TGCI 54: Creating Legacy High-Performing Assets
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In today’s show, Pancham interviews Bruce Woullet, the founder and visionary of Bakerson, a company that offers unique investment opportunities for unique investors.

Bruce has tried different ventures and realized real estate is his real passion. He has committed to real estate since then. In his first year and a half, he was introduced to deal partnering, cash flow, private financing, and forced equity.

In this episode, Bruce shared why he decided to transition to doing multi-family, what his goals are for the company, and how the pandemic has affected his business. You’ll surely learn a lot of real estate wisdom and insights in this episode so don’t forget to tune in!


 “That’s where we’re going with this perpetual concept. We’re keeping it long-term because if we take care of those residences, they take care of the property. The property could take care of those sponsors and the investors.”

Timestamped Shownotes

  • 01:42 – Pancham introduces Bruce to the show
  • 02:39 – Bruce compliments Pancham’s show
  • 03:40 – Why Bruce changed his strategy and decided to do multi-families
  • 05:07 – His mindset when he decided to do multi-families
  • 06:36 – His business focus right now and his goals for the company 
  • 09:29 – The challenges he faced running a multi-family real estate business, how he resolved them, and the different metrics they look at 
  • 13:13 – How the pandemic has affected his business and the adjustments he made
  • 16:24 – Difference between single-family and multi-family in terms of investing
  • 21:01 – His morning routine
  • 23:36 – The first time he invested outside Wall Street
  • 24:10 – The first time he invested in real estate
  • 24:20 – Fears he overcame when he first invested outside Wall Street
  • 25:18 – One investment that did not go as expected
  • 27:07 – One piece of advice he would give to someone who wants to invest in the Main Street
  • 27:52 – His contact information

3 Key Points

  1. Understanding the concept of multi-family real estate investing
  2. Differences between single-family homes and multi-family homes
  3. Impact of the pandemic to his real estate businesses

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