The Gravy Train
The Gravy Train
Nov 28, 2019
6: The Circus
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Mayor Rob Ford publicly admitted to smoking crack “in one of my drunken stupors” on Nov. 5, 2013. And then all hell broke loose.

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The Troubles Podcast
The Troubles Podcast
Oisin Feeney
People of the Troubles: John Hume
John Hume was one of the most important individuals throughout the Troubles. He spent decades of his life campaigning for a civil solution to the never ending violence in Northern Ireland and helped to navigate the path to peace, earning himself a Nobel Peace prize along the way. He passed away on August 3rd 2020 and this episode is being recorded shortly after his death, as people all over the world have come together to celebrate his life.  SOURCES: John Hume: A lesser-known life of fish, finance and football BBC Documentary on John Hume Tributes to John Hume - a “champion of peace” in Northern Ireland - BBC News John Hume | Northern Ireland | Politics | SDLP - 1971 John Hume - Ireland's Greatest (RTÉ Documentary) Spotlight On The Troubles: A Secret History: Episode 1 John Hume in Strasbourg Article About Hume in Later Life John Hume: 'A father of the peace process and one of Derry's greatest sons' See for privacy and opt-out information.
29 min
Last Born In The Wilderness
Last Born In The Wilderness
Patrick Farnsworth
Shemon & Arturo: Class Solidarity & The Return Of John Brown In The 2020 Uprisings
This is a segment of episode #272 of Last Born In The Wilderness “Race Traitors: The Return Of John Brown In The Uprisings Of 2020 w/ Shemon & Arturo.” Listen to the full episode: Read ‘The Return of John Brown: White Race-Traitors in the 2020 Uprising’ published at Ill Will Editions: Since late May of this year, cities across the United States have been rocked by numerous riots and demonstrations in response to the highly publicized police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. What makes this national movement unique, particularly in comparison to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, is not only the scope of these uprisings, but also the mass participation of the white proletariat. While still remaining a BIPOC-led movement, countless white people have engaged in militant anti-racism direct action in the streets, openly breaking with the social and institutional construct of whiteness that “continues to be the glue that holds bourgeois society together in the U.S.” To quote from ‘The Return of John Brown: White Race-Traitors in the 2020 Uprising.’: “The question that has haunted the Black liberation movement is that of the white proletariat. Will it join the revolutionary struggle? Or will it defend class society? In Portland, white militants are fighting the state, on a local and federal level. Black militants are taking notice, watching, seeing if these whites are serious. The historic question for revolution in the US has always been: will white proletarians fight alongside Black proletarians? Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha are answering that question in the affirmative.  Majority white cities have witnessed the most militant rebellions of this cycle so far. How do we explain this? The answer is that these cities have the weakest Black middle classes, weakest Black NGOs, and the weakest Black Democratic Party institutions relative to other cities like NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. In Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and Kenosha, the Black counter-insurgency has been sufficiently weak enough that these cities have produced the highpoints of the movement.” Shemon and Arturo are political activists and commentators and the authors of several articles published at Ill Will Editions, including ‘Theses on the George Floyd Rebellion,’ ‘The Rise of Black Counter-Insurgency,’ and ‘The Return of John Brown: White Race-Traitors in the 2020 Uprising.’ WEBSITE: BOOK: PATREON: DONATE: DROP ME A LINE: Call (208) 918-2837 or EVERYTHING ELSE:
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