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The GSD Show
Aug 11, 2022
211: How Your Gym Can Prepare and Succeed in the Recession 2022 | The GSD Show
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Imagine 2 people are going bowling.

Person A: Amazing at bowling, gets strikes & doesn’t need bumpers. She scored a 180.

Person B: Doesn’t play often, needs bumpers to help him knock down pins. He scored a 181.

If a random person were to see their scores at the end of the day, they would think these two bowlers were neck and neck when in reality, Person B had a HUGE advantage.

This is what it’s like in a good economy: bumpers to help you win. When a recession hits, bumpers come down and this is where we see the true winners come out. In a recession, Person B only scores 50 points.

As of July (when this episode was filmed) economists are predicting a recession coming our way. Don’t let your gym be unprepared.

In today’s episode we’re talking about how your gym can be successful in the recession. In fact, many big-name companies actually started in a recession.

Watch to learn about the fundamentals your gym should be starting NOW to not only beat the recession, but succeed in it too!

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