CCFP 105 Topics: Anaemia
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The GenerEhlist CCFP Exam 105 Topics Podcast

Episode Written By: Sarah Donnelly - IM UofA, and Hermeen Dhillon FM UBC

Episode Reviewed by: Chris Cochrane - FM UofC Medicine Hat

  1. Objective One: Assess the risk of decompensation of anemic patients to decide if prompt transfusion or volume replacement is necessary.
  2. Objective Two: In a patient with anemia, classify the anemia as microcytic, normocytic, or macrocytic by using the MCV or smear test result, to direct further assessment and treatment.
  3. Objective Three In all patients with anemia, determine the iron status before initiating treatment.
  4. Objective Four In a patient with iron deficiency, investigate further to find the cause.
  5. Objective Five Consider and look for anemia in appropriate patients. Such as those at risk for blood loss or in patients with hemolysis whether they are symptomatic or not, and in those with new or worsening symptoms of angina or CHF.
  6. Objective Six Look for other manifestations of the deficiency in order to make the diagnosis of pernicious anemia when it is present.
  7. Objective Seven As part of well-baby care, consider anemia in high-risk populations or in high-risk patients
  8. Objective Eight When a patient is discovered to have a slightly low hemoglobin level, look carefully for a cause as one cannot assume that this is normal for them.
  9. Objective Nine In anemic patients with menorrhagia, determine the need to look for other causes of the anemia.
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