Relentless Faith: Green Bay Packers Star Receiver Allen Lazard on the Keys to His Success
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Allen Lazard of the Green Bay Packers is one of the top emerging receivers in the NFL. In this episode, Howard interviews Allen about his powerful optimistic mindset and how at each step and challenge along the way, from high school to college to the pros, Allen used a strong belief and faith to propel him to further heights. They also dive into and uncover what the key differences are in an athlete that performs and breaks through at the professional level.  Allen also discusses the importance of keeping the faith in who you know you are and how to block out negative thoughts. They also discuss insights on legendary Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and what makes him great!

In high school and in college at Iowa State he was a team star who broke 6 of the Iowa State all-time football receiving records. Shockingly, Allen went undrafted in the 2018 NFL draft. This was the first of many challenges he would face. He joined the Green Bay Packers 2018 and was promoted to the active roster in September of 2019. It is then that Allen took full advantage of his opportunity in the NFL and began to let he is true talent shine. He has since become one of Aaron Rodgers favorite “go to” guys during games.


Key Takeaways

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[2:55] Howard welcomes Allen to the podcast.

[4:00] Allen shares the biggest challenge he has faced on the road to becoming a professional athlete.

[6:00] Allen recognizes that he’s not as quick as some of the smaller and more agile guys out there on the field, but he still trained like one and that has been a huge benefit in his NFL career. He did not limit himself because of his size.

[8:00] Allen talks about having no regrets and the incredible way he deals with growth and Fear

[9:35] Allen talks about his mindset regarding doing new things, saying, “You can’t do this.” Who says so? Why not? 

[11:35] Did Allen always have dreams of playing in the NFL?

[14:55] Allen thanks his parents for instilling a core value in him, which is to treat everyone with respect. No matter what. Allen also credits his grandfather in being a huge inspiration to him as he was the definition of what a true hard-working person acted.

[16:05] Did Allen ever doubt himself and his abilities? Although confident in his abilities, there were times the extra accountability pushed himself to achieve more.

[19:20] Allen walks Howard through the NFL Draft day and how he dealt with the unimaginable not getting drafted.

[22:10] Allen talks about being signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the beginning and how it was important that they saw him for what he was; a wide receiver.

[24:30] Allen talks about the belief he held on to regarding just getting a shot to play. 

[25:30] When Allen got signed by the Jaguars, he had a mindset shift. He had to look at himself in the mirror and realize that he was not who he thought he was. He needed to work harder.

[26:00] Allen talks about the importance of awareness and watching what the greats do.

[29:40] Howard asks Allen what mental and mindset work he has been doing to get to where he is today?

[30:00] Howard asks Allen what the key has been to him manifesting what he wanted to achieve.

[31:40] Allen says he new by practice on Wednesday of each week he was going to die. 

[32:15] Allen knew he had to get serious about his diet when he was training in Jacksonville. 

[37:35] Green Bay calls Allen, what happens next?

[38:20] Allen talks about the importance of showing people respect and good energy.

[40:00] Howard shares why intention is so powerful and why Allen was so powerful using it.

[43:30] Allen talks about his first catch in the NFL and how much it meant to him.

[46:40] What’s the biggest difference between college level and the NFL? Allen talks about the mental game.

[51:00] Allen talks about how he mimicked the habits of the best on the team.

[53:00] Allen shares what he did when after a great showing in summer camp he found out he was getting cut to the practice squad again.

[57:00] Allen talks about "knowing" he would get his chance to play.

[59:45] Howard asks Allen to repeat a statement about putting the team first before personal stats or playing time.

[1:02:00] Allen talks about the moment Aaron Rogers told his coaches, "Hey, put #13 in the game so we can WIN!"

[1:03:30] The moment he thought he blew it all...

[1:06:40] What does Allen think makes Aaron Rogers great?

[1:08:45] Does Allen have any pre-game rituals?

[1:13:10] What advice does Allen have for young athletes out there?

[1:15:15] What has Allen learned about mindset since being in the NFL?

[1:17:05] What is Allen currently up to? Allen talks about his brand AT THE TOP.


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