A Young Spiritual Seeker’s Journey of Healing, Overcoming Self-Doubt, and Living Mindfully
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Welcome back to THE GURU! Today’s podcast is about discovery and insights on the spiritual path. In today’s episode, Howard Falco is joined by yoga teacher Tierney Rae. She is also a meditation teacher and a spiritual seeker. Tierney runs a book club called the Transcend Book Club where she provides a space for spiritual seekers who are dedicated to expanding consciously and transcending their limiting beliefs. At only 24 years old, Tierney already has great insight, mindfulness, and a clarity about how she presents and offers questions and answers. Her journey of healing and spirituality is one anyone can learn from no matter their age or where they are in their own journey. She discusses her insights and thoughts around many topics in this episode from meditation and yoga to God and religion to understanding the ripple effect you create through the way you live your life. Together they touch on overcoming self-doubt, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, the importance of living with mindfulness and intent, the value in living through love and vulnerability, and much, much more.


Key Takeaways

[:50] About today’s episode with Tierney Rae.

[1:11] How Howard and Tierney Rae first met.

[1:37] Howard welcomes Tierney to the podcast.

[2:13] Tierney shares what got her started on her spiritual path and what led her to teaching yoga.

[7:12] Tierney shares what her spiritual journey has looked like thus far.

[9:40] What her spiritual work looks like and how she applies it out in the real world.

[10:07] Next level spirituality: taking it into your world rather than using it as escapism.

[12:10] Walking meditation: how you can begin to live in the state of meditation outside of meditation and integrate your practices consistently.

[16:25] Tierney shares her upbringing and how her path began.

[18:30] Discussing the topic of religion and God.

[20:57] Howard shares where he started on his spiritual path and where religion played a role.

[24:06] Tierney’s thoughts on the ripple effect you create as an individual making an impact.

[25:00] Where to get a hold of Howard’s books, I AM and Time in a Bottle.

[25:55] Howard explains the ‘lighthouse theory’ and what we should focus on as we go through our own spiritual journey.

[27:27] Tierney reflects on the choice (and consequential ripple effect) that brought her to today’s conversation.

[27:57] Overcoming self-doubt, breaking free from the confines of the negativity of our mind, and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

[29:15] Tierney asks Howard: Did he experience any self-doubt when putting out his first book?

[31:18] The importance of vulnerability and sharing your art or work no matter the size of the audience.

[35:00] What Tierney’s book club offers others.

[53:30] What it means to be a part of the collective consciousness.

[36:42] Tierney and Howard discuss creating and understanding your intent.

[38:00] The role the ego plays in your journey of creation and understanding your truth.

[40:58] Understanding our infinite potential and how we want to define/express who we are.

[42:32] Tierney and Howard share some advice on where we should place our focus during this difficult time in the world.

[44:32] The power of living with mindfulness and intent, and the ripple effect that follows.

[46:39] The importance of taking the time to sit with and understand our emotions.

[48:59] About Howard’s private coaching sessions for those serious about positively changing their life.

[49:46] Tierney shares what she would tell her younger self.

[51:00] Howard shares wisdom with his younger self.

[53:00] Tierney shares more advice to her younger self.

[53:22] Advice to parents: your approval is everything to your children.

[53:53] Tierney speaks about her personal experience interacting with those in her generation and the genesis of her creating the Transcend Book Club.

[56:18] An important lesson: never judge anyone as it relates to the depth of their spirituality.

[58:17] Tierney’s message of letting in love.

[59:24] How music has been a huge part of Tierney’s life and journey.

[1:01:53] Tierney plays a few bars of a song she loves the message in.

[1:04:10] Where to join Tierney’s book club.

[1:05:11] Howard thanks Tierney for joining the podcast.


Mentioned in this Episode

Transcend Book Club on Instagram

I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, by Howard Falco

Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life, by Howard Falco

Marianne Williamson


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