107 - Building a creative community — with Hayley Akins
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Hayley Akins runs an online education company called Motion Hatch. They help motion designers with their businesses and creative careers. Hayley and Chris discuss her journey from studying film production, working for Google and the transition from full time to freelance to ultimately, starting her own community focused business. Thanks to Gusto for sponsoring this episode - gusto.com/futur

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YouTube Creators Hub
YouTube Creators Hub
Dusty Porter
237: Being A Life-Long Learner With Edris From Beyond The Game TV
237: Being A Life-Long Learner With Edris From Beyond The Game TV This week we are joined by Edris from the Beyond The Game YouTube channel. I talk with him about the quick growth of his YouTube channel, his history in main-stream media and SO much more! About Edris: after working over 10 years in the Canadian TV industry and over 6 years producing content mainly for the NHL but also for the NBA and the UFC, in 2011 I moved to Australia and a year later founded a video production company called More Than a Game Productions. Finally in 2018, I sold More Than a Game Productions and joined Max Events where I now lead a brand new creative department. We produce innovative content for successful Aussie sport clubs, federations and promoters across all sporting codes.” Go here if you want to submit your YouTube Channel to be a potential guest on the podcast. Support the show on Patreon here for day-to-day interaction with myself and the community on discord. Connect With Edris Here: YouTube Channel /// Instagram Links Discussed In This Episode TubeBuddy – A tool that makes your YouTube Life EASIER and Helps grow your channel. Fiverr – Hire the right people for the jobs you need to make your YouTube life and workflow easier! HotContent – Allow Natalie and her experienced team to help you on your YouTube journey by hiring a YouTube coach! Bluehost – If you need a website use this link to get a Free Domain Name and a great deal on hosting
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The Science of Social Media
The Science of Social Media
How to Build an Audience on Twitter (with Matthew Kobach)
Welcome to episode 200 of The Science of Social Media! Thanks to each and every one of you for tuning in to the show and joining us on this journey. Today we're focusing on how you can build an audience on Twitter.  Twitter has over 321 million monthly active users, and it’s the perfect platform to build an audience — either for your personal brand or on behalf of your company. But how do you actually get people to follow your account, and engage with the content you share? To dig into all-things Twitter growth, we're joined by Matthew Kobach. Since early 2019, Matthew has built an audience of over 85,000 followers on his personal Twitter account and in just a couple of months, he's helped grow Fast's Twitter following to over 20,000.  I hope you enjoy the episode! And if you do, we'd really appreciate a review and five stars on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you listen to the show). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Dave About the Show: Each week in Science of Social Media the Buffer team answer your questions and explore marketing strategies and tactics to help you grow your business through social media and build a brand your customers love. Join our 25,000+ weekly listeners. The Science of Social Media is proudly made by the Buffer team. Feel free to get in touch with us for any thoughts, ideas, or feedback. We'd love for you to check out the detailed show notes at www.buffer.com/podcast Check us out on Instagram - www.instagram.com/buffer Check us out on Facebook - www.facebook.com/bufferapp Check us out on Twitter - www.twitter.com/buffer
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Marketing Trends
Marketing Trends
Taking Consumer Experience To The Next Level with NetMotion CMO Joel Windels
Joel Windels, the CMO of NetMotion, says if you’re working on building the ultimate customer experience, you should shift your mindset and instead look at it as an overall consumer experience. The difference is subtle, but the applications and implication of that mental move are necessary in a world where buying something goes far beyond just the basic transaction. _“The quickest way to describe why it's important is unboxing videos on YouTube,” _he said._ “You don't just buy a gadget or a phone anymore. You're buying the presentation of the box that it comes in and how it slides out and how it sets up. It's much more than the utility of the product itself. From the moment you first hear about us, to the moment you finally login, it's all of those micro _touchpoints_. How do you make sure every single interaction you have with us as a business is just really good.”