Awakenings From The Light: 12 Life Lessons From A Near Death Experience“ she teaches others about her experience and how to live a more conscious, joyful, and spiritually-inspired life. Jeff Janssen, Howard’s second guest is also an expert in the field. After almost suffering from what is known as the ‘widowmaker heart attack’ at 42 years old, Jeff sought answers to life's biggest questions. On this quest he went on to research over 2500 people around the world who all had an NDE, eventually leading him to write his book, 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven. Nancy and Jeff share their Knowledge in detail; their profound realizations, lessons, and insights; as well as the not-so-scary truth of coming face-to-face with what lies beyond. “The main [realization] that hit me right away [after my near-death experience] was just [this] sense of connection and oneness to all beings — not just my family, not just my friends, and not just a material connection — but ... a deep-seated, energetic, spiritual connection to everybody.” — Nancy Rynes Key Takeaways [:49] About today’s podcast. [1:15] Howard shares what he learned from his own transformational experience. [2:53] About today’s first guest, Nancy Rynes, and her near-death experience. [4:27] Howard welcomes Nancy to the show. [4:34] About Howard’s second guest, Jeff Janssen, and his research on the topic of NDE’s. [6:25] Howard welcomes Jeff to the show. [6:59] The most profound realization Nancy had from her NDE. [8:59] Nancy shares her personal story from before and after her NDE. [12:04] Nancy details the specific moment in which she experienced an out-of-body experience during her accident. [13:54] About the surgery that followed Nancy’s accident and her profound ND experience. [21:12] Jeff shares the most profound realization he had from his research. [23:43] Howard reflects on his own transformational experience.  [24:21] How Jeff’s near heart attack caused him to be a voracious seeker of what lies beyond, interviewing others with NDEs around the world. He also highlights some of the common threads amongst those that have ND experiences. [26:53] General NDE characteristics and how they transcend culture. [28:28] Nancy shares which of these NDE characteristics she has experienced. [30:26] Where to get a hold of Howard’s books, I AM and Time in a Bottle. [31:21] Why it is important to learn about the wisdom from NDEs even if you haven’t experienced one yourself. [32:21] What was Nancy's experience like after waking up from her surgery, having experienced an NDE? [36:10] Jeff speaks about the importance of being exposed to NDE stories and what you can gain from them. [38:13] How researching NDEs has made Jeff a ‘better person’ and changed his life. [40:07] What should be the genesis of change. [41:08] Nancy speaks about her ‘life review’ experience within her NDE. [44:25] How does studying NDEs impact what Jeff does as a culture and championship coach? And what was his upbringing and outlook on the world prior to diving into the world of NDEs? [49:27] Howard speaks about the direct connection between anything you’re trying to create in the world and an expanded awareness. [49:43] Would Nancy agree with that sentiment that the more you can understand yourself, the more you can understand the world? [52:30] As a scientist, was Nancy curious about these questions before going through an NDE? [54:01] Nancy shares the final profound lessons she learned during her NDE. [55:29] What perfection truly is. [56:06] About Howard’s private coaching sessions for those serious about positively changing their life. [56:54] Howard highlights a few different philosophies on life and death in different cultures and religions. [59:04] Do Nancy and Jeff align with any particular culture, religion, or philosophy when it comes to life and death? If so, which? And why? [1:03:03] Jeff speaks about his book, 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven, and what he offers through it. [1:06:16] Nancy shares some insight from her NDE that could provide comfort to those who have had a loved one pass. [1:13:35] Howard shares a personal story about a powerful medium experience after his awakening. [1:19:47] Jeff highlights an important lesson learned from NDErs: trust completely. [1:21:21] Nancy speaks about the contents of her book, Awakenings from the Light: 12 Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience. [1:23:22] Jeff shares what he loves about Nancy’s book. [1:24:13] Where to find Jeff online and where to find his book. [1:24:30] Where to reach Nancy online and where to read her book. [1:24:50] Howard thanks Nancy and Jeff for joining the podcast and sharing the insights and wisdom around NDEs.


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