127 - Quantity Leads to Quality — with Herbert Lui
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When you hear the term “side hustle”, how does it make you feel?

Maybe you get excited and think of that one thing you’re passionate about. Or maybe it sends a cringe-filled chill down your spine.

We ask because this episode’s guest, Herbert Lui, really hates that phrase. And he’s not alone.

You may recall our conversation with Austin Kleon where he shared his own contempt for that same term.

When it comes to words and language, nuance is everything. Two people can say the exact same thing, yet each mean something quite different. That important nuance is often amplified in writing.

One person’s hustle, is another person’s cringe.

Herbert Lui is a writer and the editorial director at WonderShuttle.

If you’re an avid reader—and a Kanye West fan—then you may have already read some of his work.

He is the author of the unique ebook, The World According to Kanye. It’s really interesting and also free to read, so check it out when you get a chance.

What we enjoyed most about the conversation you’re going to hear is how much it challenged the way we think about creativity. And how important it is to make room for (and be receptive to) other perspectives.

That’s what creativity is, right? Finding unexpected and alternative ways to see things.

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