_ On this episode of Marketing Trends, Joel takes us further down the consumer experience rabbit hole. Here he provides some key marketing strategies to help curate a positive 360-customer experience, including tactics that not only drive customer engagement, but then turn those customers into champions for your brand. Main Takeaways: * Surprise and Delight: Every time you have an engagement with a customer, you have to be thinking about how to turn that customer into an advocate for your brand. This is especially important when a customer has had a poor experience with your brand. Find all the points in the customer journey where you can go above and beyond what is expected in order to mend that relationship and earn a loyal customer for life. * And Now, Something Completely Different: There is no doubt that marketing in 2020 was vastly different than ever before — but that just meant that marketers had to find innovative ways to engage with customers., To get and stay ahead, continually find ways to turn routine, potentially rote events such as webinars into something new that a customer would want to take part in. In fact, studies show that webinars and virtual events that featured unique twists often receive higher engagement and longer participation. * To Infinity and Beyond: The customer experience is more than just the overall journey from product identification to checkout. The journey also includes all the other touchpoints as well. From presentation, to unboxing, and feel, marketers must always be thinking about how you can turn every single interaction into a positive experience. --- Marketing Trends podcast is brought to you by Salesforce. Discover marketing built on the world’s number one CRM: Salesforce. Put your customer at the center of every interaction. Automate engagement with each customer. And build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey. Salesforce. We bring marketing and engagement together. Learn more at salesforce.com/marketing. To learn more or subscribe to our weekly newsletter, visit MarketingTrends.com.
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Brand You Personal Branding
Brand You Personal Branding
Mike Kim
BYP 268: A Brand Building Conversation with Taylor Swift's Manager, Rick Barker
If you have something that could change and impact someone’s life, it’s your responsibility to find them. In this episode, Rick Barker is teaching us how. He is the former manager for Taylor Swift and played a key role in getting her to the level of success she has reached. Throughout our conversation, he’s sharing killer strategies for social media and branding. He also explains how he would market someone like Taylor today, given all the new tools we have available to us. Rick is all about serving our audience before making them an offer. Tune in to hear more about: * What he told Taylor to do to sell 500,000 copies of her record * The 3 R’s * What he would do with the tools available to the market today * Doing what makes you different * The best way to market online * How to host amazing webinars * Being real and personal with your audience * How to use social media to differentiate yourself Resources: * Rick’s website * Rick on Facebook * Rick on Instagram * Rick on Twitter * Rick’s podcast Connect with Mike: https://mikekim.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikekimtv/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikekimtv Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mikekimtv/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/mikekimtv YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MikeKim *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com
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The Speaker Lab
The Speaker Lab
Grant Baldwin
324. The Future of Live Events with Brandon Edmonson
2020 was a year like no other so it's natural for speakers to wonder about the future of live events. And our guest for today's edition of The Speaker Lab is going to weigh in with his wisdom. Brandon is the Vice-President of Premiere Speakers Bureau and, prior to the pandemic, his job was to ensure their yearly 2,000 live events were all going off as planned. March of 2020 changed all of that and on today's show he shares what this year has been like at his agency. He also gives us his views on the future of live events and whether or not this is a good time to get into the speaking industry. Join us to hear the details on episode 324 of The Speaker Lab. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS SHOW: * Where has he found pockets of business during the pandemic? * What is the average difference in fees for virtual speaking versus live? * Is virtual a real option for the long term? * Why aren't keynotes working as well for virtual and what is? * Will virtual be a live add-on for the future? * How can you capitalize on virtual for more opportunities in the long-term? * What factors influence virtual speaking fees and how can you ensure you're on the upper end? * How soon does he think speaking events will be happening live again? * And so much more! EPISODE RESOURCES * Premiere Speakers Bureau web site * Brandon Edmonson on Twitter * Brandon Edmonson on LinkedIn * Episode 163 of The Speaker Lab * Episode 242 of The Speaker Lab * Free Speaking Fee Calculator * The Successful Speaker * Booked and Paid To Speak program * Got questions? Send them in here! * Subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a rating or review
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